2019 Ford Focus Rs New Review Car Review 2019 2019 Ford Focus Rs
2019 Ford Focus Rs New Review Car Review 2019 2019 Ford Focus Rs

2019 Ford Focus Rs Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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Şafak: Hi guys today we are in a different track. You saw the tests of these two cars in many race tracks. But today we are making a difference. (-)Onur: We are in an airfield.
(+)Şafak: Located in Bursa. + This guy is a FK 8 Type R. A beast.

+ Over the 300 horsepower, 320 to be exact. + 400 Nm of torque and front wheel drive. + Current record holder of Nurburgring. – That’s true. What I have over here ise a Ford Focus RS. – Third generation. And blue as a sky.
+ It looks great. – 2.

3L engine.
+ Tax, tax, tax! -(Laughs) Yeah it is excisable but it uses a Mustang engine. – 350 horsepower thanks to a larger turbo. – 440 Nm of torque which improves to 475 Nm with overboost. – And a four wheel drive.
+ Oh, and you got launch control. – Hmm, yeah I do.
+ But we are gonna do a drag race. man. – I’ve been waking up to a picture of a Ford Focus, sorry, Escort RS Cosworth for 25 years. + It is his older brother I know. I accept it. – I got a poster of it. And when I looked at it, – I was missing the four wheel drive. Now it is here. + You’re enjoying it but I’m curious about what I’m gonna do with my FWD car. +Ok then. Let’s test these beasts with different races. + And settle the debate down. – (Points Focus) + Don’t jump to conclusions, Focus boy. + (Grumbles about 4 wheel drive) – (Laughs)
+ Do you trust your wrists like me?. Nope! + Now, I’m inside the Type R. + I’m getting 320 horsepower + and 400 Nm of torque + from the 2.0L engine under the hood. + RS is better than Type R in 0-100 km/h acceleration. + But I believe in myself. – So our car has launch control. -That will help us to get a smooth launch. – And that’s how we bury Şafak to the track. – But I’m not signaling I’m ready yet. -I’m not ok yet. – Driving mode is set to track mode. – Suspensions changes with that automaticly. – And I’m gonna cheat guys. – Now I’m browsing the infotainment system. – In options. – Driving assist. – and Launch Control. + He is going to win with his traction advantage, probably. + I have a short-throw gearbox. + .so shifting is relatively easy. + C’mon guys give the signal already – Get the first gear and. + Come on. + Come oooon. – And that’s how we roll! + Advantge of the traction system. + Sadly Focus RS gives us the answer with a slap in the track. – Let’s turn and wave to the Şafak. – We are the winners after all. – By the way, I think we are going to win in 1000 m, too. – Because, it seems like Type R couldn’t close the gap. + You have the power, you have the 4 wheel drive, you have the Launch Control. + Of course you’re going to win. Cihangir: It is going great isn’t it? Especially in start. – Yeah it accelerates like it’s being kicked. Cihangir: But Type R was catching up Cihangir: in the last meters. – Yeah he was very close to catch up. – It looks Type R can catch up in 500 m. + He owned us. I expected that but. + it still upsets me. + Power of the 4 wheel drive. I must make use of 150 kg weight advantage now. + It wasn’t a bad start at all. + I’m expecting an ok start in this one, too, hopefully. + Come on, man! Disable the launch control! – Launch control is ours and cannot be stopped! + He is playing a game with cheats.
Cihangir: He beated you well though. + It wasn’t that well. There were not much diffrence I was catching up. + I’m trusting myself in 1000 meters. I’ll see you in 1000 meters. – Where? in 1000 meters. – Ok then we will see that. – I’m a little bit afraid though. + I believe this one is mine. + But if I lose don’t blame the Type R. + It is a great car, really. Despite the front wheel drive, + wheelspin is not that bad in the start + but even in the second gear, there is some. – Come on
+ Come on + Ah, I’ve missed the 4th! + Again. I couldn’t catch up. – We defeated him in 1000 meters too. We killed a fly by the way. – And my top speed was above the 220 km/h. (Jumping is Onur Koray’s standart equipment, not Focus RS’.) +I’m coping with disappointment by flooring the pedal. + I was sure I was going to win. – Ok now we are going to start a race – which we are going to lose surely. – Şafak is pointing me the window to open up. +Open up! + You won two test don’t get cocky right now. + I’m gonna blow your mind now.
