2018 Ford Transit Custom 290S Swb 2 0L 4Cyl Diesel Turbocharged Ford Custom 2018
2018 Ford Transit Custom 290S Swb 2 0L 4Cyl Diesel Turbocharged Ford Custom 2018

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Hey, Dean from Leisure Travel Vans We’re in Kansas City, Missouri. Beautiful Kansas City, Missouri. And we’re very excited because we
are at the Ford Assembly Plant where they make a Transit Chassis that we use
on the Wonder motorhomes and we’re going to go through a tour of the entire factory. We are very excited! Okay, I’ve got all my safety gear on We’re going to go through the entire manufacturing plant. They have 1200 acres of manufacturing facility area.

So this is the largest Factory in North America. They’ve built the F-Series chassis here for 41 years! and of course, they started building the Transit Chassis here in 2013 and this is where it all begins They make the floor plans right here All done by computers They have a laser cutting machine and this is where it all starts to build the Transit Cutaway Chassis and
in 13.1 hours, we’re gonna have a completed Transit Cutaway Chassis as you can see behind me, those are called ‘Godzilla robots’.

Most factories might have 1. This plant has 6. The Transit is the most complex
build that Ford has with over 2,000 variances of build, so 6 ‘Godzilla machines’ building the Transit. Now that’s very cool! They build the Transit Van
Chassis and the Cutaway Chassis all in the same assembly line. So depending on
the mix of build, similar to what we do at Leisure when we have different floor
plans and we mix the build, they do the exact same thing here at the factory so
that is very cool. Now you can see these are some of the finishing robots in this area There’s one of our Cutaway Chassis Getting made. So you can see, the
box tubular steel steel chassis framing all welded construction. You can see the
robots are getting it ready for final finish. Very cool. TIG welding MIG welding
and fuse welding makes the Transit Chassis super-strong. so this is one of the DC tools that they use here at the factory. They don’t use any torque
wrenches anymore, so everything is done right here by this machine if I don’t torque this at the correct pressure, lights are coming on and we have a problem. so, very cool that everything is done precisely on all the Transit Chassis. I love that. So this is why they don’t have me working in the factory because I have 1 minute and 30 seconds to do my job. I would never get it done in time! 1 minute 30 second move times. we’re in trim shop, they have nine different assembly lines coming in here to finish the units there’s a hundred different pieces of glass they have to choose from and they have to get the units all done Above me is their hour clock of how many
units that they have to be building every single day and right now they’re a little behind. probably because I’m here, disturbing the whole system. As you can see, the mix of the different Transit vehicles that they make down the assembly line. There’s one of our Cutaway Chassis With a diesel engine, 178 inch wheelbase, you see all the box tubular steel framing, spot welded.

see the beautiful structures that we have that we can put the floor on. That’s one good-looking Chassis. So this is where they put the windshield on As you can see, on the Transit Chassis The Chassis stops, it goes around The windshield goes in. They do a picture of it. If the frame isn’t perfect, it won’t install the windshield. Very ingenious. You’re probably wondering, ‘where do all
these parts come from?’ They have a MSC center that is the size of 3 football stadiums that they collect all the parts. Behind us is the Material Sequencing Center (MSC) and all these carts that you see going by us are all the parts that are coming into the main factory. So they get pulled in the exact sequence so that every single trim kit and windshield in part comes from the
assembly line just in time they don’t allow any forklifts that could damage
parts or people. All done with little trollies that bring the parts from the MSC
centers. This factory is incredible. Behind me are the ‘clam shells’ that
actually pick up the Chassis so there’s sensors in the floor. If I were to step
outside the yellow line, it would stop it and stop the assembly line and I would be thrown out of here like that. so stay inside the yellow line. I’m now in the Chassis Shop. They called the de-skin area so the entire motorhome has gone through all the different areas. Through paint, through final trim, and glass the ‘clam shells’ come over, Up on the clam shells there’s different wheel bases They have to tell the clam shell which
wheelbases it is.

