Igcd Net Ford Pinto In Forza Motorsport 4 2018 Ford Pinto
Igcd Net Ford Pinto In Forza Motorsport 4 2018 Ford Pinto

2018 Ford Pinto Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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Announcing the new Pinto three-door
runabout. Pure Pinto back to back. Pinto is built to go and go and go see the new Pinto three-door runabout at your Ford dealer. Packs more fun, packs more fun, packs more fun, packs more fun than any little import. The Pinto,
also known as the "Widow maker", is one of the most infamous vehicles
ever produced. With over 200 fatalities, the Pinto proved to be the perfect
example of failed engineering, corporate greed and unethical business practices
all wrapped into one. The company responsible for the sudden loss of
confidence in the American auto industry was Ford Motor Company.First we need to head back 50 years: to 1968.

By then an invasion of foreign-made
goods began dominating the US auto industry. Detroit was in a panic as the
Japanese began to gobble up more and more of the subcompact auto market. Meet the companies then President Lee Iacocca. Lee was a calculating intelligent
ambitious and ruthless executive. Okay, I read the research. You know what I
think? I think America’s getting an inferiority complex about Japan. Now
that’s gotta stop. The truth is we’ve got advantages over the Japanese in every
car we make, but nobody knows. We’ve got more performance cars or more four-wheel drives and more turbos! And who’s done more about safety than we have? That
statement still haunts Lee Iacocca till this very day.

