A Used 2014 Ford F 150 Has An Engine For Everything 2018 Ford Raptor Towing Capacity
A Used 2014 Ford F 150 Has An Engine For Everything 2018 Ford Raptor Towing Capacity

2018 Ford Raptor Towing Capacity Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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I’ve gotta get me one of these things man. Hey, what’s up, everybody? I’m Justin with americanmuscle.com. Welcome to a special Raptor Review Edition
of Hot Lap. Yes, we got our hands on one of these things. I know you’ve probably caught a few Raptor
reviews up until this point, but hopefully, you guys will dig ours. Now, before I get into things, I just wanna
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That’s right, double your pleasure, double
your fun, so, be sure to stay tuned for that. For now, enjoy our take on the Raptor. And spoiler alert, things got a little muddy. This is the 2017 Raptor, the baddest, most
capable factory-produced truck of its kind. And on paper, it’s better than the previous
generation Raptor in just about every way. But we’re gonna put that to the test here
today, give this thing a thorough once-over and decide if the 2017 Raptor deserves to
be crowned the King of All Off-Road Factory Trucks. Now, Ford actually debuted the original Raptor
back in 2010 in what I can only imagine was a dare between Ford execs at some dive bar
in Michigan over a few beers, just to build the baddest, craziest truck of its time, and
that’s exactly what they did. Now, fast forward, nearly seven years later
and different manufacturers are still coming up with their own renditions of off-road tomfoolery,
but no one has done it quite as well as the blue oval in my opinion, and that never has
been more apparent than with the 2017 Raptor.

All right, guys, before we go any further
with this website, I have to address something here. Yes, this truck is powered by a V6 and no,
it doesn’t sound as good as a V8.

However, the sooner we get past this fact,
the sooner we’ll be able to enjoy this truck for what it fully is. So, deal? All right, let’s do it. Let’s go to the tail of the tape here, compare
some of the flashy stats and see if the new Raptor is actually better than the old Raptor. On the surface, power numbers, the EcoBoost
wins, right, 450 horsepower, 510-foot pounds of torque. At the crank, mind you, that is better than
the previous generation 6.2, 411 horsepower, 434-foot pounds of torque. So, clear victor goes to 2017.

What about travel? Well, that’s obviously something that’s pretty
important with an off-road vehicle, right? And with the 2017 Raptor, you’re looking at
about 13 inches of travel for the suspension up front, 14 in the rear, that’s better than
the previous generation Raptors, 11 inches up front and about 12 inches in the rear.

What about that ground clearance? Well, that is up with the next generation
Raptor here, about 12 inches what you’re looking at with the 2017, compared to roughly 10 inches
with the previous generation Raptor. And the amount of water that you can safely
enter and exit is up two inches here with the 2017.