We build on the 178 inch wheel base. And then it’s going to take it off the skids and put it up int he air. now you can see the Chassis is raised up
in the air, there’s one of our beautiful Cutaway Chassis. Anything that goes underneath the chassis this is where they put the fuel lines on, all the
brackets here to get that ready for all the axles and things that are going to get
installed next. Pretty cool to see it coming down the line in the air So in this area here, they’re getting all the breaks and the hub’s
ready to go, and on the Transit that we order, we have 4 all-wheel
disc brakes. Okay, so this is the decking area. We’ve got about 16 decking carts. If you look around that’s where they put the bottom part (the motor, the
transmission, the axles, driveshaft) all gets done and then we’re going to
install it into the Chassis. so it’ll stop about six inches short
before they install it now they’ll go inside and connect the shifter cables
into the transmission and then they’re like fully install it up into the Chassis. So you can see, we got one out of our Cutaway Chassis coming down the
line in this area here, they’re putting tailpipes on anything below it, and of
course the Ford front grill so everything’s gonna go on. They’re
getting ready to put the lights on next They’re getting ready for the headlamps
to go on and seats are gonna go in next you can see the lower suspension. Leaf
spring suspension with heavy-duty shock absorbers. so now we have to get the tires put on to the Transit Chassis. They go through
almost 5,000 tires a day putting them on the Transit Vans and the Cutaway Chassis. Is that not crazy? and of course we use a 16 inch tire in all of our Transit Chassis. And that’s all done right here This is where the last move station is before it comes off the line as you can see it’s always moving as it comes down. So
they’re going to put fuel in, diesel fuel about six gallons. Fill up the DEF and
then they’re gonna fire it up for the first time and drive it off the line so
all the final inspections are done making sure that everything is perfect before it gets shipped to us, so we can build a beautiful motorhome on top of it. we’re at the end of the assembly line, and I’m gonna start this baby up and drive it off the
assembly line. it started! Is this not cool? Being able to see a new baby born.
From start to finish. Very exciting! So once again, we come off the final
assembly line and then it’s got to go into testing you can see they’re making
sure that everything’s working they’re aligning the headlights making sure that
everything is fully functional on the Chassis. Of course, before it gets
shipped. Now we gotta simulate road speed. so they lock in these place and got
the rollers, they’re gonna fire that up make sure that everything is working They’re going to run it at full highway speed. so now that we road tested the Chassis,
made sure that everything is fully functional, now it comes to the CAL
line because we’re not done yet this is the ‘Customer Acceptance Line’. So it has to come from there, onto this line where all the Ford inspectors go through
the entire Chassis with a fine-tooth comb They’re looking for pain scratches,
or any defects. Anything that isn’t working correctly, then it’s going to be
repaired before it you go to our customer. This is a very important part
is why Ford quality is at the top of the industry, because they do this check now.
Not later. Okay so CAL line. This is the CAL 2 line. Over and above customer service, customer quality. It takes a picture of every single unit as it comes off this assembly line to make
sure that all the right options were on it. Well, that’s what Ford quality is all about. You can see, here’s one of my Cutaways coming down the line, and of
course on our Ford Transit Chassis we order the diesel 5-cylinder engine. 185
horsepower, 350 foot-pounds of torque, six-speed automatic transmission, we’ve
got the SYNC 3 navigation system, we load these Chassis up, so they’re perfect for
our end customer. We’re still not done testing yet. We’re now in the, what we would call the ‘rain shower’ in our factory, but this where they do high-pressure water testing, you can see the water nozzles behind me. They’re going to water test the entire Chassis to make sure that there’s no water leaks at all. Very cool. Hey, I want to thank Mike for taking us
to the factory at Ford here in Kansas City. It was fabulous. And what a beautiful facility where they build the Transit Chassis for us. And I’m just looking at the Ford mission statement: "Our mission is to produce vehicles that meet or exceed our customers and stakeholders expeditions
in a safe and rewarding environment." Let me tell you, this plant does that. What an incredible build. Incredible people that work here. Over 8,000 people, they run basically 24 hours a day with the F-150 series, 7 days a week. Correct. Wow, what an incredible factory. Incredible facility. The largest Ford factory in North America by the way. And Mike is great, he’s been working here for: Twenty nine and a half years. Twenty nine and a half years! And the guy
looks like he’s 25 years old. How does that happen? Thank you very much. It’s been our pleasure to have you here too in Kansas City. Thank you very much, you have Mike from Ford and Dean from Leisure Travel Vans! .

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