Ford Ranchero Gt Pick Up 1970 In An Exceptional Beautiful Shape 2018 Ford Ranchero
Ford Ranchero Gt Pick Up 1970 In An Exceptional Beautiful Shape 2018 Ford Ranchero

2018 Ford Ranchero Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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don’t kill us before our adventure even starts I’m Freiburger that’s Finnegan and this is our second attempt at trying
to get to alaska Ranchero take-two fourteen months ago we build that ranchero in a week and hit the road attempting to go to the ice races in Alaska
and we failed right here in arimo Idaho this is the very spot where I broke the window in the car and we had
to give up nowhere near alaska’s at and at the end of that episode this
thing really had its tongue hanging out it had been overheated a bunch of times had a lot of issues but we just parked
the car for a whole year started working on it about a month ago we set the engine down to fat racing engines they re-rigged and bearinged for us and then throw it back in the car and
probably just got a running day before yesterday seats still saggy come on baby we’re dead going to Alaska good start right yesterday we left the El Segundo California which is where the Hot Rod Magazine offices and slowly
found our way to cedar city utah we were having two tuner tune problems one is with the
mechanical advanced curve in the distributors and another was with the
carburetor being too lean and last night we killed a lot of time having to run
around to uh pepboys and autozone and a pepboys speed shop try to find it a little jets
and springs to fix we finally got that sorted out now that we’re here
last year’s sort of failure point we think we got this sorted out ready to go this is the window to my soul we had no
way to seal of the car other than the duct tape this in the place which meant
we had no way to see out of this and i way to safely drive the bomber it’s completely covered in
snow i was going to go look for the freeze plug hawked over there cus I bet it’s still sitting there look
at the cushion we have for the window now so i can close the door with confidence we’re miles ahead of that now we’re stuck easy easy it’s stuck O God come on baby no we’re stuck come on girl yeah yes got it ok I would have to verbally kick you in the nuts for getting us stuck on flat ground there’s the gas station look out maybe we should get on the highway now ok lets go we’re further than we’ve ever been in the ranchero closer to Alaska than ever so really if it blows up right no it’s a victory that we won we have a complete window and we’ve gone another two miles leaving from our office in california we
have nine days to cover thirty seven hundred miles all the way to alaska we took off from the gas station in arimo idaho on saturday which gave us exactly a week to get the Big Lake Alaska were we had to be at a ice race on sunday morning were about three hours from Great Falls Montana
which is just on the side of the border of Canada
so we’re really close and I’m putting some more air in our air shocks because ours are leaking every few hours we stop puts more air in it so we can carry all the weight of all the the junk we got in the bed of the car we are gonna head to Great Falls Montana yeah it’s another five hours if nothing happens there’s nothing goes
wrong yeah midnight sure visibility is about six or seven inches right
now the snow is so thick and gnarly coming down at you the car has got a gangster lean right now so all six of the lights are aimed up so all I’m getting is just snow their not really hitting the road so hopefully we can
adjust some down far enough to counteract it backwards lean of the car I’m really glad we got these lights tho they’re IPF fog lights and big beams tho we’ve been in California Arizona utah Idaho now Montana we got to get this done so we can get far enough tonight so that we can get
into canada tomorrow Ranchero looking good i don’t know if you’re aware this as
scientific fact when it’s ten degrees outside the connecting rod actually
shrinks and closes up the clearance a little and you don’t need any oil it’s rumor like that you know internet’s a fad thing so we’re going to go because we don’t have any oil where did it go it leaks of course it leaks but all of it I don’t know how low as it was shows
absolutely nothing on the stick that stick is kind of a quitter probably oil in there but not as much as you’d like to see lifters clattered to okay probably needs a little bit of oil the ranchero is powered by a small block ford it’s based on a dart block it’s three hundred and sixty three cubic
inches it made like four hundred and fifty horsepower and it has a gear star
C4 automatic transmission in it the reason it’s all lettered up the way it
is is that Hot Rod Magazine entered the the very first baja one thousand race
in 1967 in a car just like this letter did like this and won their class
so this is kind of a tribute to that today we’re gonna attempts to cross the
border if the if canadians is gonna let us in I
have plenty of denim to get in I think just go I love moose head and they’ll pass us right through I hope strange route is my favorite movie thats all that matters to those people Americans are jerks 215 here we go still going north right yeah Canada is still north of here alright I just wanted to make sure they didn’t move it out of spite we do have to read for ice now though like that right there these tires are though tires are definitely better than the car wish we had the dog 3600 miles with a pit bull in the cab I haven’t been barfed on yet it would’ve keep you warm tho we’re five hours from the Canadian border right now we’re five hours away from potentially
