339 New Ford Cars Suvs In Stock Longmont Ford New Ford Dually 2018
339 New Ford Cars Suvs In Stock Longmont Ford New Ford Dually 2018

New Ford Dually 2018 Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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you might not know this but over 50% of
the Super Duty trucks that Ford sells to the public come in their three top trim
levels the luxurious ones people can’t seem to get enough of the really
luxurious really expensive pickup trucks they haven’t really found what the
top-end of this market is yet and so Ford has brought this to the 2017 State
Fair of Texas and the Texas Auto Show which really should be called the Texas
truck show given how many luxury trucks we’ve seen today this is the 2018 Super
Duty limited it slots in above the Platinum level and is now the top
luxurious trim for the Super Duty lineup and let me tell you if you’ve got a
whole lot of money and a whole lot of stuff you need to haul around this just
might be for you now the changes for the limited aren’t really all that dramatic
on the outside you’ve got the two bar grill in brushed chrome you’ve got
standard twin LED headlamps and that brushed chrome kind of carries through
the side as well the same on the door handles the same on the back tailgate as
well you can get these in the f250 350 or the big 450 as well so if you’ve got
say thirty two thousand five hundred pounds of stuff to haul around and you
want to do it in super luxurious comfort Ford’s got you covered
inside Ford is up there game over the platinum considerably you’ve got much
nicer seats that are now heating cooling and massaging up front
they’re just heated in the back but they’re leather back there too there’s
leather on the steering wheel there’s leather on the dash as well there’s ash
wood on the doors but strangely it’s not on the center console or on the
dashboard there is a new brushed look cross hatch metal trim on the center
console but overall the effect in here while it’s nice Ram is up their game
with the new laramie longhorn southfork and that thing is gonna give this quite
a challenge there’s a whole lot of standard equipment that comes on a
limited model and there it better be because the starting price for one of
these the 250 is 80,000 835 that includes destination and delivery fee
but you get quite a lot of equipment for that you get standard forward collision
warning with autonomous braking which is unusual in a heavy duty pickup you get
blind spot indicators you get 20-inch wheels you get the 6.7 liter power
stroke v8 as well so there’s a whole lot of content packed into this if you
really want to max out all your options and get a 450 with everything you could
possibly could be looking at almost 95,000 dollars so for it hasn’t quite
hit the hundred thousand dollar mark but they’re certainly getting close look for
these to start appearing in dealerships later this year you .

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