New 2018 Ford Expedition Xlt Ford Expedition 2018 Test Drive
New 2018 Ford Expedition Xlt Ford Expedition 2018 Test Drive

Ford Expedition 2018 Test Drive Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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what we have here is the all new fully redesigned
2018 Ford Expedition. [MUSIC PLAYING] MARK TAKAHASHI: Now,
this is their big SUV. Like the Lincoln
Navigator, which shares a lot of its internals,
it’s really quite good. Unlike the Navigator,
though, I think I like the grill and the whole
front of this a little bit better. It’s a little more tapered, it’s
not quite as imposing and flat.

Under the hood, a 3.5
liter twin turbo V6 that puts out 375 horsepower. Unless you get this, the
Platinum Trim, which has 400, and that’s made into a 10
speed automatic transmission. So you get a combination
of good acceleration off the line, as well as
good fuel economy up high. Right here, 22 inch wheels. Normally, we’re
not a fan of wheels that big because they tend
to stiffen up the ride a bit, but not so much with
this because we have a decent amount of sidewall. Further down the line, we
have some nice chrome accents on the mirror caps, as well as
this bottom of the greenhouse. Otherwise, it’s fairly
plain on the side, and I’m actually OK with that. One thing that I do
really like, though, power deployable running boards. With a car this big, it’s
pretty much a requirement, especially if you have
smaller passengers. With a top trim
SUV like this, you would expect it to
have a hands-free power liftgate, as this does. Now, there’s not a
whole lot of space back here, just
over 19 cubic feet. One thing back here that’s also
cool, once we fold this up, is this split level
cargo organizer. So you drop these
tabs here and here, and now you have this
nice little barrier so that stuff you have here,
whether it’s grocery bags or sports equipment,
won’t come rolling out if you’re parked on an incline. It also transforms
to a shelf like so, and this glass window
here actually flips up so you have added access. The problem is, well,
it’s a little bit tall. So taller people
would not have so much of a problem getting into
this area, but shorter people probably not so much. Also, back here we have
power folding seats. So now you have the flexibility
of cargo and passengers. Another thing that’s nice
is this negative angle here at the lip of the cargo area. So if you have fruits and cans
or something rolling around back here and you’re parked
on an incline, again, probably won’t go
rolling down, you won’t have to chase them
going down the street. There’s a lot of elements
that remind me of F-150, and that’s not
entirely a bad thing. It’s a nice angular,
almost utilitarian approach to an interior. Materials quality
is about what you’d expect from a nicer
version of the F-150. Storage, we have some decently
sized cup holders here, a slide bin here that
has a wireless charging pad as well as two USB ports. We have here the
SYNC 3 Infotainment System, which is their
latest, greatest, and I actually quite like it. Add in standard Apple
CarPlay and Android Auto and it’s one of the easier
systems to use for sure. Audio quality from
the BMO System is really quite good as well. Maybe not super high end audio
file quality, but certainly enough to get some good bass and
some nice clear highs as well. On the steering wheel, plenty
of useful buttons for cruise control on the left and
audio on the right, as well as some voice command
buttons as well. The instrument cluster
has two analog gauges that are flanking a central
color display for all your trip computer fuel economy as well
as a bunch of other information that come in handy as you’re
driving and even off roading. The seats themselves
are really well-shaped and generously padded. In this top trim we
also have ventilation, and a hot day like today,
it really proves its worth. After, let’s say, several
hours of driving this, I can’t see a whole
lot of fatigue coming from seat comfort. It’s one of the
better seats that you can get and, in this class,
that’s saying something. Under my elbow is a massive
bin with a sliding tray as well that’s removable. You’re going to fit a
ton of stuff down there. Here in the second row seat,
there’s plenty of support, they do recline somewhat. That’s quite a bit of
travel right there. Mitchell’s quality, like the
front, is also quite nice. I do like this kind of organic
stitching they have here, and all of your
elbow touch points are really nicely padded. In this trim we also have
a tri-zone climate control back here, a house
of power outlet, as well as two more USB ports. Optionally, they do have some
rear entertainment headrests that will either
play DVD or even stream from mobile devices. So one good smart feature
that they built into this is when you need to
access a third row, just hit the button
here and unlocks it. And that means that this whole
thing slides forward and tilts forward. So if you have a
child seat in here, you don’t necessarily
have to take it out. Of course, you need
to take the kid out, but that’s a pretty
decent pass-through to get to the third row. And it doesn’t take that
much effort to push it back, so maybe a kid could
actually do it on their own. As you’d expect with
something this size, the third row space
is quite generous. I’m 5′ 10", and I fit
back here just fine. And, in general,
you’re not going to be putting, let’s say, adults
back here if you don’t have to. In a pinch, it is totally
fine, and even for, let’s say, a longer trip, I’d
be totally fine back here, too. Now, look, the materials
quality isn’t quite as nice as the first two rows. This is a pretty hard
elbow touch point here that would get on my nerves
after a little while, but these have a power
recline, which is unusual, as well as another USB port here
and on the other side as well. So you are really well covered. So from behind the
wheel of the Expedition, I’m not going to say that
it drives like a smaller SUV but it doesn’t drive bad at all.

