Tom Ford Men S Spring 2018 Wwd Tom Ford Spring 2018
Tom Ford Men S Spring 2018 Wwd Tom Ford Spring 2018

Tom Ford Spring 2018 Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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they love to tiff benson here welcome back
to my channel I’m so excited that you’re here with me today to share this
brand-new release from Tom Ford called fucking fabulous that name I just I
can’t with that name it is so over the top and so Tom Ford [fucking fabulous] I love it this is
gonna be mostly a first impression slash unboxing site which I have it right
here can’t wait to open this up with you guys leave a comment right now and let
me know what do you think about the name I know people are in a frenzy over this
name [fucking fabulous] before we get into the site make sure that you comment
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description box so let’s get into my first impressions from earlier today so
I just picked it up I’m so excited I wanted to give you a first impressions
of how tom ford’s fucking fabulous smells and when I sprayed it on was probably
about five minutes ago and I have it right here the opening was almost milky
and bitter like the almonds that are in there and now I’m starting to dry down
I’m getting more leather so it’s surprisingly light which is not what I
expected from tom ford’s fucking fabulous but we’ll see how it wears during the day the key
notes of this fragrance are almond bitter oil
tonka or a support cashmere and leather Accord Clary sage oil yeah and that’s it
how freaking fabulous excuse me fucking fabulous here’s the receipt which I paid
a whopping three hundred and thirty seven dollars for tom ford’s fucking fabulous here’s the box so I like that it is like a new matte
color how gorgeous is that and I appreciate that it’s black and
white because I actually told myself I’m not buying any more perfume unless it’s
in a black and white bottle so tom ford energy the energy between us right now
initially I sprayed it here and here so I’ll respray it here so the opening is
very milky milky and sweet once you spray this on it seems like it’s going
to wear like something that is very light and also something that is very
likeable now this is why I always say you have to test your perfumes because I
was surprised by this one this for the first two hours was very almondy creamy
and milky milky sweet and then it started to dry down and turn into
something completely different that was more mysterious more moody and character
and that was what we would normally expect from Tom Ford which I like so
apparently tom ford’s fucking fabulous is gonna be a limited edition fragrance so if you’re
interested in getting it you have to hurry up and buy I believe it’s only
gonna be sold at Tom Ford boutiques as well Tom Ford is just a marketing genius
I swear I can’t get over this named fucking fabulous so the more I wear it
the more I like it I wasn’t sure if I was gonna like it at first but I’m
totally into it now Tom Ford just sucked me right in
to be honest with you I just want to thank Tom Ford for creating a perfume
Network since my everyday mood once you get your
hands on this please let me know what you think about it in the comments down
below because I’m so curious and also let me know what fragrance you would
like me to review next thank you so much for being here with me today you know I
appreciate you I hope you’re having a blessed day don’t forget to comment rate
comment share this site with the friend who loves fragrance and I’ll see
you in the next site bye [ tom ford fucking fabulous review] .

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