2018 Mustang Order Guide Including Gt350 Gt350r 2015 Mustang 2018 Ford Order Guide
2018 Mustang Order Guide Including Gt350 Gt350r 2015 Mustang 2018 Ford Order Guide

2018 Ford Order Guide Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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Hey, what’s up, everyone? I’m Justin with AmericanMuscle.com here with
your latest installment of Mustang News. Now, I hope you guys had a great time celebrating
the 4th of July with burnouts, fireworks, or maybe even a combination of both. Now I, myself, I took the opportunity to celebrate
with my babies, of course, the stars and bars, and my finest pair of jorts. But what do you say we get right into things? Now, a lot has surfaced about the 2018 Mustang
in the last few weeks so let’s start with the latest we are hearing and seeing thanks
to Mustang6G member Disneyfun1, who managed to get his hands on the 2018 order guide companion,
which is this little thing designed to kind of break down your options and packages available
when ordering your new Mustang from Ford. But let’s first start with the EcoBoost Mustang
and some of the packages we’re seeing here.

Now, first up, guys, the Pony Package is gonna
be back for 2018 with the EcoBoost powered cars, which is given a few different changes
for the 2018 model. The most noticeable here without a doubt is
that retro style grille, which is very reminiscent of the 50th anniversary grille found on the
S550, of course, for 2015, and the OG Horse and Corral grille first used in the 1960s. Also found on the Pony Package cars will be
the bright chrome belt line and window trim, which Ford did do on the ’16 and ’17 Pony
Package cars, if you guys remember those. Decklid emblem receives a tri-bar pony here,
a little different from other models, and there are some unique floor mats and optional
lower rocker stripes in white or black depending on your exterior color. Finally, guys, the Pony Package does receive
a split five-spoke polished aluminum wheel to kind of round the package out. Let’s switch our focus over to the Performance
Pack EcoBoost Mustang because there’s some subtle and not so subtle changes here. The biggest wins, in my opinion, are the new
for 2018 Performance Pack wheels, which Ford calls their low-gloss ebony, or black here,
and are 19 by 9 inches in diameter and width. And honestly, guys, I think these wheels are
just awesome looking. They’re a huge upgrade over the previous Performance
Pack wheel and just very fitting of a car titled a Performance Pack car.

Also new for the 2018 Performance Pack car
is the standard rear wing or spoiler on the Fastback model, which is definitely more aggressive
and in your face, and is essentially gonna be the same thing you’ll find on the GT model. Now, that front grille for the EcoBoost car
is still pretty meh in my opinion with that running pony just kind of existing in this
massive honeycomb black hole, which will no doubt be an easy fix thanks to huge aftermarket
support for those who are interested.

And if you’re looking for one, I think I know
a place.

But anyway, rounding out the Performance Pack
editions for perspective buyers out there, it can look forward to an engine spun aluminum
dash, according to Ford, your gauge pack, which does include oil and vacuum, bigger
rear sway bar, unique chassis tuning, larger radiator, and finally that black painted stripe
tower brace. And finally, guys, for the EcoBoost owners
out there who aren’t really interested in all of the flash of the Pony Pack or maybe
the added cost or goodies of the Performance Pack cars, Ford is giving you a unique wheel
and side stripe option that runs down the top side of the front fender and rear quarter
panel in your choice of black or silver, depending on your exterior color. And I actually think these things look pretty
cool overall. Now, this package is better known to Ford
as their 60W package and also includes these unique machine-faced aluminum wheels with
black accents. But enough about that EcoBoost. Let’s talk about the GT and some of the new
and exciting stuff going on for 2018 and let’s stick with this Performance Pack car a little
bit more. Now, not a lot has really changed all that
much from the ’15 through ’17 car, of course minus those looks. This does include the new love it or hate
it front end, along with the unique splitter up front here.

The GT does also receive the same spoiler
as the EcoBoost, as you can see, in addition to that same spun engine dash finish inside. But aside from that, expect a lot of similarities
with the previous Performance Pack cars, including the same wheel design, albeit wrapped in those
Michelins in place of the old Pirellis, all covering up those massive six-piston Brembos,
which we knew would be back here for 2018.

Aside from the minor aesthetic changes, other
Performance Pack notables do include the oil pressure and vacuum gauges, that unique chassis
tuning, strut tower and k-brace, bigger rad up front, heavy-duty springs up front as well,
and finally that bigger rear sway bar.

Now, one package that did work really well
for Ford and the Mustang over the last year or two was the addition of this black accent
package. Basically, guys, Ford just recognized a popular
trend here and decided to save people the hassle of going out to buy cans of Plasti
Dip and doing a piss poor job and rather just hooked these cars up with black emblems and
wheels from the factory, which is only half of what this package offers. The black seven-spoke wheels, which are included
with this package here, don’t really do too much for me but I’m definitely digging the
black-painted roof along with the black blade style spoiler, which I think looks pretty
cool. And last but certainly not least here, guys,
in this ordering companion, it gave us our first look at the new Carbon Fiber Sport interior
package, which is order code 68C according to Ford. My first reaction to this package was that
exhibit meme. You know, this one right here. But as I started to look into this a little
bit more, I realized it wasn’t just some carbon-fiber overload. Sure, you’re getting a fair amount of carbon-fiber
overlay here including the dash and instrument panels and the carbon-fiber shift knob, but
it also includes some other cool things like Alcantara door inserts along with black leather
trim seats with Alcantara inserts there as well, kind of that fake suede material. Now, this definitely sounds pretty cool and
from what little we can tell from this image, definitely seems like it’s worth checking
out. Even though we learned a lot in this ordering
companion from Ford, there still is a fair amount of stuff we didn’t hear about in this
companion including the MagneRide suspension option, which we know is confirmed as an option
for the 2018 Mustang, or your gearing options for both the Performance Pack cars and non-Performance
Pack cars. Another biggie that we don’t know about yet:
horsepower figures. Come on, Ford. What are you waiting for? We’re dying to know.

Now, obviously, we’re anticipating some kind
of bump here with both engines. Just how big of a bump? Well, I guess we’ll have to stay tuned. Switching to some smaller news that dropped
over the last week or two in regards to the 2018 Mustang and that is the fact that now
the EcoBoost cars will be getting a standard line-lock feature built into every single
model, which was previously only reserved for the GT. And who better to launch this feature than
the master of Mustang burnouts himself, Vaughn Gittin Jr., who rolled around the streets
of California, picked up a few random strangers and introduced them into the wonderful world
of burnouts in the 2018 Mustang, thanks of course to this new line-lock feature. Well done, sir, and well done, Ford. All right, guys, before I get out of here,
I do wanna give away a product from our friends over at Mishimoto because you know me, I love
giving free [bleep] away. Now, for those who aren’t aware, Mishimoto
does produce a wide variety of parts including radiators, inner coolers, exhaust, and induction
systems, strut tower braces, oil separators, and more.

And of course, you can find all that great
stuff right here at AM. And since we did focus in on the Performance
Pack cars here for the majority of this blog for the 2018 Mustang, what do you say we give
away one of their strut tower braces to kind of tie it all together. You guys know what to do by now. Comment, bookmark for your chance to win. And be sure to stay tuned for more great Mustang
content. I’m Justin. Thanks for reading. And for all things Mustang, keep it right
here at AmericanMuscle.com.

Gallery of 2018 Ford Order Guide Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price