But what if you’re really serious about off-roading
and you probably really care about that approach, break over, and departure angle? Well, happy to say, they’re all improved here
with the 2017 over that last generation Raptor. So again, you can see a pattern here, right
guys? So far, the next gen Raptor is much better
than the previous generation. And as a manufacturer, that’s what you want,
right? You wanna push the truck forward, you never
wanna go backward, and it’s safe to say, Ford did not do that here with the next generation
Raptor. But what do you say we hop out of the truck
real quick, walk around, and take a look at what’s new here with the 2017? Now, just like the original Raptor that debuted
over a half a decade ago, the 2017 takes the standard F-150 cabin body and just injects
them with a massive amount of steroids. Now, both the front and the rear of the truck
have been widened, over six inches to be exact, and the front of the truck does receive some
vents here in the fenders in addition to the hood, which does help add a very tough appearance. But without a doubt, my favorite part of the
truck from an appearance standpoint is the front end, just super tough-looking. Ford spelled out loud and proud. You got the signature LED running lights here
in the grille, and my personal favorite, blacked out LED headlights which I will promptly be
stealing after this website for my personal F-150. Walking down the side of the truck, you get
a better sense for the size of this thing in that new altitude, thanks to the all-new
for 2017 Fox Racing Suspension that we will dive into a little bit later on. But for now, just know that it’s enough height
to squeeze in the all-new for 2017 BFG KO2s. This is a 315/70/17, basically, equates to
a 35-inch tire in diameter. They’re currently wrapped around your base
option for wheels. This is the 17-inch cast wheel. It can ball out and go with the beadlock-capable
Ford wheel, set you back 1,100 bucks. Now, these KO2s are actually specific to the
2017 and newer Raptors. Ford actually worked with BFG when designing
the KO2 for the Raptor here, gave it a unique tread compound, giving it a little bit less
rolling resistance. And also kept the volume down as well or the
noise when driving, which we all know, with an aggressive tread like this, isn’t an easy
task. It’s a party out back as well. We got the flared bedside panels like we talked
about a little bit earlier, completely new bumper here as well, different from those
standard F-150 bumpers, to make room for that new dual exhaust system. But also help to give you a little bit more
of a departure angle when you’re really wheeling this thing off-road. Now, that dual exhaust system, well, depending
on your taste, doesn’t sound that bad. It’s loud enough to give you a little bit
more of an experience but without being over-the-top. And Ford has actually come out and said they
didn’t wanna hide or run away from the fact that this thing is a V6. And they didn’t wanna mask the exhaust note
because of it. Now, they also actually offer a few different
expensive graphics options as well, but if you’re "the less is more" type of owner, you
might wanna skip the thousand bucks those things are gonna cost you and put it towards
something a little bit more useful. Now, the old Raptor, yes, it had an off-road
mode, but if you wanted a twist or tweak a few things, you had to do so through a cumbersome
combination of button pushes, switches, and all that good stuff. Not the case here with the 2017. Everything is very clearly laid out for you
for whatever terrain you’re about to cross. Now, this is gonna control everything from
your engine parameters to your four by four, your steering feel, and even your traction
control. It will set the locker for you if needed. It’s a great way to take all the guesswork
out of off-roading and allow you, the driver, to focus on the terrain ahead. So, let’s run down these driving modes because
there are six altogether to choose from, three on-road, three off-road.

For your on-road modes, you have normal, basically
what you drive the truck every day, barring any bad weather. There’s a sport mode that does kick up the
engine parameters a little bit, helps the truck feel a little bit more sporty, changes
some of their transmission settings as well, keeps the truck in gear a little bit longer,
and also, changes your steering feel. Last but not least for the on-road modes,
you have weather.

Now, this is really gonna dumb the truck down
as far as engine parameters. It’s going to kick in some traction control
help as well. And it’s also gonna help you kick in the four-wheel
drive automatic mode to help you get through some bad weather. Now, the off-road modes are where things start
to get a little bit interesting. For instance, there is a mud or sand mode,
there’s also a Baja mode, and a rock crawling mode.

