6 Best Oil Stocks For 2018 Ford Stock Predictions 2018
6 Best Oil Stocks For 2018 Ford Stock Predictions 2018

Ford Stock Predictions 2018 Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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Hello everybody in this blog we’re going to be talking about with it’s his last stop as a good shit to buy in 2018 so first of all welcome to my December stock analysis series where I analyze popular stocks for 2018 if you have any suggestions for companies you want me to analyze Look that in the comment section, and if you haven’t already consider tapping that comment button sizzler founded by the South African forum Multi-billionaire the real-life Tony Stark Elon Musk One of Warren Buffett’s main criteria when choosing a stock is that it must be managed by vigilant and leaders Let’s take a closer look at Tesla’s leader CEO and founder mr. Musk In 1995 Elon them as brother Kimble used to $28,000 of their father’s money to create a company called zip – and online yellow pages Four years later as the tech bubble was almost at its peak Elon sold his shares and the company for 22 million dollars Not a bad return on investment, if only all those invest in Tesla could get the same DEP area in 1999 Elon top 10 million dollars of the zip to money and co-founded XCOM Now known as PayPal two years later paper was sold to eBay and must receive the 165 million dollar spirit Again a pretty good return now This was merely the star for Elon since then he has gone on to create companies like Tesla SpaceX And he’s also the chairman of Solar City is Elon and vigilant leader well, I think that’s gone past the point of argument his record speaks for itself There you go Tesla meets one of our backward stock criteria the company must be managed by vigilance leaders However, I refused to leave my precious cash and the bank we invested and a company before I look at the numbers Let’s see what Tesla has to offer As you can see we have strong revenue growth with actually an increase of 1.5 billion dollars from the end of the fourth quarter 2016 to the end of the third quarter 2017 Always a positive when we see our companies growing in the money. It’s bringing in however. We can’t ignore that the money It’s actually keeping at the end the yearnings As you can see earnings are decreasing which is a questionable sign for any investment Although the revenue has increased costs have also increased by and more, and that’s why we see negative earnings growth Looking at the income statement.

We can see that a lot of the costs are actually going towards research and development with 331 million dollars going to R&D and the third quarter So what does that tell us it tells us that Tesla is putting money towards improving their products and growth in the future Although they have negative earnings now it is very likely that they’re going to have positive earnings in the future But am I going to be investing in that stock no I’m not going to invest a company that is bringing in negative returns Then I put it money and a business the number one thing I want to see is that it is generating me a return on my investment I am a big fan of Elon and I do see him turning those who needs around in the future Perhaps to a massive extent however. I don’t like to speak really speculate when I’m investing hard-earned money I prefer businesses that are given me a solid return when I buy them For these reasons you will not see me walking away with any Tesla shares in the near future, but don’t get me wrong I will be keeping a close eye on Elon and his Mitchum moves I want my gun to check out Mars one day, so I wish him the best of luck in all of his endeavors He’s pretty damn interesting guy. Well there. You go guys. That was a tease the stock analysis for 2018 let me know your thoughts on tiers the stock in the comment section and Remember if you’re looking to grow your knowledge and investing and personal finance, then press that sub button. Thank you and bless you .

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