Greenlight 2011 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor 2018 Hot 2018 Ford Police Interceptor
Greenlight 2011 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor 2018 Hot 2018 Ford Police Interceptor

2018 Ford Police Interceptor Review, Price And Specification

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ever wonder what it was like to get up
close and personal with a police car well we’re here at the Auto Show with
Ford’s updated police interceptor utility which is based on the Explorer
so get ready for a detailed look at this car probably the closest look you can get
without breaking the law first now four introduce the interceptor utility in
2012 and company claims it takes a fifty-five percent of all law
enforcement vehicles now so probably an all too familiar sight if you’re someone
who frequently speeds blacked out grill here with lights embedded in it behind
the grill is either a 3.7 liter v6 or an EcoBoost twin turbo v6 both developed
according to testing specifications from Michigan State Police and the LA County
Sheriff’s Department now the front doors in the police
interceptor utility can have armor plating that started up to 40 pounds per
door and can be suspect all the way up to enough to stop an ar-15 or ak-47
round let’s see what’s inside now Ford has a
much lower center console here in the interceptor utility than it does in the
Explorer in part because the gear shift from the Explorer that was on the
console is actually moved up to a column amount of gear shift right here now this whole area right here has been
designed so police officers can take all their equipment from say a crown
victoria police cruiser and plug it all back in right here with no need to
change any equipment for it says that’s because a lot of police officers have
the same equipment that they move between multiple cars you obviously have a lot of controls for
lights down here and for is all about trying to keep your eyes on the road and
your hands on the wheel the company says and so it’s got auxiliary buttons here
that you can plug in things to the center stack and have controls do
whatever you wanted them to do from the steering wheel now for it says there’s
an available surveillance mode in the police interceptor utility to mitigate
people sneaking up on the back while an officer is writing things down or
concentrating on their computer something else like that so it actually
sent somebody coming up and back will automatically roll up all of your
windows and lock the doors and then you probably want to tell them to step away
from the vehicle now the partition between the front
seats and the rear seats in the police interceptor utility actually has a
breakaway panels up here for it says in case the curtain airbags have to deploy
these break away so the curtains can do their thing the front seats also have metal plates
in them to resist any sort of stabbing attempts between people in the back seat
and officers sitting up front needless to say hopefully this is the
only time you ever have to see the backseat of a police car alright guys I’m gonna need some help
back here yeah .

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