2019 Ford Ranger Diesel Engine Debut Specs Price Review Youtube Ford Ranger Specs 2019
2019 Ford Ranger Diesel Engine Debut Specs Price Review Youtube Ford Ranger Specs 2019

Ford Ranger Specs 2019 Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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Justin: Hey, what’s up, everybody? I’m Justin with americantrucks.com and we’ve
got a very special episode of "Truck News" coming at you. We’re coming to you live from the 2018 North
American International Auto Show. We’re gonna be showing you all the cool stuff
Ford brought with them this year, including the new Ranger. Yes, it is real. Yes, it is coming to the U. And, yes, it is here.

We’ll be giving you our first look. We’ll also be breaking down some of the new
2018 F-150 Diesel specs.

We hear they have one of those here as well. And we’ll be showing you all of that. So be sure to stay tuned. Of course, bookmark to our YouTube channel,
guys, if you haven’t done so already. We also got a nice, little giveaway for you
at the very end of this blog, so a lot of cool stuff to see. Let’s get to it. I’m here with Jeff Seaman, Program Manager
for the new Ford Ranger. How are you doing today, sir? Jeff: Absolutely great. Justin: Big week for you guys, right? First time the Ranger has been back in quite
a while. Tell us a little bit more about this because,
obviously, it looks a little different from the Global Ranger. Jeff: Oh, it absolutely does. You’re spot on. We start from an exceptional baseline, right,
which is the Rust World Ranger pickup truck. We then take that product and we strip it
down. And then we build off this pickup truck for
the North American market. So it’s a high-strength steel frame, unique
mono-tube shocks, aluminum knuckles, high-strength steel lower control arms. On top of that, put aluminum hood, aluminum
tailgate, and then solid steel front and rear bumpers. Justin: So, you got a little bit of that light-weight
components from the F-150, some of the aluminum stuff. But we got the SuperCrew. We also have the SuperCab upstairs, which
we’ll be sure to check out. And on top of that, we have just an XL, XLT,
and a Lariat, correct? Jeff: Yep, so three trim levels. But then you’ve got appearance packs that
you can put on top of it. So this is a sport appearance pack, which
gives you the accents on the wheel arch moldings, gives you the accents on the front and rear
bumper. Also gives it to you on the skull cap. So, it really tunes it to give that sport
type of appearance, comes with unique wheels on the sport appearance package. You can pick a chrome package, which will
give you chrome wheels, will give you a chrome type of look, chrome front and rear bumpers. Additionally, you’ve got the technology levels. You can get an FX2 or, my favorite, the FX4
pack, which is really that off-road machine. Justin: Aside from that, we hear the 2.3-liter
EcoBoost is gonna be under the hood, paired to that A10 transmission here, 10-speed automatic. Now, different variation from the Focus RS,
the Mustang EcoBoost, I’m guessing, correct? Jeff: Different variation, you know, custom-tuned
for a pickup truck. But again, it’s the 2.3-liter GTDI turbo motor
that’s proven out in other Ford applications. So, you start with a powertrain that’s really
delivers the end-solution for Ranger, gets you the fuel economy of an I4, but gets you
the performance of the V6. Then you’ve got your 10-speed automatic transmission,
which has been proven out in the F-150, again, an evolution of this custom-tuned for the
Ranger. Justin: Very cool. I know as someone who is a Ford fan, admittedly,
it’s nice to have a smaller truck back in the market. So, Jeff, congrats on the big week and the
big release. And thanks for your time. So, we made our way upstairs here because
we understood there is another Ranger that I am currently sitting in right now. Now, this is their SuperCab XLT model with
the chrome package. And I will say, guys, sitting in this thing
right now, as an F-150 owner, it’s pretty spacious for a smaller size truck. Definitely, comfortable, not cramped at all,
even with the SuperCab. But we’ll hop out here and. I don’t know. Blake, my cameraman and I were talking. We kinda like the look of the SuperCab, as
opposed to the SuperCrew. Little shorter, little sportier, maybe, but
same wheelbase. And it’s very important to point out the Ranger
is only gonna have one wheelbase currently right now in addition to that one engine,
the 2.3-liter EcoBoost. Maybe, a diesel variant down the line, maybe,
that Ranger Raptor that overseas customers are gonna be able to get, but for now, it’s
really cool to see it in an XLT package for once, because it’s gonna be a little bit more
affordable, let’s be honest, in addition to the SuperCab. But, overall, seeing the Ford Ranger here
in person, two big thumbs up for me. Well, here’s a predicament you hope you never
find yourself in, right? Your F-150 flipped over to its side. But it is pretty cool that Ford has done it
here at the Detroit Auto Show. And it does give you a better look inside
or, at least, at the new 2018 fully boxed steel frame and all the inner workings, if
you will. Get the 3.5 EcoBoost under the hood or kind
of under the hood with this one, that new automatic 10-speed transmission as well. You can see the exhaust. You can see the rear end. And it is just a really cool glimpse at the
new 2018 truck that, hopefully, none of us get to see. This is actually a really exciting moment
for me personally because I’m actually sitting in one of the first power-stroked Diesel F-150s
ever made. A lot of us F-150 owners have been asking
for it. Well, here it is, guys, and in a nice platinum
trim package, I may add, as well. But this isn’t what you guys want to see. You want to talk stats so let’s grab someone
from Ford and hear a little bit more about this new power-stroked Diesel. Brian: We’re really excited. First time ever we’ve had a Diesel in an F-150. This 3-liter power-stroked Diesel is fantastic,
right? Built for a tough.right from the bottom
up. It’s designed, engineered, built for the F-150. The engine is 250 horsepower. It’s got 440 foot-pounds of torque. You’d get that torque at 1,750 RPMs, right? So, for those folks that want to get that
load moving, it’s almost at idle, right? It’s got that max torque load. It’s fantastic. Payload is about 2,000 pounds, a little over. Towing is 11,400 pounds. And we’re expecting an EPA estimated highway
fuel economy rating at 30 miles per gallon. So, the first truck at 30. We’re really excited about this engine. It’s a great powertrain for those folks that
really have that really hardcore work need. Justin: Absolutely. This just kind of rounds out a rather expansive
powertrain lineup for you, guys. Well, Brian, thank you for the time, man. And congrats on an awesome show. Brian: Thank you. Appreciate it. Justin: Well, obviously, we’re upstairs here
checking out all the F-150s, and of course, the familiar face here, the second-gen Raptor. But this is the very first time I’m seeing
it in person in race-red. It stopped me absolutely dead in my tracks. Looks absolutely stunning in this color and,
honestly, red on a hot rod pickup truck like this just looks right at home. Now, we were asking if we’re gonna see a front-end
refresh on the next generation Raptor, at least the 2019 model year. No word on that yet, but you know me, I’m
gonna keep prying, keep asking and see if we can get an answer for you guys reading
at home. But, in the meantime, race-red, second-gen
Raptor looks really good. All right, guys, before we get out of here
from Detroit, we do have a little bit of business to take care of. I want to announce the last winner of our
sweepstakes, the $100 gift card to be used here at American Trucks, and that winner is
Mr. Scott Walters. Congrats, man. Enjoy the gift card, and of course, spend
it wisely. Now, this time around, we’re gonna give away
a Truxedo Tonneaumate storage box for any 1997 to present F-150. All you have to do to get in on the drawing
is to simply comment below. Let us know what you thought of the show,
the new Ranger, all that good stuff and simply bookmark to our YouTube channel and you could
win one for your rig. But, in the meantime, guys, thanks for reading. I’m Justin. And for all things F-150, keep it right here
at americantrucks.com.

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