2018 Ford Raptor Review Youtube Ford Raptor Review 2018
2018 Ford Raptor Review Youtube Ford Raptor Review 2018

Ford Raptor Review 2018 Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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(engine revs) – Hi there. I’m driving the all new 2017 Ford Raptor. At Motor Trend, we are all about testing. As such, we’re going to present to you the most thorough
episode of Ignition ever. (engine revs) Firstly, I am so excited
that the old 6.2 liter boat anchor V-8 engine is gone replaced by a 3.5 liter
twin-turbo EcoBooster, and that, when paired to the all new 10-speed automatic transmission results in seriously improved MPG. Just kidding, nobody
cares about fuel economy. (dramatic music swells and fades) (silence explodes) One of the things I love
most about the Raptor is that it looks like it
can survive the Apocalypse. Welcome to California City.

The world’s first pre-apocalyptic
post-apocalypse town. After futzing around with the navigation, I was ready to explore
California’s third largest city. Third larges by area, of course. – [GPS] Please proceed
to the highlighted route and then the route guidance will start. – Right, okay.

Don’t see anybody coming
for about 30 months. Here we go.

(motor growls) Back to me. While we may not care about fuel economy what we do care about is the power is up. 375 horsepower to 450. The torque is also up from
470 to 510 pound feet, but more importantly, because
the engine’s turbo charged, that torque is available
earlier and for longer. – [GPS] Turn right onto McNeil Rd. – Now we have to talk about sound. I’ve heard a lot of them say, "Oh, I thought I was going to have a V-8, I don’t like all those sounds." Well, it’s always true, that
the naturally aspirated V-8 is going to sound better
than a twin turbo V-6. This one sounds pretty good.

So, if you’re the guy
that won’t buy this Raptor because you don’t like the way it sounds, well, you’re the dude
who thinks laser disks are better than VHS. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy reading
Ishtar for the 500th time. – [GPS] Turn left onto Pomona Street. – The thing is, with
the exception of sound, this truck is better in every single way. For instance, the transmission. Gone is the old 6-speed, replaced
by this 10-speed automatic which was co-developed by
Ford and General Motors. – [GPS] Turn right. – It’s just like the ZL1,
the gears eight to 10, those are like overdrive gears. So on the highway at 80 miles per hour, the engine’s spinning at 2,100 RPMs, which will give you better fuel economy. But what I like about it, is
that gears one through six are super tightly spaced. Like all Ford trucks,
the body of this Raptor is made from aluminum. That makes it light. How light? Well, this particular
truck is 319 pounds lighter than the last Super Duty cabs weighed. But if you look at the panels individually compared to the old
steel ones, it’s probably about 700 pounds lighter. And, I would bet that this
V-6 is a little bit lighter than the V-8. So how could the aluminum be
nearly 300 pounds lighter? My guess is the frame. It is so beefy. And I’m sure you’ve all seen blogs where you see people jump their
Raptors and bend the frame. This frame’s not going to bend. As you’ll see by the end of this blog, this frame’s not going to bend. Of course, if you do
bend your Raptor frame, it’s not my fault. – [GPS] In one-tenth of a mile, turn right onto Bursel Street. This truck should jump better. Why? Because the Fox Racing Bypass shocks makes it easier to have more
traction front and rear. What may be the most impressive
part about this new Raptor is that technology actually
makes it more capable. We’ll talk about two things. The first is, Ford has inserted another all-wheel drive mode, meaning, two high and four high. It’s called 4-automatic. What it does is, if your
wheels detect slippage it will automatically
set you on the course that’s needed up to the front. – [GPS] In 400 feet turn left. – Also cool, is that in addition to your normal off-road
modes, like mud and sand, or rock crawling, or whatever,
so you have two unique modes. First is the Sport mode,
sharper throttle response, holds the gears longer, lops
you out of the upper gears, and has a very cool sport
traction control mode, which lets the rear end
slide around a little bit. Then there’s Baja mode. Baja mode is essentially
an all-wheel drive version of sport mode. Including a Baja traction mode. Of course, the best way
to drive your Raptor is to leave it in Sport
mode and turn every nanny all the way off. – [GPS] Turn left now. Turn right onto McNeil Rd.