That Baja mode is what Ford is most proud
of with the 2017 Raptor, and this is gonna be used in high-speed, desert-running-type
scenarios. One thing I do really think is cool about
this feature here is that they built in an engine calibration with an anti-lag. So, when you’re running through the desert
at high-speed, it’s gonna help keep those turbos spooled up, so you have power on tap
at all times. The rock crawling mode is what it sounds like. It’s just gonna help you descend hills when
times get a little hairy. But for the most part, the mud or sand mode
is what you’re gonna be using when you’re doing some off-roading. Now, driving modes aside, there are a few
other options when it comes to tricking out the inside of your 2017 Raptor. The trucker in now, guys, it’s a stripper
truck. And what I mean by that is, there’s really
not a whole lot of options, it’s the 800A package, which essentially is Ford-based package
for the Raptor. If you’re getting the sport cloth seats, you’re
not getting the fancy touchscreen but you’re still getting everything that makes a Raptor
a Raptor from a suspension standpoint. 801A kicks things up a notch. You’re getting leather, you’re getting the
touchscreen, you’re getting synced, things like that. But if I were gonna buy this truck, ball out,
go 802A. You’re gonna add the optional carbon fiber
package, the orange trim leather seats, the 410 front dip, and also, the very tricked
360-degree camera. Very helpful when this thing is wheeling off-road
or if you just wanna park this monster at your local mall. Again, that will add roughly 8 to 10 grand
onto the final price tag, but overall, guys, a very affordable truck. In fact, the truck I’m in right now can be
had for less than 50 grand sticker price, which is more affordable than my Lariat. So, you factor in an 801 or an 802A package
Raptor and you have all the creature comforts of a Lariat or even a Platinum F-150 but with
the suspension and hardware to about drive over anything. Under the hood, you’ll find the new for 2017
twin-turbo charged, 3.5-liter high output EcoBoost engine. Yes, easily the most polarizing part about
this truck for all the die-hard V8 guys and gals out there, listen, does the sound suck? Well, to be honest, yes, it does. However, it’s not enough to make you wanna
write this truck off completely. In fact, with the increased horsepower and
torque, along with that lightweight aluminum body, the new for 2017 EcoBoost would easily
blow the doors off the 6.2-liter Raptor, even if it sounded terrible while doing so. But let’s remember what I said at the very
beginning of this website. The sooner we get past the sound of this thing,
the sooner we’ll be able to fully enjoy this truck. So, what do you say we do that? Now, this isn’t your standard run-off-the-mill
3.5-liter EcoBoost that you’re gonna find in the standard F-150. This is the high output version, and yes,
there are differences, lots of them. You’re looking at a different crankshaft,
different rod bearings, different pistons, resulting in a different compression ratio. Ford actually tossed in some oil piston squirters
here for this thing as well. You’re also looking at different turbos, different
wastegates and a different intercooler. Now, all of these differences result in an
advertised power output of 450 horsepower, 510-foot pounds of torque at the crank. And the nice thing about this turbocharged
power plate is that these numbers are gonna be very easy to inflate with the
addition of an aftermarket tune. Another new addition for the 2017 Raptor is
a stronger transfer case, along with that 10-speed automatic transmission that was actually
co-developed by both Ford and General Motors. Now, this was more than likely done to help
EPA numbers but there are some benefits while on the road. Even though those shifts never really seem
to stop, they are firm and pretty pleasant, especially when controlled by the magnesium
paddle shifters on the Raptor-specific steering wheel, another awesome addition to the Raptor
and something I’d like to have in my personal F-150. Now, there’s no long-term durability testing
done yet on either the high output engine or that 10-speed auto, but needless to say,
they’re up for some pretty hardcore thrashing. All right guys, so, we’re in the truck, on
the road. Let’s hammer down, shall we? All right. So, there’s a little hesitation between these
paddle shifts, but all in all, this thing gets up and boogies pretty well for a big
truck. So, we’re in sport mode now, and as you can
see, it really holds the gear in this thing. I have a 2015 Lariat, EcoBoost truck, sport
mode tends to do the same thing. But I almost feel like it’s a little bit more
exaggerated here with the 10-speed. And listen, the 6.2’s great, right? I mean, obviously, we all know it sounds better. It’s a big, hulking motor, right? Its displacement is just red-blooded, bald
eagle, American Motors. That being said, that cheesy adage, no replacement
for displacement, except boost and that really is the case here. I mean, the low-end torque in this thing is
just awesome, I mean, it puts you back. And that’s kind of what you want too in an
off-road rig like this because you figure you want that low-end torque to be able to
pull you out of obstacles, things like that, and it’s on tap, so, that is good. But we’re merging onto the highway, put our
foot into it a little bit, plain rolls out. Now, this big BFG, the KO2s, again, for having
