Addictive Desert Designs Graphics Ford Raptor Matte Truck Wrap 2018 Ford Raptor Graphics Package
Addictive Desert Designs Graphics Ford Raptor Matte Truck Wrap 2018 Ford Raptor Graphics Package

2018 Ford Raptor Graphics Package Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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Well, guys, this one’s pretty simple. If you own a 2015 or newer F-150 and you want
a cool body length L stripe to make your truck look fast standing still, you’ve definitely
found it. Our vinyls are very easy to place even though
they’re big. So I’m gonna give this install one out of
three wrenches on our difficulty meter, and it should take you about an hour to do both
sides. Now, this vinyl is matte black, and it starts
underneath your mirror and it ends up at your wheel well. So it’ll blend in nicely with your existing
body lines and trim. It definitely looks like it came off a special
edition truck, and it’ll also be a creative way of covering up any door dings or paint
chips. Our vinyl is all cut from pretty thick four-mil
wrapping cast, which does very well outdoors.

So this should last at least eight years without
fading or peeling or falling off. Now, at $99, again, you are getting what you
pay for. You could find some cheaper vinyl elsewhere,
but it won’t be precut or molded like this one is, and that cheaper stuff will definitely
not last. This vinyl can actually go through the car
wash. It can stand up to rain, snow, and road salt,
and whatever you throw your truck through, and it’s not gonna peel off. It’s definitely better to invest in the good
stuff once than having to repeatedly buy cheap vinyl after a couple of months. That’s just my humble opinion. Now, with all that said, install, again, is
pretty straightforward, one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. So let’s head over to our install bay, and
I’ll show you guys how to adhere this to your truck. For this install, you will need the following
tools: a soap and water mixture, an included squeegee, an X-Acto knife, a pair of scissors,
and optional but certainly helpful, a pen marker or crayon, and some painters tape. All right. So installing this vinyl is relatively easy
despite how large it is. First things first, you’re gonna wanna cut
the vinyl so that you have either side separated. And before you get started, you wanna make
sure you wipe down your truck. Make sure that that paint is free of any particulates,
any contaminants, any grease, any oil. That’s gonna make the vinyl not adhere well. So you just wanna make sure your truck is
nice and clean and dry. All right, once we have both of our vinyl
pieces separated, we’re gonna make it even easier on ourselves.

We’re gonna cut off all this excess 3M backing

That’s gonna make it easier to maneuver the
vinyl once you start putting it on the truck. As with our vinyl trimmed up, we’re gonna
go ahead and get the side of our truck all nice and wet so that we can start applying
our vinyl. With a vinyl this big, it’s gonna jump from
the cab to the bed. There’s a big gap in between there where you’re
gonna have to cut. Now, you can try and apply the vinyl as one
piece and then cut it once you’ve squeegeed it out. That’s kind of difficult. So, what I’m actually gonna do is mock up
exactly where I want my vinyl to sit and then I’m gonna make the cuts that I need separating
the vinyl into those respective pieces. All right. Now comes the tricky part of any vinyl, making
sure your surface and the vinyl itself is sufficiently wetted down. Now, you wanna use a soap and water mixture. You wanna use very little soap. You don’t wanna have too much in there or
it could ruin the adhesion on the actual vinyl itself. Generally speaking, you wanna fill up one
of these standard sized water bottles and use one drop of soap. That’s all you need. So again, we’re gonna wet down the truck itself. We’re gonna peel our vinyl off of our backing
tape. We’re gonna spray the vinyl as we’re peeling
it, and then we’re gonna apply to the vehicle. Once you apply it to the vehicle, you should
be able to move it around as long as everything’s wet enough. Then once you like where it sets, you can
squeegee it out and it will stay where you want it to.

All right. So at this point, you wanna lightly press
down on the vinyl. Make sure that it’s flat with no wrinkles
in it. As you’re pressing down on your vinyl, take
note of where all the edges are.

You wanna make sure none of that’s on the
black trim. You wanna make sure every inch of vinyl is
adhered to the paint itself. Once you’re happy with where it is and it’s
lined up, you can take your squeegee, start squeegeeing out from the center towards the
edges to get rid of all that water. All right. Once you’re happy with where the vinyl is
sitting and you’ve gotten all that excess water out from underneath, you’re gonna let
this sit for a minute. That’s gonna give the adhesion time to actually
adhere to the truck and the vinyl itself. Then once we’ve let it sat for a little bit
and we can feel that it’s nice and tight on there, we’re gonna spray the pre-masking tape
on the back with our soap and water mixture and then we can peel this piece off, and we
can start working on our other sections. All right. Now that we’ve allowed our vinyl to sit and
dry, it’s time for us to peel off this masking tape on the back. You’re gonna wanna wet it down with that same
soap and water mixture. Let it sit for maybe a minute or two and then
you can start to carefully peel the vinyl off. You don’t wanna peel away. You wanna try and peel directly against it. That way you’re not gonna have the vinyl itself
coming up with the masking tape.

This is generally how it’s supposed to go. All right. Once you’ve peeled off that masking tape,
you might see some bubbles inside of your vinyl. It’s perfectly okay. Go ahead and grab your squeegee and just very
carefully press those bubbles out.

All right.

So we got most of the larger bubbles and water
spots out from underneath the vinyl. If there are still some left, don’t worry
about it. These do have air channels built in. And once you get these out in the sun, let
it sit for a little bit, those little air bubbles will naturally work their way out
as well. All right. So with our main section applied to the truck,
that’s honestly the hardest part. Now we just have to get these other two pieces
lined up on the rest of the truck’s body and bed. Make sure you line them up with the vinyl
that we already applied, and we’re gonna follow the same steps. We’re just gonna wipe our truck down. Gonna wet it up nice and good. We’re gonna peel the backing off of here and
apply it just like we did with that first piece. All right. So as this piece is drying, we’re gonna go
ahead and trace out our last piece. This one has to be split between just in front
of the fender flare and just behind it. What I’m gonna do, I’m gonna trace it out
roughly, give it a nice cut so I can tuck it underneath here, and I’m gonna do the same
for the other side. So once you’ve peeled those last pieces of
backing tape off of the pieces on the bed, go ahead and double-check that all your vinyl
is adhering, especially on the lips where your bed meets your cab. If you have problems with those pieces coming
off, a little bit of heat from a heat gun or a blow dryer should fix that. Other than that, that actually wraps up my
review and install of the matte black side graphic fitting your ’15 through ’18 F-150. I’m Travis. Thanks for reading. And for all things F-150, keep it right here

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