2018 Ford Mustang Gt Premium Winder Ga 21325275 2018 Ford Mustang Gt Premium
2018 Ford Mustang Gt Premium Winder Ga 21325275 2018 Ford Mustang Gt Premium

2018 Ford Mustang Gt Premium Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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Hey, guys, Adam here with AmericanMuscle.com. And on this episode of Hot Lap today, I have
a very, very special friend I’m hanging out with, the 2018 Mustang GT Premium in the absolutely
gorgeous race red color. This one actually comes equipped with the
performance pack and a few new options in the suspension and sound departments. I’m gonna be taking you through the ins and
outs of the car. We’ll talk about all of the new features and
specs, of course. We’re gonna strap it down to the dyno and
see what kind of power it’s making. And I definitely want to feel that for myself,
so we’ll be taking it for a spin as well. Now, before we get into all of that, you’re
gonna want to bookmark to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on everything 2018 Mustang
as well as a bunch of other cool content, because we have a lot in store for you. So, without further ado, let’s get to it. Well, guys, it’s about that time again, a
new update for the Mustang family. And the 2018, like many others, has a very
polarizing styling. For must of you, you’ve seen all the changes
already all over the internet. But for those of you who have been hiding
under a rock for the past year, I’m gonna walk you through it from head to toe in all
of its glory. Now, there’s changes all over the place from
the front to the rear with visual changes, compression ratio, and fuel delivery changes
to the five liter, now making more power than ever before.

It’s got integrated MagneRide suspension,
now an option, which we have here, as well as an active exhaust, not to mention the new
digital and very customizable gauge cluster. There’s so much to talk about but why don’t
we just start with the obvious, the crazy aggressive exterior appearance. And why don’t we start up front here? Now, when we were first introduced to the
new S550, in the 2015 model, the question was really, "Does this really look like a
Mustang?" Some of you answered no, but for me personally,
I think it was an absolute home run. It paid homage to some parts in the older
models both with classic pony cars and the fastback and with the S197s, respectively. And that does not change here. There’s a lot of familiar looks with the new
2018 redesign, but also a lot of notable changes. I mean, taking a look at the front end here,
the most notable change, I think, is right here in the hood and headlight region. The hood dips down 20mm lower than the recent
years giving it an elongated look with better aerodynamic characteristics, much like the
undisputed, bad ass Shelby GT350 and GT350R models. Now, these follow in the footsteps of the
17 and, again, will not feature the indicator lights being on the front end. Now, with me being so short, I’m actually
not complaining because I’m not gonna be seeing them from the driver’s side anyway. Now, with that said, the headlights are now
actually sunken into the body, which some people are calling an eyebrow where the hood
kind of dips over. Now, previously, they were sitting pretty
flush with the surface.

So, this being pushed in, gives it a lot more
of an intimidating look. Now, these lights change a bit as well. They’re now seven sided with a more angular
design on the ends, which complements the now bent end tribar LED running lights, which
we will see again in the redesign tail lights in the back. Definitely more an intimidating look in my
book. Now, full LED lighting is also a standard
across the board on the front-end with the headlights, the running lights, and of course,
the new fog lights. Now, moving down, a little bit, to those fog
lights, they are completely different as well. Pre-refresh models, of course, have the fog
lights mounted in the brake cooling duct here underneath the isolated turn signal light. Now, that duct went from a five-sided design
to a more triangular look. And the fog lights are now, actually integrated
directly into the turn signal strip on the inside. Although, much smaller than before also with
a standard LED. Now, the turn signal indicators lose that
bubbled look bulging from the top-end and look a lot more aggressive with a much sleeker
design than before. Now, in the center, the all black gloss grill
is another polarizing factor a lot of people are talking about. Now, Justin’s first look, when he saw this
at the New York auto show, he did tell us he’s not exactly a fan. Personally, I think it goes really well with
race red. I don’t think orange fury did it much justice
at all. It has a very aggressive, narrower design
than the 2017’s and prior S550’s. My one nitpick with this is the gloss black,
I don’t think, goes very well with the lower grill and splitter here because they are a
matte black, more ABS texture finish.

