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Costco Coupon July 2018 Save Mart Coupon Policy Costco Contest 2018 Ford Mustang

Costco Contest 2018 Ford Mustang Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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The 2018 Ford Mustang is about to launch
in Australia bringing some significant changes across the pony car range. Now we’re going to be driving this car at
the new Tailem Bend facility in South Australia in a couple of weeks’ time but before that
we’ve been given early access to one for a closer look. Let’s check it out. The Mustang is already the most popular sports
car on sale in Australia and for 2018 Ford has tried to broaden its appeal with the introduction
of a more powerful V8 engine, a new ten speed automatic gearbox and loads more technology. Even a drag strip function.

We’ll get to some of those bits and pieces
in a moment but first the styling. When you make changes to a cult car like the
Mustang you’re always going to have detractors. And when this design first logged in 2017
there were loads of them. From some of our very own readers, I cannot
say that I’m a fan. Holy moly Ford surely must not want to sell
more Mustangs. The Mustang has died. It’s over. A little bit dramatic but I think you’ll
agree that when you see this car in the skin it’s pretty striking. In essence, the styling changes concentrate
on a lower remodelled bonnet and grill, repositioned air intakes and all LED front lights across
all models. Further back you’ll find revised LED taillights,
a new bumper and optional performance rear wing spoiler. In the case of the Mustang GT there’s that
cool quad tip exhaust outlet. The Mustang’s safety suite is likewise improved
in the facelift. The introduction of autonomous emergency braking
and other technologies elevating its official safety rating from two stars to three.

Inside there are a couple of key changes but
in honesty there’s nothing that really transforms the feel of the car. The standout for me is this new 12 inch digital
instrument cluster. It’s not that different from Audi’s virtual
cockpit display and ironically it’s activated at the push of a single button on the steering
wheel, not dissimilar to BMW’s M-mode function. Basically the new layout gives you umpteen
different layouts and ways to view all the key information in the instrument cluster. It basically lends the car added personalisation
from behind the wheel. So Tom we’re now seeing 339 kilowatts, 556
newton metres from that 5 litre V8, how has Ford extracted more mumbo? [Tom] As part of the new upgrade for the 2018
Mustang we’ve seen a significant upgrade under the bonnet which leads to a power output
of 339 kilowatts and 556 newton metres. So that’s a 10% power upgrade. That’s mostly due to the introduction of
a new dual fuel system which uses port fuel injection at lower RPM for smooth, quiet running
and great torque and direct injection at higher revs when high performance is needed. [Sam] There’s also a new ten speed automatic
gearbox available in the Mustang. It’s moving away from that old six speed
unit. So what’s the move there? Why did Ford go with that direction? [Tom] So this one’s much more advanced so you
can instantly tell that it’s a cutting edge transmission. It shifts very quickly, it seems to know exactly
what gear to be in. Even things like when you’re on the highway
and need to kick down a gear to overtake for example it’s got the ability to drive five
gears in one go so direct from ninth to fourth or tenth to fifth, whatever you need to get
the power you need to overtake. [Sam] Ford in Europe is actually claiming a 4.3
second 0 to 100 time and a large part of that is a new drag strip mode. Can you tell me how that works? [Tom] Drag strip is one of our new modes. We already had four in the previous ones and
they utilise different calibrations of the transmission, the throttle mapping and the
steering. Drag strip mode actually changes the throttle
and the transmission mapping and it means that as you’re powering through the gears
it holds the power with the gear changes so that there’s a seamless power delivery all
the way to whichever speed you arrive at. [Sam] There’s also a new shock absorbers and
a new cross access joint in the rear but I understand the big revelation with Mustang
is optional MagnaRide dampers. Can you tell me a bit about those? [Tom] MagnaRide is awesome. It’s basically a best of both worlds approach. Because the dampers are constantly adaptable
it uses electromagnets and, you know fluid that can be stimulated to change the damping
actively. It’s measuring a thousand times a second
so as you’re going round corners it changes that to be stiffer and more responsive but
when you’re on the highway it makes sure it’s got a nice soft, smooth ride. [Sam] Now one of the big things with Mustang
has been the ability from very early on to be able to customise it and make it your own
and that’s really taken a step forward with this latest incarnation of Mustang.

Can you tell me about some of the options
that are available? [Tom] The MagnaRide and Recaro racing seats are
a great performance improvement for the Mustang and a way that you can customise it to be
your own.

But there’s also appearance personalisation
options with both the EcoBoost and the V8 models you can choose between two different
wheels. On the GT you can actually option up forged
aluminium wheels which are both stronger and lighter and have a different appearance to
the standard black rims. And you can also option over the top stripe
in white as we see it here or black and you can option a rear spoiler. So it’s definitely the most customisable
Mustang we’ve offered in Australia. [Sam] Well clearly there’s no such thing as
a free lunch and as such Mustang prices have risen as much as $9000 for 2018. So entering the stable will now set you back
$49 990 for the four cylinder EcoBoost with the GT Fastback now priced at $62 990. As for whether the latest additions are worth
the added coin, well I hope to give you a more definitive answer from Tailem Bend in
a couple of weeks’ time.

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