2018 Mustang Supersnake Style Full Length Stripe Kit Rpidesigns Com 2018 Ford Mustang Super Snake
2018 Mustang Supersnake Style Full Length Stripe Kit Rpidesigns Com 2018 Ford Mustang Super Snake

2018 Ford Mustang Super Snake Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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Well, let’s see what this damned thing
sounds like. Awesome. Well, guys, it’s that time of year
again. The Carlisle All-Ford Nationals is upon us. We’re going to be showing you the sights,
the sounds, and of course the very cool Mustangs.

Now, behind that crowd somewhere is the 50th
Anniversary of the Shelby Super Snake. We’ll be showing you more of that, in addition
to the 2018 Mustang.

They have a couple of them here this year,
so we actually get to hear this thing a little bit. So let’s get to it. Walking along, ran into a familiar face here
at the Shelby American booth, the Terlingua Mustang, of course.

I had the pleasure of driving this thing out
in Las Vegas last year at the SEMA Show, and then this thing. I cannot stop looking and staring, and drooling,
the 50th Anniversary of the Super Snake here from the guys over at Shelby American, powered
by the TVS blower here. Essentially, what you’re working with is a
GT, but just beefed up. A lot of Ford Performance goodies, the TVS
blower, of course, with the option to step up to the Kenne Bell if you’d like, if 600
isn’t good enough for you, I guess. The cool thing about this car is they just
released their wide body version. It’s absolutely amazing.

I wish they had it here. Unfortunately, they don’t. So we have to "settle" for the 50th Anniversary
version of the Super Snake and all of its glory. [00:01:31]
♪ [music] ♪ Justin: One of the big things this year at
the All-Ford Nationals here at Carlisle is the 50th Anniversary of the Shelby GT500. Matt is actually one of our buddies that works
with us at americanmuscle.com. Matt, this is pretty cool for you, because
your car was chosen to kind of represent a very important year for the GT500. Yeah, exactly. 2007 is the first year it came back after
like a 30-something year hiatus. I’m honored to be part of this group. Basic bolt-on and stuff. Justin: But you had upper and lower pulleys,
correct, off-road mid-pipe, things like that, and the car makes pretty good power? Matt: Yeah. About 568 to the wheels. Justin: One of the cool things, too, I thought
about your car is it actually has a Watts link on it. You don’t see those a lot with the solid rear-axle
cars, especially the Shelbys. So that’s definitely going to help the handling
quite a bit. Matt: Exactly. Justin: Pretty big honor to be commemorating
the 50th of the GT500. Matt: Yeah. It sure is. Justin: So a big highlight for me, personally,
this year at the All-Ford Nationals at Carlisle is running into this guy and his car, the
"Honey Badger". Josh, what’s going on, man? Josh: Hey, Justin. How’s it going? Justin: Doing well. Tell us a little bit more about what’s going
on with this thing right now. Josh: So it’s a 2015 Mustang GT. We’ve got a new setup on here. It’s the Armageddon Twin Turbo setup. We’ve got the HREs on here, it’s a new setup,
the FF04s, got the new Stalker kit up, got the front sweater here, the side scoops, the
rear bumper. Justin: The hood, everything. Look at you, man.Big pimpin’. So we’ve got the new HREs. These are new FlowForms, correct? Josh: Yes. Justin: These are next level. Josh: So it’s a 20×10 up front, a 20×11 in
the back. We’ve got a new finish on there. It’s called "Liquid Metal." Basically, it starts off with a black base
coat. They apply that second coat on there, and
that’s where you get that sheen and that shimmer, and that depth to the wheel. Justin: They are sexy. But let’s talk more about this Armageddon
kit, man. Because I, myself, know and I’m sure a lot
of these guys reading know, this isn’t just an off the shelf kit, per se. I mean, tell us about your experience with
it. Tell us about maybe what you tried to make
or what you are trying to make with this thing, and also about that transmission setup, because
I know you’ve got a new trans behind it. Josh: Oh, yeah. So we decided to beef it up a little bit. We wanted to make a little bit more power,
trying to get a consistent nine-second car. We’re still stock engine. The base kit comes with 60-millimeter turbos. This actually, these are 64s.