such an aggressive tread compound, they’re really quiet on the road. I mean, we’re on a concrete highway, there’s
grooves, there’s things like that, dead quiet, it’s really quiet inside the cab as well. The ride’s good. I mean, listen, I could daily this thing all
day and have absolutely no complaints, maybe the gas mileage, I mean, we’re looking high
single digits now, low double-digits. Granted, we’ve been flogging the absolute
piss out of this thing. Ford claims you should see high teens under
normal driving conditions but, come on, what is that really? It’s a nice truck, man. They’ve really stepped up their game as far
as balancing off-road functionality, pick-up truck functionality, and just creature comforts. I mean, these things, granted this isn’t the
best example because this is kind of a base truck but still, the creature comforts in
these things any more rival luxury cars. And you really are spoiled here in the modern
age of cars and trucks. But that being said, guys, come on, the Raptor,
yes, it’s great on the road, but this thing was meant to kick some ass off-road. So, what do you say we do that? Now, some people might see the 2017 Raptor
and unfairly assume that all Ford did was slap on an elaborate body kit, bolt up some
fancy suspension and call it a day, which really isn’t the case at all. In fact, the only thing the Raptor shares
with its standard F150 brethren is the cab itself. Everything else is completely unique. Now, that muscled up body, and fancy suspension
does ride on a unique frame and the super cab, short bed truck is what we’re in right
now. And that features a 133-inch frame. This is only available in a Raptor configuration. And underneath that new frame, of course,
you’ll find an abundance of armor to protect all the truck vitals. In fact, Chief Engineer of Ford Performance
Jamal Hameedi said this thing features an abundance of high-strength steel, reinforced
shock mounts so you can get pretty crazy off-road, in addition to a lot more bolstering, kind
of between the bed and door area, which is a known weak spot for these things. We’re thrashing it now man. So, Jamal, so far, so good. But without a doubt, the star of the Raptor,
of course, is the suspension, just like the previous generation. And once again, it just really separates this
truck from any other F-150 or any other truck on the road for that matter. Ford Performance and Fox Racing teamed up
yet again to come up with an even crazier creation this time around compared to the
last generation Raptor, featuring 44% more capacity than that previous generation Raptor’s
components. Now, this all starts with a massive three-inch
shock featuring nine levels of internal bypass or zoning which allows you to get pretty crazy
off-road like we’re doing now and a ton of travel. Again, 13 inches up front, nearly 14 inches
in the rear, these are just ridiculous numbers, allows you to get pretty dumb off-road and
also allows you to run desert terrain at speeds previously reserved for trophy trucks. Let’s see what this new suspension can really
do, shall we? All right, get this puddle here. Oh boy, hold on. Yeah. It can go through puddles pretty good. Oh Lord, wipers work pretty well. This place is pretty rutted out, and we’re
definitely testing that suspension and the travel. Holy Hell. This is a lot of fun. I gotta get me one of these things man. Well, we just made short work of this pretty
deep, rutted out trails. Honestly, this thing barely is breaking a
sweat. All these levels of internal bypass and zoning
allow for a comfortable, almost sporty ride while on the road. And that final ninth level of internal bypassing
actually acts as like an internal bump stop, preventing these things from bottoming out
while on the road or on the trail. Now does this mean you can buy one of these
things right off the showroom floor and enter it into a jumping contest? Well, not exactly, but it does mark a huge
step forward for a factory-produced truck, and it does allow you to get pretty crazy
off-road. Well, we came, we saw, and we pretty much
drove over every damn thing in sight. And as expected, the 2017 Raptor is really
nothing short of amazing. Now, the sad part is, most Raptor owners out
there will probably never see anything more than pavement, which is a damn shame because
this thing really is incredible off-road. And if that is the case, hand me your keys
and I will promptly Baja mode my way to jail. Now, guys, you have to thrash in this thing,
you have to be tough on it because then, you really know where your money goes. Or you can just sit and kinda stare at it
too which is what I’m about to do right now. Well, guys, that’s gonna wrap up this episode
of Hot Lap and my review here of course of the Raptor. I had a blast getting this thing a little
muddy, and it really is an awesome machine if you can get past the noise of course. And we wanna hear from you guys. Drop us a comment wherever you’re reading
this and let us know what you think of the Raptor and the review. Don’t forget guys, we are splitting Hot Lap
into two different episodes now, so you’re getting two per month. Next episode will feature Stephs build
I know you guys have been waiting for that one, and it is going to be getting a little
faster, but that’s all I’ll say for now. But for now, thanks guys for reading and
for all things Mustang, F-150, and Raptor, keep it right here at americanmuscle.com.

Gallery of 2018 Ford Raptor Towing Capacity Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price