He pushed for the board to
green-light the Pinto program and by August 1968 it was under way. The Pinto,
also known as Lee’s car, would have aggressive targets. Lee demanded it be no more than 2,000 pounds not a penny over $2,000 and rushed the
delivery deadline to just 25 months. As the combination of fast and cheap rarely results in perfection, the Pinto emerged after an accelerated two-year
development cycle deeply flawed. In order to create more interior room, the Pinto
used a steel fuel tank located behind the rear axle and in front of the rear
bumper. There were pros and cons to this design. The pro: the Pinto’s gas tank was far less likely to intrude into the cabin space in the event of a rear collision.
The con: the fuel tank of the Pinto would rupture and rear collisions involving
speeds as low as 25 miles per hpur. In a crash, the rear axle housing
would make contact with the fuel tank. Combined with the fuel filler neck
design, this would lead to fuel spillage both inside and outside the cabin and
ultimately fire. The first high-profile accident highlighting this fatal design
flaw occurred in May 1972 when a Pinto carrying Lily gray and her 13-year old
neighbor Richard Grimshaw were struck from behind at an estimated speed of 30 miles per hpur. Upon collision, its fuel tank
ruptured killing gray and leaving Grimshaw with third-degree burns over
90% of his body. Miraculously, the boy survived but his injuries required over
60 surgeries. Unfortunately, the carnage does not stop there. On the afternoon of
August 10th 1978, outside of Elkhart Indiana, three teen girls stopped for gas
on their way to a volleyball game. The driver was Judy yours and her cousin
Donna and her younger sister Lynn were also
passengers. They were in a 1973 Pinto. At the gas station the girls accidentally
left the gas cap on the roof of their car and after a mile or so was slipped
off and rolled across the road Judy decided to slow down there was a high
curb alongside the highway so pulling off the road was impossible she got out
and she put on her emergency flashers coming down the road behind them was a
van driven by a 21 year old man named Robert Duggar as they reached for
another cigarette he took his eyes off the road when he looked up the Pinto was
10 feet in front of him he could not stop in time a Pinto exploded
massive fire pit shards of glass scattered in every direction the car
spun around and around stopping a hundred and fifty feet from the point of
impact the fire almost reached 1,300 degrees melting the sunglasses around
lens eyes you see where the fats burned see polyester shirt very modern our Lynn
and Donna were killed instantly judy lay in the grass with burns over 95% of her
body the last words help me please help me she died eight hours later needless to say the results were not
encouraging in both accidents Fort was brought to trial and in both cases was
found not criminally liable for the deaths further ex aspirating the problem
was a 1977 article of Mother Jones an article that was published called Pinto
madness the piece referred to Pinto as a firetrap and a lethal car and cited 500
to 900 fatal Pinto fires the report exposed forth internal documents stated
all the way back to 1970 proving that the company knew about the potential
problem the company knew that the fuel tank created a serious risk of fire so
engineering teams proposed solutions one was to borrow a design Ford use in its
Capri a tank that said above the axle and out of the way management’s attitude
was to get the product out of the door as fast as possible so Ford did a
cost-benefit analysis to fix the problems it would cost an additional $11
per vehicle and Ford weighed at $11 against the projected injury claims for
severe burns repair costs claim rate and mortality including the engineering the
production delays and the parts for 10 thousands of cars the total would have
been approximately 113 million dollars Ford value to human life at about
$200,000 but damage payouts were only cost 49 million so Ford said fuck it and
the fix was next and the pin when the production that year of
September 1974 years no one thought to verify if any of the sensationalistic
data on Pinto crashes was true but in November 1990 Gary T Swartz a professor
at the UCLA School of Law published an article titled the myth of the Ford
Pinto case perhaps the most illuminating data comes from the NHTSA fatality rates
per million vehicles for 1975 and 1976 in the published chart the Pinto is
responsible for 298 deaths per million cars in 1975 making it on par with the
Chevrolet Vega that had 288 deaths and the Datsun 510 that had 294 deaths but
considerably safer than the Toyota Corolla with 333 deaths the VW Beetle
that had 378 deaths and the Datsun 210 that had a whopping 392 deaths per
million cars for the year of 1975 that’s almost a hundred more looking at this
data one could assume that the Pinto was less or the same amount of dangerous but
suppose that we focus on the subset of accidents involving fire if we just take
a look at that subset we finally see a pattern which is to say that they may
have been as safe or safer than other cars in most respects but a lot less
safe in the exploding fireball category so if the statistics showed a clear
issue with the pintos fuel tank and the company knew about it why was nothing
done to understand this let’s take another look at another company Toyota
and Toyotas acceleration problems in 2009 and 2010 these issues all follow
the template created by the Pinto case forty years ago the company knows about
a problem and doesn’t fix it why not one of the problems facing the company
was sticky accelerator pedals drivers would take their foot off the
accelerator and in a small number of cases the pedal wouldn’t spring back up
immediately therefore cases in Europe were brought
to Toyota’s attention the company determined that under conditions of high
heat or humidity the synthetic material used in part of the pedal mechanism was
degrading slightly the primary concern was determining if sticky pedals
affected the ability of drivers to stop their vehicles this question is the
hidden factor around which much of the subsequent controversy revolved if the
sticky pedals kept drivers from stopping or materially increased the amount of
time required to bring a car to a halt then the sticky pedals were clearly a
safety defect and required immediate corrective action if on the other hand
braking performance was unaffected by the sticky pedals then the engineers
felt the pedals were not a safety defect but a consumer satisfaction and
component reliability issue what did the engineers find when the pedals stuck it
made no difference how quickly the car can be brought to a stop the brakes were
powerful enough to override the problem if applied with sufficient force then
they looked at the federal accident database and learned that there had been
no crash credited to a sticky accelerator pedal the system was in
their mind sufficiently tolerant of imperfection they decided against an
immediate recall choosing instead to redesign the part and introduce it in
new model lines the public saw things very differently what if an
inexperienced driver found his car behaving unexpectedly a panicked to be
engineer the car sits somewhere on the gradient of acceptability to the public
the car status is binary it’s broken or it’s working it’s flawed or it’s
functional looking at the Toyota example we now see what Ford engineers saw with
the Pinto gas tank issue the Pinto was right in the middle of the pack and at
most slightly worse than average and from an engineering standpoint this
makes sense but with the loss of life and the particular way that people lost
their lives in a fiery iron coffin made the pintos imperfection highly
unacceptable I’m Jeff from modern muscle two and three
and this is the truth about the Ford Pinto now guys just ask yourself what
fatal flaws do you think your car company is hiding from you it could be
anything drive safely my friends and who’s done
more about safety than we have Americans just don’t understand the quality of our
cars we got to get people to wake up to the truth .

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