2018 Ford F 350 Changes Performance Price New Truck Models Ford F350 King Ranch 2018
2018 Ford F 350 Changes Performance Price New Truck Models Ford F350 King Ranch 2018

Ford F350 King Ranch 2018 Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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Hello there everyone, this Michael from Nexccelerator
here, and welcome to another Auto Show Test Drive
blog. And the vehicle that I will be test driving
today, will be the all-new redesigned,
2017 Ford F-350 Super Duty King Ranch Edition. And the Super Duty has received a complete
makeover to give itself a more competitive edge in
the Heavy Duty Truck Segment. But does the all-new Super Duty have what
it takes to be able to do exactly just that? Let’s get into the test drive, and see what
it’s like to drive the all-new Ford Super Duty. If I could actually really ask you for a huge
favor to hold that tripod that is behind me just throughout please for me. Thank you bro. I appreciate you. So that way the camera won’t fall down or
anything. [Rear Parking Sensor Beep] Well the first thing that I’m noticing in
this new Super Duty is that really in fact like the way it looks in here
because, of, first thing I’m noticing is, the amount of soft touch
that are like in here are like top-notch so I really can tell that Ford
put a whole bunch of thought into this new version of the long
running name plate. And I can really tell that they’ve done a
outstanding job with making this truck very similar to the F-150,
which was in fact no surprise to me, which they were in fact
were going to do anyway. So it was in fact, a really smart move on
their part to keep things simple and not making things complicated. So that’s definitely a good thing that they
did on their part. And I know to the acceleration pickup of the
6.7 Powerstroke Diesel is amazing and it really is smooth. So I really have to admit, that they really
have done pretty well with making sure that this engine is top notch
still and that it really does well in terms of the driving
performance and everything. So they really definitely nailed it right
there. And I know the visibility in here is really
wide open and it’s, I have to say it’s much better than I would
say than the last generation because, besides it being more open,
it’s like, you really don’t feel claustrophobic inside,
and it’s like you have like a lot more room to move around
inside the cabin. And it really just feels like that you’re
just sitting inside of a truck and you’re not feeling you have to sit in
a certain position to feel comfortable. But like, you really just feel like you’re
at ease with this truck, and it’s amazing too that what they did to
keep the cabin really fresh was an outstanding thing that they did. And I know for all other things considered
too with everything else that they’ve done to it, it’s really amazing
too, that even with the turning radius,
it’s very accurate for sure. So for those viewers reading this blog,
that just now saw me turn the vehicle, at a very tight corner,
it’s does an amazing job with handling pretty good. So it’s in fact, right where it should
be, for a big truck like this. So definitely no doubts on that. And really too it’s,
I know the King Ranch Edition is in fact one of their really long running name plates
that they’ve had for years and I have to say that this new version
is no exception to the fact that it really continues to deliver on everything. Aside from the soft-touch materials,
it’s feel like you’re in a truck that has a western-theme to it,
which was something that I really expected from Ford to be delivered
and it really did exactly what they were supposed to. Another thing that I was impressed with was
that brakes are very responsive when coming to a complete
stop as it requires little effort to perform that
task, which was something that I found to be very
pleasant, while driving this vehicle.

And,. [Clearing Throat] Pardon Me. And I also have to say to that the Sync 3
Infotainment System really makes a great addition to this truck
because I just know that the simplicity of that system
is without a doubt top-notch. And I do know that they, not only Ford,
but I know that Microsoft, who in fact that Ford has been
partnering with for years on this application, not the truck, but like the infotainment system
specifically, they’ve done pretty well in making sure
that it’s very intuitive, very simple, and it’s just overall, an easy system to use
for most drivers. And it’s like, I have to say it’s really amazing
what they’ve done. I mean not just like on simplicity, but I
know that graphics are amazing and they’re very well detailed
and they did a good job on making it easy to see and it’s pretty much an overall
amazing system. So I definitely gotta say kudos to them One
Hundred Percent (100%). All right well here come’s the fun part right
here. Backing this thing in, which, honestly
I really don’t think it’s going to be an issue. But I will say though that
it will be a challenge. But we shall see and find out
for ourselves. [Horn Honking] So I’m probably do a couple of
straighten outs here and there so just to let you know
so I can get this truck back in here pretty good. [Rear Parking Sensor Beep] [Rear Parking Sensor Beep] And I’ll make one note about the steering
wheel to it’s got a great feel to it. So I can tell that Ford did very well on
making the steering feel very precise. And it really has an authority to it too,
so I’ve got to them credit to that as well. [Rear Parking Sensor Beep] I might do one more and this truck
should be good so that way it won’t be blocking anybody from coming in
here and test drive the vehicles that are in this

But I will say the backup camera is real easy
to see out of and there’s even great trajectory lines
that accurately predict where you’re at, [Rear Parking Sensor Beep] so right there. Amazing precision, at it’s finest. So definitely great job on Ford’s part
for making the backup camera very accurate and most importantly,
making it very safe to even use when backing up. I was overall impressed with the all-new redesigned
Ford Super Duty, as it not only drove very well on the road, but being
able to see both inside and outside of the vehicle, made the driving
experience, more pleasant. For Nexccelerator,
at the 2017 Austin Auto Show, I’m Michael Land.

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