being told ha ha you can’t come in our country dumb asses last time i went they took every single bag out and looked through it leave you sex toys at home then no i hope that uh. when they impound your
vehicle and search it they do that inside of a building where it’s warm not outside when they sit you out on the curb can they actually your vehicle because
at that point 55 custom at point you’re crossing the border you’re not across the board and it’s still our car it’s still our country at that point right you say that to them no damn it this is our country and our car I want to know where the border is show me a line because I’m on this side if it bitch climbing the hills back here it needs enough throttle but it’s actually pinging a little so tune on it again this will be the second time we’ve
re-jetted the carburetor but the first time we’ve riched up the
secondaries is which helped a lot fortunately i don’t have an even bigger
jet to put in secondary so we’re going to have to put it in the primaries which means our gas milage will drop whats the claim 71’s were good perfect so we’re gonna throws my 73’s in you have 76’s do you yeah let just go big what to alright I’ll just go ahead and throw those
everywhere feel like we’ve gotten gas about a hundred times
and it’s time to do it again because we’re running out again well this is Roadkill and uh. we don’t believe in gas gauges or trailers and this is Roadkill so we tend to put unleaded fuel in yellow jugs marked for diesel you wasting it a little sir yes why don’t we fix the leaky parts so that when you get back in the car I don’t smell you ok your free to take over no no no you fix the leaky part that’s gonna smell great for the next twenty
four hundred miles I do love me some lava is it cold yeah it’s a little chilly ah that’s cold wow wow that was cold I can’t feel a thing I’ll just get that plastic bottle are you done with your soap great I’ll get that too the strange thing about driving that car
on this trip is that to us it’s a thing of beauty and but once you get
close to a border that you’re trying to cross suddenly all of our flaws starts sticking
out and you realize this is the sketches car
on the road today we were sick of stopping to fill up the air shocks so we took a little volt compressor
and put it inside the cabin ran a hose all the way out to the filler on the
shocks plugged into the cigarette lighter so that we could fill the air shocks is
we’re driving down road which was cool except it looks really really
rigged especially as you’re about to cross the border into Canada so the guy in the bullet proof vest standing between us and
canada we look like drug smugglers they pulled us into this building and slammed
the door they ripped our whole car apart after getting strip searched for like a hour they let us send in obviously did not
talk to Australia before they made that decision clunk thats normal that’s clunking I think the starter is falling out ok yeah it’s not loose it’s fallen off full on I think like a bolt is missing O it’s bad really what are the odds we find SAE bolts in the land of poppy sticks and
maple syrup I didn’t think of that that regular bolts here they must I have no idea uh.

and now we don’t have bitchen
iphone find the auto part store deal anymore either thats right we’re still at the hotel maybe they know well lets jack it up maybe its still in there hopefully the border patrol agent didn’t take our tools bolts here ah thank God the clocking came loose not the bolt you to have to clock it take the starter out and then tighten it so we have to take it off I think so I going to disconnect the battery so you don’t kill yourself where’s the fun in that my first impression in Canada it’s a like american but metric at the border they actually treated us like this was a foreign
country they didn’t realize this is just america north they were full on waterboarding some
guy with maple syrup in the other room I don’t know what that that guy but it was bad
there were pummeling celine dion music and hockey sticks wow I can see where the steers been rubbing it that’s why it was loose so I hopped under the car pulled the starter
off tighten it up put it back together in now we’re good to go we’re gonna try and make it all the
way to Dawson Creek today which is start of the alcan highway you’re naughty you’re naughty you want to run come on baby twenty degrees and a carburetor not always the best messing with the choke you can do it belt squeek no starter good to go we’re rolling in canada one morning in this
guy in a pulls up next us and he recognizes us which blows us away and says guess we’re internationally famous the numbers are useless but the icons on these signs are amazing look at that one and you can sleep our have sex your choice or ride a wheel chair sleep sex ride a wheel chair they go out of their way to explain every possible thing you can do off of every exit here i appreciate that if you swin you’ll get run over by a boat and they lay you on a picnic table and run you over with a trailer that was a tent being run over by a trailer the cops here on horses yeah the mounties we got to see a mountie before we go let get into a medium speed chase with a canadian mountie he only has one horsepower we’ll beat him but what if it’s like forty of them
together is that 40 horsepower you’ll never guess what I bought a party dude no way and we’re going fishing cus we’re in canada what is it the fourth of july every day here
what this thing got heft that’s nothing but the good stuff there’s no snakes or sparklers in
this is just mortars that’s awesome and i got oil cus I figured we’re out again we’re going to jail totally going to jail how much was it the oil the uh. go fish and the party were