So, they don’t exactly mesh well together. I wish they were the same gloss black or the
same ABS plastic look. But overall, I do still think this has a very
aggressive front-end design. Keep in mind there is a lot of room for opportunities
in the aftermarket world. So a lot of guys will be switching these up. Now, speaking of that front splitter at the
bottom here, that also gets a new redesign for the 2018 models with the performance pack,
which we have. Now, if you do have the performance pack,
you’ll be taking advantage of a fully functional piece here. Now, this one was actually designed and spent
a lot of time in wind tunnels with actually NASA aerodynamics specialists helping with
the design. That’s pretty impressive just saying that
out loud, but this is an extremely functional piece putting down 24 pounds of downforce
at the front-end at 80 mph. Pretty impressive numbers I’d say, and very
functional stuff to wrap up the front-end. And finally, the new wheelbase is actually
widened just a little bit more to accommodate for that hood line. But as far as the front-end goes, that is
the most notable change here, so let’s move onto the side. Moving on to the side profile of the 2018,
not a whole lot has changed here as you can see. But starting with the wheels, we do get a
slightly different configuration. So, we’re looking at the performance pack
wheels, the same exact wheel design and spoke design as the earlier S550’s now just wrapped
around Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires, sitting at 255-40 in the front and 275-40 in the rear. Those are 19 x 9 in the front, 19 x 9.5 in
the rear. But if you get the performance pack level
two, which Ford is now releasing for the first time in the new redesigned year, you’ll actually
get a slightly different wheel configuration. Instead of 9.

