Ford Raptor F 150 Scribbles Drips 2018 Ford Raptor Changes
Ford Raptor F 150 Scribbles Drips 2018 Ford Raptor Changes

2018 Ford Raptor Changes Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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Hey guys, Craig from Legacy Ford in Fernie. Today, we’re going to show you how to change a tire. A little unusual but some of us need to get out there we don’t have the system. I’m going to show you how to change the tire on my girlfriend’s ’16 F-150. Don’t tell her she doesn’t know I’m not doing this. First of all, we need to get the tools we need all the equipment. Back here, behind the passenger rear seat is all of our equipment. So, all of it, I’ll lay that on the ground so you know exactly what we need. First, is the funnel, it’s a fueling funnel. So if you need to fuel the vehicle with a Jerrycan that’s what you need. You don’t need that. Then we have our bars, back in the lug nuts. There are three individual bars. Two and three. Then we need our jack. And then, here in my pocket I have the key for the locking wheel nut which will go right there. This is all we need, plus we need our keys.

Come with me around the back and we’ll get started. To access, in the Lariat model which is what we have here we need to get the actual key over to the fob. Right there. That’s what we need to access our spare. Okay, now I can access that spare. I’ll be right back. So, we connect. Simply, there’s a nipple right there, push down. And we’re connected.

And then, right in. This goes right in the slot.

And it will lock right there. That goes on, and then simply. And all we’re doing is we’re wheeling down our spare tire right now. You got a wide view there. You can see the spare tire dropping to the ground. Giving me lots of room. Perfect. Okay. Now we have a spare tire on the ground. That’s our catch. There’s my spare. That’s it, nice and ready. And then before we jack it up we want to break the lock nuts. Put it on there. And, read my cross pattern. One is off. So you don’t need a ton of force.

150 feet pounds on these pieces.

Make sure that key is right in there before you try to turn it.

Okay. So, all nice and loose. Perfect. Okay. Now we can work on our hitch. We don’t need it all the way down so we’re going to move it up a little bit right now to get us some access. And then. My camera crew, if you want to come with me way to the back here we’ll try to give you the best view possible of where we’re going to place this. So here we go. Here it is. It goes right by the axle here. There’s lot of saddle on the hitch. Turn the jack. Can you see, we need a bit of room so you can jack it up a bit more. As far to the settings as possible. You have that saddle snug up right on there.

So that’s where you want it. Okay. Now I’ll get the rest of my tools. Last but not the least is, I attach the hook the long end. And I can place that through what I was turning on. And then like I said, jacking away. And now, if you can scroll low you can see that clearance in my bottom tire. I’m clear to pull that tire off now. Just loosen them. These are all hand-thread. If they’re not hand-thread, they won’t take a lock. So won’t affect your jack. Keep all your parts together, very important. Everything else off the way. One tire off. The spare. Just in there. Definitely not an easy job Helps if you have two people. And then, nut bolts go on. lug nuts. I’m just pushing against each corner of the tire as I tighten it. Here we go. And then when we’re tightening I’ll leave that a little loose. Right here. Just hand tighten it as much as you can. And then you do the final tightening when you’re on the actual ground. So, I’m just going to wheel it down now. Here we go, jack’s loose, truck is on the ground. Now I can tighten these up. I don’t know but it’s about 150 foot pounds. So if you weigh 150 pounds requires your body weight. I believe mine is 150. Then, lastly your locking wheel nut. And you get to go, guys. Spare goes in the trunk all else in the bed of the truck. And you’re off for a little bit of time. Full sized spare in F-150s. Running your vehicle might be a little donut but take this to your nearest service station get it fixed, and you’re on the road. Have a great day.

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