So we’ve got twin 64s on there. It’s their new Gen II Turbos over at Garrett. It’s got forward-facing headers from Kooks,
Turbosmart wastegates. It’s got everything you want to throw top-shelf
at it for a turbo setup. The engineering on the kit is just flawless. Justin: Top notch. Yeah. Josh: They did everything right. The transmission is built by Ben Calimer. It’s a TR-6060. We did that swap. So we’ve got the McLeod clutch in there. We’ve got the carbon fiber driveshaft. We’ve got everything set up. Ended up having to change the gears, like
we were talking. Justin: Yeah. That’s right. Josh: 4:11s. Justin: You’ve got to run the 4:11s in there,
because of the taller first gear. Right? Josh: So everything should be set up for the
quarter, and we’re going to definitely get after it. We’re getting this finished up. Justin: I’m excited to see you try to get
nines while still rowing gears. Josh: I appreciate it, man. [inaudible 00:04:21]. Justin: Keep it up, man. It’s a lot of fun and a beautiful ride. [00:04:24]
♪ [music] ♪ [00:04:29] Justin: Last time we saw the 2018 Mustang
was at the New York International Auto Show for the very first time in the Orange Fury
color. Well, guess what? Ford came correct this year, brought two 2018s,
this one in the Race Red color, and let’s talk about it a little bit more. Now, we had a couple of weeks to kind of sit
on this thing a little bit, sleep on it, and sorry, guys. They still haven’t changed that gloss black
grille or those headlights. Still not the biggest fan there, but I have
to admit it looks a lot better in red. I’m not really a big fan of that Orange Fury
color. Oh, hey, Oxford White GT350. So let’s move around the side here, guys,
because there are some newer things on this car that we didn’t see on that Orange Fury
car in New York. First and foremost, the 19-inch aluminum wheels,
my personal favorite out of the entire lineup for the 2018 Mustang. I think they look really sexy and they look
better even in person. But my favorite part about this car here at
Carlisle, the Redline Package with the Recaros here in the new 2018 GT Performance Pack car. Now, with the previous S550, the Redline Package
was just basically red stitching. Not the case here. You’re getting red-faced Recaros — I love
them, I’m a big Recaro guy — in addition to that red stitching. So again, the back is still awesome. That hasn’t changed. But it is really cool to see this thing in
a different color with some different options, and rumor has it they also have that Orange
Fury car here as well. So let’s go see if we can find that thing. All right, guys. We’re here with a familiar face, the Orange
Fury 2018 that we did see at the New York International Auto Show. We thought the hood was going to be open. Unfortunately, it is not. We were shut down on that one. But we did hear one of our buddies from Ford
Performance will start this thing up for us, so we get to hear that new quad tip in action. So we’re going to take the victories where
we can. But I will say, the Orange Fury, out in the
sun and even in the shade here, looks a lot better than underneath the lights of the New
York International Auto Show. But let’s see what this damned thing sounds
like. Right? Because I know, I haven’t heard it yet in
person. You guys probably haven’t heard it as well. So let’s fire this thing up. [00:06:29]
[sound clip] [000:06:47] Justin: So one of the things I do like about
Carlisle Ford Nationals here is it’s not just Mustangs. So you get a taste of everything, and case
in point right here. This is probably one of the coolest cars at
this show for a number of different reasons. Now, this car was actually built for Joey
Logano from Factory Five. We see these guys out at SEMA all the time,
ripping around in their Cobras, and they’ve built some really, really cool stuff. Now, this car has the 5.2L Aluminator XS engine
in it, making over 500 horsepower naturally aspirated. The cool thing is, this is one of three Aluminator
XS engines currently in existence. Vaughn has another one and the guys at Ford
Performance have another one. So rumor has it we’ll be able to hear this
thing run here in a little bit, and this apparently is going to be the first time we’ve ever heard
this thing run in person. [00:07:35]
[sound clip] [00:07:52] Justin: Awesome. [00:07:53]
♪ [music] ♪ [00:07:58] Justin: Here with friend of AM and friend
of mine, personally, John. What’s going on, man? John: What’s up, brother? Justin: Good to see you again. John: Good to see you too. Justin: You guys probably recognize this car
from our AM Car Show. It won the Vaughn Gittin Jr. Ready to Rock Award. The car is looking good, man. But it looks a little different under the
hood. Tell us about what’s going on now. John: I have the 11:1 compression Aluminator
CPR 76-millimeter single turbo, roughly making 850 horses. Justin: That works. John: .to the rear. So we went Marine Corp fighter jet with a
turbo, and it sounds like a jet, honestly. Justin: Absolutely. John: It sounds like it. Justin: I know you served our country, and
thank you for that. John: You know? I always wanted to own a Mustang. I wanted to do something radical. To my brothers and sisters that deal every
day with the hidden wound, PTSD, I wanted something to make them feel proud of what
they’ve done, and everything. Justin: That’s awesome. So this is for the brothers and sisters that
wore the uniforms? John: Absolutely. Absolutely. [00:08:46]
♪ [music] ♪ [00:08:55] Justin: Well, guys, as you can see, the fields
are emptying out behind us, which only means one thing. That’s going to be a wrap for the All-Ford
Nationals here from Carlisle. We’re getting blown away. I’m due for a beer. But we saw some good friends, some old and
new, some really cool cars, including the 2018 Mustang, once again. But for now, we’re out of here. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more
great stuff, and we’ll see you next year.

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