-Ok I’m saying the viewers, – I’m going to win this one, too. + My honour is on the line here. + I should beat Onur for my honour (means Onur in Turkish). – Ok let’s start the car then. + You want some noise? Have some. Engaging the R mode + Ready?
– It’s in track mode right now. + Man, your exhaust noise is better. Give us some more.
– Sure, here you go. + It’s time to kill Mr. Crack&Pop. + Let’s go. Third gear, 50km/h we start in the start line. (Glorious screams of joy) + It can’t catch up, RS is biting the dust! + The victory I was looking for is finally here! + Go, Type R! -He is pointing window again. + Open up, open up the window! – What? What’s the problem dude? + Respect the Samurai! See ya!. + So Onur, you stomped on us in the drags. With AWD assist and all. – Yeah, I did walk over you.
+ But I crushed you in the rolling start. + It was a pleasure to see RS logo in my rearview mirror. – I also saw the Type R logo in my mirror. + I was close you were far away than me. – Yeah you’re right actually.
+ In the end you are winning by 2 to 1. -In the track. Yes I am.
+ But I have some questions for you + I think Type R will win this questions. – Let’s see. + Which one of these cars is better for daily use? – Type R. + Comfort? – Type R. + Practicality? – Type R. + So Type R wins the round.
– Wait a second. not that easy. – In Type R, if you change the driving mode – it automaticlly changes the suspansion system. – Ford doesn’t have that. You can change it separately. – But I accept the fact Ford’s softest setting is still somewhat stiff. + Seats were pinching me. – Ok what about the engine sound?
+ No lies, it’s RS. – Transmission? + I think it is Type R, because of the short throw gearbox. + Especially in rolling start, gear changes were smooth. – Also it’s ergonomy is perfect. Gear and steering wheel is so close. + I was shifting fifth and sixth gears this close. + I think it is fourth in RS.
– I also liked the pedals. +It is smoother.
– Also they are bigger + Type R’s brake pedal is more resistant than RS’ though. – I really prefer the Type R breaks. + It has more resistence I think. – Alright, what about the looks?
+ I was going to ask that. + Type R looks perfect, let’s agree on that. + It has " Ricer Car" looks. + But RS has a charm, + go for winding mountain roads, + do some stylish drifting. It is more simple but beautiful. + I say RS.
– I agree on that. – But I won’t buy in this colour. + I would choose dark grey, for both of it. – It can be. Yes. – I want to ask about seats + This guy right here has bucket seats as standard. + But RS’ standard Recaro’s are tight. – Yeah optional Recaro’s are more beautiful. + But Type R is more comfortable. + And seats are more comfy.
– Also driving position. – .is low but car can handle it. – I really like to sit high in the car.
+ Me, too. But I had no problems sitting lower in the Type R. – Because if you lower it down you can see the upwards. + And these parts are helping you to navigate your drive. – Yeah if you lower it more you can’t see the road. + But RS is looking more buffed.
– Yeap. + Type R says I’m fast. But RS says I’m more buffed. I can beat you in drags. – Well if you were given one of these cars for free, which one would you chose? + Ok, let me ask you a counter-question. + Is it the "only" car that I use or.
– Only car, yes. + If it’s only car, I’m choosing Type R. + It has performance and it’s a good daily driver.
– What if you can use more cars? + Then RS. Because, + I was really upset on the start. + While I was dealing with wheelspin you were already gone – If you buy it with your own money?
+ I can’t buy neither because I don’t have that kind of money. -If you have it?
+ Then I would buy Type R because I could afford it. – Yeah there is quite a price gap.
+ It is around 100,000 TL +Ok than it’s settled. Competition ends 2-2 draw. -Ok, I’ll agree on that. +We did a lot of great tests. +Thanks for the Burulaş and Yunuseli Havalimanı for letting us do these tests. – But I’m hungry. + I’m shocked that you didn’t eat anything all day. He ate 72 portions of İskender back in the Uludağ trip. + Now you are in Bursa again.
– Yeah I was waiting for this. + I know a place, wanna go there? + Melike Döner. They hold the world record for the biggest "döner" – Is that so?
+ So we go there? – But first let’s invite our crew.
+ You see only 2 before the camera today but we have a beautiful crew here. + Guys come on up! – They are acting shy.

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