2018 Ford Police Responder Hybrid Youcar Youtube 2018 Ford Responder
2018 Ford Police Responder Hybrid Youcar Youtube 2018 Ford Responder

2018 Ford Responder Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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[SOUND] Hey everybody I’m John Brenkus. And this is tough science. Now getting to the top is one thing. But in order to stay on top,
you need to innovate. Whether its in the world of
trucks [SOUND] or the NFL. A lot has happened since 1977
when the F-150 became the best selling truck in America. Ford had just introduced the F-150
in 1975 as well as the first supercab in the 6th generation F-series. In that same era in the NFL,
the Steelers innovated the game with a championship defense so dominant
that it was dubbed the steel curtain. [MUSIC] Then, the Cowboys became America’s
team by changing the game, and introducing the shotgun offense. By the mid-80s,
Ford had added power windows, locks, and mirrors to the F-150 for the first time. And in the NFL,
the monsters of the midway, the Chicago Bears, brought lots of
flare with their Super Bowl victory. Then, the legendary Hogs in Washington raised the bar on offense with the Counter
Trey, that opened holes so big for the running backs that they won three
Super Bowls With three different QV’s. And in the 90’s, Ford introduced
the high performance Lightening, to the 9th generation F-Series. While in the NFL,
the NFC East continued its dominance when the Cowboys originated a big
three that won three of the next Four championships by
an average of 14 points. And at the turn of the century, Ford introduced the first
light-duty super crew. And then the Baltimore Ravens won
Super Bowl 35 with defensive innovations that held teams to the fewest points
over a 16 game regular season.

These NFL teams know what
being a champion feels like. And since 1977, there’s been one
champion that stayed on top for 40 years in a row in the truck world.

The innovative F-Series. Now, here’s the new model that’ll
kick off the next 40 years. [MUSIC] Introducing the even tougher,
even smarter, even more capable 2018 F-150. [MUSIC] It’s even tougher,
with a bolder styling and a high-strength military-grade
aluminum alloy body. Even smarter, with automatic emergency
braking that can help avoid a collision. Plus, a wi-fi hotspot to
help keep you connected. And even more capable with the best towing
of any F-150 thanks to a more powerful and efficient engine lineup, including
the first ever F-150 Power Stroke Diesel. The new 2018 F-150. Innovative and built Ford tough. [MUSIC] .

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