three hundred thirty dollars yeah i’ve spent all of our money wow that is definitely the party if we run out of money at least we can signal for help silver
fairy what’s that one about cherry blaster crazy aces ah look at that one fatal attraction fatal attraction good one right there that’s gotta a good omen to it you can never eat too many donuts or do too many donuts in your automobile and when you make a major breakthrough like crossing the border from the US to Canada you’ve gotta celebrate even more donuts first beaver we seen this whole trip our trip has begun since we’ve seen the beav car is running good we are riding dirty tho cus you’re
right it’s state law or international law
that we have our lights now right now we don’t not only we don’t have head lights we don’t have break lights either we live dangerously why don’t we drive until it’s like twenty degrees colder than it is right now and then we’ll fix the wiring how cold is it right now thirty six and a half thirty-six thats not bad at all I think we’re like thirty miles from the allcane yep Dawson Creek and that’s where shits about to get real part of my mission with this trip was to
cover the whole alcan highway this road was built in world war two by
the US Army in conjunction with the Canadian government and the whole point
was to be able to transfer a munitions of oil and people all the way up into Alaska
were they were worried the Japanese would attack now it’s paved almost the whole way so
it’s not as tough as it used to be aside from the weather conditions but still
it’s one of those bucket list things that you gotta do you’ve gotta run the Alcan alright Ranchero don’t fail us find out if it breaks and catches fire by the time we get to the bottom this is a really narrow road to be driving on at the same time as these logging trucks that bridge there was built in 1942 and it’s the last of the
original wooden bridges that is still standing why does it look like aliens blew a
giant hole of creator in this thing maybe the bridge is there to deflect your attention away from the fact
that there’s a spaceship buried in that dirt hill right there all right then moving on funny thing is we’re like two thousand
miles into the trip and Finnegan goes who do we talk to when we get to the ice race I don’t know i didn’t talk to the guy we have no idea what the ice race is
really about we figure we should probably call the guys who’s running the thing and figure out whats up hey is TJ there hey TJ it’s Mike Finnegan from Hot Rod Magazine how are you doing I’m good and yourself not too bad not too bad we’re going ice racing we hope so I have a question uh when we get there will the lake be frozen enough where I don’t die were they really heavy cars you
know like heavier than a Ranchero cadillacs fell in right not a ranchero is this a circle oval or a road course with
left and right turns yeah cool we’re bringing you a quality race vehicle
let me tell you I’m worried that we’re not going to get back to
the states with all the fireworks we bought so we had to find ourselves a big clearing and blow these things up before we crossed the border this is perfect theres a house over there what’s the plan like light them all off at the same time or milk it lets just do them all at once blaze of glory all of them warning shoots flaming balls this is an angle firework face this side towards spectators for best viewing an angle firework for used by adults we better go find some they will shoot towards that way towards the
house which is perfect little farther away from the car the go fish is staged yeah that looks totally safe you really want to do all of these at
once i want a total chaos and i want to go
fishing and i want to have a party all the same time definitely pack up our tarpon everything you ready to run yeah essentially be ready to run you set those up I’ll get the car packed we’re setting up these fireworks so that we can light more than one at the same
time by putting the fuses next to each other here comes lights you want to turn off the cameras turn off the
cameras that’s fine is just a big gas truck one more time I need something that’ll stay burning so i can
light all the fuse is that i’m thinking gasoline does that there we go ok i’m thinking that works what’s our plan I think what we should do is
we should both light and go ready go so that you’re not getting yours lit way
before i’ve got my lit thats why I didn’t want to use the lighter it’s cold ok ready go i screwed that up thats cool rad were not even in Alaska yet and I’m claiming victory wow America that is pro right there we bought these at a gas station look at them glow what where are the lights did you turn them off I didn’t touch them we should probably think about getting
out here uh. is it that wire again yeah remember the blinking blinking
it’s dead you know what this has been a pretty big
victory we made it farther than we ever have in the ranchero suffered a lot
broke down on some fireworks still got a thousand miles to go next time on Roadkill its more Ranchaero more
doughnuts more fixing junk in the middle no where and yes more Alaska flannel on flannel I feel like superman at the very lease I’m officially canadian now
but I can top that I’m hockey ready ready I couldn’t go to Canada without the took it even says canada you look canadian now good to go your ready to cut down some trees or
salmon fish or something I like the pippi longstocking action here tie that together it will be cute is that what your suppose to do how’s this for a look that’s good you look like a over grown christmas tree lets pack up and get the flock outta
here .

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