2018 Ford F 150 Platinum Interior Side Photo 219386114 Ford 2018 Ford Platinum
2018 Ford F 150 Platinum Interior Side Photo 219386114 Ford 2018 Ford Platinum

2018 Ford Platinum Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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Hey guys David Ross general sales
manager at Woodridge Ford Deerfoot and Douglas Dale this is where Calgary comes
for Ford and this is where you come if you want a 2018 platinum f150 I’ve got
it all decaled up with a bunch of the stuff that you’ll find that is unique
only to the Ford pickup trucks compared to some of the competitors in the
marketplace LED headlights now these headlights are both top bottom and fogs
for 2018 this right here it’s 470
foot-pounds of torque on an EcoBoost motor you get three motor choices in
this truck. On top of it it’s a 10 speed automatic transmission heated steering
wheels stop start massaging seats on a platinum, keyless entry right here smart
entry just touch this and it opens the door you can start this vehicle with a
cell phone if you want, it’s two way remote start on this thing here they’re
keys push button start once you get in there. Apple, Android car play on top of
it this particular model has twin panel sunroofs it has the technology package
that gets you a 360 degree tie-in camera maximum trailer tow on this thing it’s
an extra heavy duty receiver hitch on the back and adaptive cruise so it has
collision avoidance warning system and adaptive cruise the biggest Headroom out
there biggest legroom out there look at this power deploying boards I’ll go ahead an unlock’er there, I’ll unlock the truck
power deploying running board and they’re exactly where you want them when
boards pop in and pop out look at the interior this thing goes to choice of
colors and tears black or a nice brown when that’s in there as well too wicked
wicked truck on to of it here we have a 5 foot 5 box on this truck you can get a 6 foot 5
box so there’s two box choices we have wheel liners inside there big 20 inch
aluminum rims now take a look at the thing on the back here you can unlock
the tailgate from this key if you want so it drops down factory Spray bedliners
tailgate step that’s in there as well too you can hit this little button up
pops out goes down so if you want to get up in that is simple that is easy on top of tit here heated back seats there is heated seats in the rear plus there’s a 12-volt uh charging system there’s a wall plug and
as well to two USB ports in the back with a load flat floor you
just pop that up and get in boxes in and out
there’s lane-keeping on this thing as well to so it detects as well too if you’re
floating and drifting between lanes Wi-Fi hot spots this is awesome this is
what attracts all about its the platinum f150 2018 with all the new redesigned
front and if you want to see trucks the way they should look when they’re dolled
up with big tires and lift kits I’ve got one here with a two and a half inch lift
I got one down here with a four inch lift kit This is the new Lariat, this is the new Atlas Edition trucks big tires big lifts
this is Woodridge this is where Calgary comes for Ford hope to see you soon.

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