It doesn’t feel like
it’s out of sorts on this winding mountain road. The suspension is doing a
really good job of soaking up all the bumps, and
you do have the option for adaptive suspension to
stiffen things up or soften them up as you see fit. And even right now in the
sustained long corner we’re in, there’s not a whole
lot of body roll. It’s really well-managed. Now, we are riding quite high. You’ll feel some
undulations, especially with the left to right stuff
because you are riding so high, so it’s like being
at the end of a whip. Now, we get to demonstrate
its turning circle. Is it going to need– no. Actually, that’s a really
small turning circle. So that bodes really
well for maneuverability if you’re in a
tight parking spot. And also if you need to
do a bunch of U-turns on residential roads. So probably a lot
fewer three-point turns than you’d expect. It’s always a good
idea to instead of ride the brakes all the way down
is to shift into a lower gear, let the engine slow you down. So to do that, you
hit the M button here in a manual mode,
downshift, and there you go. I certainly would prefer to
have the buttons on the steering wheel, either on the wheel
itself or a paddle behind it, but as seldom as most people
will use that, it’s fine where they put it. And we have a rotary
selector here for the gears. It’s all right. I mean, it takes a
little getting used to, but it is better than the
push button transmission that you’ll find
in some other cars. As far as road and wind noise,
while I’m hearing some of both, but they’re really not that bad. The stereo is off so if
I were to just turn it up a little bit, it
would drown it right out. There’s obviously
a lot more noise coming through
than the Navigator, but this is a good
200 or 300 pounds lighter than the
Navigator, so you’re going to make up those small
inconveniences with fuel economy and driveability. In terms of visibility, while
this A-Pillar is pretty thick, in a left turn these
windows are so wide and that A-Pillar is positioned
at least well far away so that I’m not having to
bob back and forth to see what’s on the other side. This B-Pillar over my
shoulder is pretty thick. So I’m making a lane change,
looking over my shoulder, I’m not going to see much. At least the mirrors
are wide enough to give you a better idea. Combine that with a
blind spot monitor, takes a lot of that guesswork
and stress out of it. And when it comes to towing, the
Expedition does it really well. Just over 9,000 pound
towing capacity, I believe. And, yeah, that’s what we
like to call best in class. You do have the reverse
trailer assists. I don’t know about
you, but for me, when I’m backing up a
trailer into a spot, I break out into a cold sweat. That essentially eliminates
all the stress out of it because you’re steering with
this little dial rather than the steering wheel. It uses cameras and a
bunch of other sensors to make sure that you’re backing
up right into where you want. It’s a smart feature,
not particularly new, but I really love
it nonetheless. So I’ve spent
quite a bit of time in this, the 2018
Ford Expedition, and I have to say
I quite like it. There aren’t a lot
of SUVs that compete with this at this scale. The most notable being
the Chevy Suburban. And I would take this over
the Suburban pretty much in an instant. There are far less things
you have to worry about as far as cargo space. The Suburban has kind
of a three inch lift that you have to get
over, and the ride quality isn’t nearly as nice
as this, either. There are also quite
a bit more features that you can get
with the Expedition. Well, that’s obviously a
case of this coming out now versus three years ago
when the Suburban did. But, all in all, I
really quite like it. It drives great, the
pricing is pretty reasonable considering the size of the
car, starting around $50,000 for the base model all the
way up to about $80,000 for the top trim like this. Compared to the
Lincoln Navigator on which they share
a mutual platform, there’s not a whole
lot difference as far as engine
transmission, all that stuff. But the Lincoln
Navigator certainly has more style and bling. This is a lot more
utilitarian and useful, but it’s also $20,000
less when you’re talking about trim levels
from bottom to top. Now, if you are
considering either of them, honestly, it’s going to
come down to your budget. How much bling do
you really want? For more information
on the Expedition, as well as the competition,
head over to And if you want to see
more websites like this, hit bookmark. [MUSIC PLAYING] .

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