New 2019 Ford Mustang For Sale In Springfield Va Near Washington Ford Mustang 2019
New 2019 Ford Mustang For Sale In Springfield Va Near Washington Ford Mustang 2019

Ford Mustang 2019 Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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was 50 years ago that the iconic Steve McQueen
movie, "Bullitt," hit theaters, and it changed car
chases forever. Lurking in our San Francisco
backdrop was one of the actual ’68 Fastbacks used
in the filming. This unrestored time capsule
had been hidden away for decades until it was rolled out
at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. This particular
Mustang is simply one of the coolest cars ever. Now Ford’s done it again.

[1970S MUSIC PLAYING] They’ve unveiled a new
2019 Mustang Bullitt.

Question is, is it worthy
of the Bullitt name? Let’s find out. All right, everyone. This is not going to be your
typical Edmunds car review. This is the 2019
Ford Mustang Bullitt. Now, we’ve reviewed tons
of Mustangs on our site as well as on this
YouTube channel so I’m not going to go into that
much detail about how it drives and all this other stuff. The big question I
am here to answer, though, is this worthy
of the Bullitt name? Now Bullitt came
out 50 years ago, and it changed car
chases forever. It featured Steve
McQueen, the King of Cool, driving a ’68 Fastback Mustang
through the streets of San Francisco, not on
some studio backlot and not with some lame
projection behind him. It was actually him
driving most of the scenes, taking on a ’68 Dodge Charger. It was rad. It’s hard to say what car chases
would be like without Bullitt, from James Bond to
Jason Bourne or "Ronin" and "The Italian Job." The key differences here between
a Mustang GT and this Bullitt, well, it’s green.

It’s a lovely shade
of highland green that is an homage to the
original ’68 Fastback.

It has dark wheels also. It has a nice cueball shifter,
and it has 20 extra horsepower, which really isn’t a big
deal when you consider we’re going from 460 to 480. It’s a small jump. Really, the big difference
for me is the exhaust. It sounds amazing. [LOUD EXHAUST] This is just loud all
the time in a good way. [ENGINE REVVING] Yeah. I’ve been driving
for a few hours. And I find myself
staying in lower gear just so I can hear that engine. [ENGINE REVVING] And when you’re on
throttle lever on, there’s a few subtle
pops out the back. And even at lower speeds, it
has this wonderful flutter and burble. It’s one of the better sounding
V8s, I think, of all time. Just listen. [ENGINE REVVING] Woo hoo ooh. I’m really not one for
appearance packages on cars, but this one speaks to me. Granted, I am a bit of
a Steve McQueen fan. He’s one of my spirit
animals, I think. Outside of the whole
Bullitt mystique, the car just looks damn
good in this green, with the dark wheels. And on top of that, it’s
kind of shaved down. It doesn’t have
a lot of badging. The grill is blacked out. It’s a little more
sinister, almost Dodge Challenger sinister. That’s a good thing. The steering feels great. The brakes instill confidence. The handling’s superb. On top of it, it’s easy
to live with every day. There aren’t any
real sacrifices.

It’s comfortable. It’s convenient. The backseats are
worthless but whatever. Just use that for
cargo overflow anyway. So there’s the short answer. Yes, it’s worthy of
the Bullitt name. It’s cool. It’s cool enough
that the King of Cool might actually think it’s cool. That’s a lot of cool. I love the Mustangs, and I love
the Mustang Bullitt even more. [MUSIC PLAYING] After putting a lot of
miles on the Bullitt, I can definitively say, yes, it
does deserve the Bullitt name. It’s a riot to drive. It’s just as much fun
as any Mustang GT. But seriously, all
these little touches, like the highland green
paint, the dark wheels, the ruckus exhaust,
the cueball shifter, they all come together to make
this just a little bit more special than your
average Mustang GT. For more information
on the Bullitt as well as its competition,
head on over to If you want to see more blogs
like this, hit bookmark. [MUSIC PLAYING] .

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