In one-tenth of a mile turn
left onto Bucking Road. In 400 feet, turn right. You have arrived at your
destination on the right. – I’m sitting here on a dry lake bed because I want to see how
fast this Raptor can go in the dirt. If memory serves, the
previous Raptor was limited to 100 miles an hour. We’re going to see what this one can do. So to do that, I have manual
mode for the transmission, the truck itself is in Sport mode, going to use the paddle shifters to shift, and here we go. This thing can do 60 miles an
hour in just over 5 seconds, which for a truck, is ridiculous. On dirt you don’t have a lot of traction, so we’re going a little slower, however, it’s 60 miles an hours right now. I’m shifting at 6,000 RPM,
500 short of red line, 80 miles an hour. Foot is to the floor, 90 miles an hour, shift again, in sixth gear, then five. 100 miles an hour. 105 miles an hour, so it’s faster. 107 miles an hour. 107 miles an hour. 107 miles an hour. Okay. The 2017 Raptor is limited on
the dirt to 107 miles an hour. Actually, it’s limited on the road, too. Okay, I’m running out of lake bed, going to slow this down. And, just like that, we’re no longer moving. Okay, now we can do some
doughnuts for cousin. (motor growls) While it’s important to
always cover your film crew with as much dirt and dust as possible, no Raptor episode would be complete without hold-my-beer style jumping. Welcome to Dumont Dunes. An 8000 acre sandy playground
right outside of Death Valley. Now, as much as I love
jumping cars, I literally have no experience jumping
trucks off sand dunes. So I called Ford and said,
"Hey could you send down an expert to show me the ropes?" They’re sending someone named Kenneth, who is probably an engineer from Michigan, or some sort of Baja 1000 mechanic. Ah, here comes Kenneth now. He’s moving pretty aggressively. Course it’s a Raptor. You do aggressive things in ’em. Wow, look at that. Here he comes. He’s not slowing down. (heavy rock music) Oh, you’re Kenneth. Kenneth Block. Dude. – Yes, sir. What a treat! So you’re the dune expert Ford sent. – Ah, yeah, I have a
little bit of experience in the dunes, growing up
in southern California. – Oh, yeah, you’re not just Mister Drifto? – No, I have a little
more skill than just that. – Okay, cool, well,
ah, my Raptor or yours? – Well, I do love the
color of the gray, but I really like that avalanche. – Avalanche looks sweet. – Yep. – Want to do this? – Yes, sir. All right, let’s go. – That really what you’re wearing today? – What? For those of you who don’t
know who Ken Block is, Google him. The long and short of it
is, this man can jump. The first obstacle we named the "Whoops," as in whoop-ti-do, not,
"Whoops, you made a mistake," though at 90 miles an hour,
it kind of felt that way. Cool, alright. Hey, let me just get a quick
selfie of us for my boss. – Sure. – Give me a second. (laughs) (motor revs) (laughs) I like how you’re just
skimming over the tops of ’em. – Sideways. – Oh yeah, that’s the best way, right? How fast are we going? (laughs) Then it was on to the jumps. Remember when I told you
the frame wouldn’t bend? I wasn’t lying. My favorite section was this empty swimming
pool-like formation Ken found about 400 feet up a dune. It was simply surreal. Like riding a cloud down a roller coaster. It is so bizarre in here. (laughs) If there’s a car guy equivalent
to Dog Town and Z-Boys, this was it. (motor growls) (laughs) I’m trying to describe it,
and it’s like dreamlike. It’s like, this thing rides so soft cause there’s so much travel. – Yeah. – In it, and then like,
just the horizon is changing so radically. All sand, all sky, and
then we’re at this angle, we’re at that angle. Oh, dude, no way. We’re not going up that. – You don’t think we can? – Ah, I kind of rather we not. – I think we should try. – Whoa. Well, we’re up it. No way. (laughs) It was actually a lot
more fun on the way down than I thought it would be. – Yeah, yeah, it’s actually
pretty smooth coming down. – That was awesome. Yeah, that was sweet. Here’s a fact I didn’t
know about Ken Block. He’s a terrible passenger. You’re probably not a
passenger very much, are you? – No, no. Do not like, do
not like being pas-sen-ger. Did not know I somehow agreed
to the thing with this. – Well, them came back and said that you approved
the script, so you know. – I didn’t read that through. – Okay. – That’s enough, right? You can turn it around? – Ah, you want to go places
even if you’re a little tired. (laughs) – Like I said, did not agree to this part. I think I might be sick. How much longer do you
get this driving portion? – Well, I mean, it is my show. Glad you’re a guest and all. Pretty good brakes. (sighs) (laughs) Well, ladies and gentlemen, that’s the all new Ford
Raptor in a nutshell. Doughnuts, drifts, burn-ups, jumps, you name it, it can do it. The last generation Raptor
was my favorite truck ever, and the new one’s even better. If you have a chance, buy one. Right, Ken? – Thank you, cut. (heavy rock music) here’s the thing new episodes of Ignition there live at Motor Trend On Demand about a month before their live on YouTube meaning that there’s a brand new episode of Ignition live right now but only at Motor Trend On Demand is it any good no the DB11 is not good it’s great it is fabulous it is spectacular if I had to sum it all in one word that would would be special read the latest episode of Ignition right now Motor Trend On Demand .

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