5s in the front and 10s in the
back, you’re getting 10.5s in the front and 11s in the rear for a 1.5 inch wider wheel
on the level two’s. A lot of information to take in but they are
a slightly different design there and they’re actually sitting on 305 tires in all four
corners. A huge thing to point out for performance
pack level two owners. You will notice that the Brembo big brake
kit, a very popular six-piston brake kit, has made its way back into the performance
pack models for the 2018. And they are wrapped around a larger diameter
rotor. The only other notable thing here is that,
on your side mirrors, you are gonna retain a turn signal indicator for the premium models
as well as blind spot assists. Overall, nothing too crazy happening for the
sides unless you pick up performance pack level two models. So, we flip the car around to take a good
look at the rear because there are a lot of noticeable changes here, too. Now, performance pack models will take full
advantage of a brand new redesigned pedestal style spoiler for the first time in Mustang’s
history off the factory line. Now, we, unfortunately, did not get that. We actually went with the spoiler delete which
I’m kind of okay with because I’m not exactly a fan of that design. However, it is very functional. Now, those NASA specialists of aerodynamics
did help to design that as well, just like the front-end splitter, only the rear end
spoiler is gonna put down 60 pounds of downforce at 80 mph, helping with rear end traction. Pretty impressive, actually. So, for those of you who got that on their
2018, you’re gonna be able to take full advantage. Now, directly under that, we are getting a
slightly new redesigned tail light here, keeping the same kind of traditional, iconic look
that the S550’s introduced to the Mustang world. Only now, you’re getting a more angular top
end and angular bottom, which goes perfectly with the daytime running lights in the angular
design of the new headlights. Now, in between that, you’re getting a slight
change into the declad panel. For the most part, it is the same. You get a couple of creases on each side on
either side of the badging. Now, underneath that, you’re bumper is getting
a slight change with a hexagonal shape surrounding your license plate. Other than that, it stays, pretty much, the
same. The biggest change, I will say, comes in with
your lower valance to accommodate the all-new killer quad tip exhaust coming off the factory
line as a standard on all 2018 Mustang models. Now, the one we have on this car is actually
the active exhaust, which I’m gonna put on the lift here to get underneath to give you
a better view. So, we had to get this thing up in the air
to do it any justice. But those quad tips are being attached to
a now active exhaust that we’ve previously only seen on the 350 and 350R models. This is now an option, a $900 option I should
add, for any 2018 refresh model. Now, 900 bucks, in my opinion, is not bad
for what you’re getting here at all. The active exhaust has chambers inside these
mufflers that you can actually on the dashboard to four different sounds. You’ll get normal, quiet, sport and track. Now, normal mode is exactly what you think
of. But once you switch it over to sport, you’re
actually changing things a lot. You’re gonna get a lot more rumble, a little
more backfire, definitely some more noise. But it’s not too overbearing. Track mode, at its highest rating, is gonna
be all out race, exactly what it sounds like. It’s for the track. That thing is pretty loud and we’re gonna
test that out on the street and see what that sounds like in just a minute. Now, with that track mode, I will say, it
is at its highest quality setting with 80 decibels coming out of those quad tips. Now, quiet mode is on the complete opposite
side of the spectrum. It’s perfect for guys out there who are driving
with some passengers, maybe a wife and kids, who are looking to keep the volume noise down
to a minimum to have an easy conversation inside the cab with no drone. You can actually schedule the quite mode exhaust
to start with its new technology at, say, 6:00 a.m when you wake up and the neighbors
are still sleeping, you’re looking to keep it down to a minimum. You can have it start up at 72 decibels, which
is very, very low. For comparison, that’s actually the same amount
of noise an automatic Honda Fit makes while going at 70 mph on the highway. It’s pretty crazy stuff. Now, for anybody looking to have that adjustability
on the fly, the active exhaust is exactly where you want to go. And 900 bucks, again, really isn’t too bad
in my opinion. You’ll probably end up spending around that
range for a new catback, only this time, you get it with the new technology and you can
adjust it on the fly from behind the wheel. Definitely a huge bonus in my book. Now, while we’re down here, let’s talk about
some of the suspension upgrades because they are pretty massive as well. Now, just like the active exhaust being previously
only seen on the 350 and 350R models, the new optional MagnaRide suspension is also
the same case. And we have it equipped here on our 2018 performance
pack. Now, the MagnaRide suspension, basically,
is a magnetically controlled, adjustable dampening, which is a lot to talk about. Now, the MagnaRide is gonna be making adjustments
at thousands of times per second to your suspension dampers, trying to adjust to the different
surfaces that you’re getting on the road. Every rock and every pebble, it’s kinda making
adjustments for inside the fluid. Now, that fluid is actually containing magnets
and being controlled by electricity, changing the particles and the whole construction of
inside those fluids, making those adjustments happen on the fly. Now, there’s a lot of science I’m throwing
at you with that but it, basically, in a nutshell, is gonna make your steering a lot more responsive,
make your ride a lot more comfortable, and give you a huge upgrade in the handling performance
when you’re going around tight corners, keeping your Mustang a lot more linear. Now, with that, our performance pack model
comes with a few extra upgrades on top of that. You get a stiffer spring in the front, a larger
sway bar in the rear, a new k-member, unique chassis tuning, and of course, you’re
getting a limited slip differential from Torsen, as well as 373 gears in the rear axels. Now, obviously, this is gonna be a huge upgrade
as far as acceleration goes. And if you’re looking to not get the performance
pack, there are a few other options. MagnaRide also works hand in hand with your
drag mode when you’re on the track, obviously helping to shift your weight transfer to the
rear end for better traction. Finally, if you’re rocking the performance
pack, you’re gonna rock the 373 gears. If you don’t have the performance pack, however,
GTs with the six-speed will see 355’s. And eco boosts and 10-speed automatics will
get 315’s. Now, Ford let us know that, off the factory
line, 460 horsepower, 420 foot-pounds of torque at the crank were the numbers to be expected
for the stock ’18 GT. Now, with that said, we strapped it down to
the dyno and made 437 and 401 foot-pounds of torque at the rear wheels at extremely
impressive numbers. You want to keep in mind that these new numbers
are coming from the new dual fuel, high-pressure direct injection and low-pressure port injection
combination, as well as the higher compression ration making these new power numbers. Making it the fastest and most powerful GT
ever produced by Ford. A huge thumbs up in their direction for the
new numbers here. So, there’s not a whole lot of difference
inside here. So, with our premium plus package, we have
a nice premier trim package, nice leather-wrapped ebony seats with white stitching accents. It’s really cool. We were working with the standard touchscreen
now with sync three, voice activated. With this particular package, obviously, you’ve
seen we have a 6-speed today, not the 10-speed automatic. One thing I do like, and it’s just a small
detail, like, the start and stop engine button here is completely stainless steel. The lettering kind of engraved in there with
the red light shining through. I love that. It’s just super clean detail. Other things we have here are the modes, obviously
the driving mode. We have steering modes, traction control,
all of that still the same. The cool thing here is that the active exhaust,
which we’ve talked about previously, is all set up here in your gauge cluster. That’s where the biggest interior change comes
into play. We now have this 12 inch, fully customizable,
fully digital LCD display, not previously seen in any Mustang prior to this. Very, very customizable and I’m gonna take
you through that here. Obviously, right off the bat, if you’re in
normal mode here, you’re looking at two pretty regular gauges. Your tachometer’s on the left, speedometer
on the right. You have gauges in the middle and you can
use your arrow keys to flip through them, very similar to the previous S550’s. You have a lot of, you know, coolant temps
you can track here. You have G-Force and things of that nature,
all of which you can toggle through. The biggest change here is, obviously, going
to be coming into play with the actual tachometer, speedometer kinda layout themselves and the
gauge layout. Now, the way you can actually change all of
this is the new pony button located right on your steering wheel. You hit that, a new setting comes up here,
a new menu. You kinda navigate through here. My mode is gonna, pretty much, save all the
settings you have as a preset to make it easier for you to toggle through. Now, exhaust mode is gonna be, obviously,
a huge one in working in conjunction with your active exhaust. You would click on the exhaust mode to flop
through quite, normal, sport or track. And you’ll be able to select those, click
out of your pony mode and have that go directly into play, making the changes on the fly,
even while you’re driving, it could be even mid-shift. Now, if you want to go back and change that,
obviously, exhaust mode, we can pop it back and say normal. Now, if you head over to track apps, you’ll
be given an acceleration timer, brake performance. Line Lock’s making its return. Lap Timer’s a great use for the track mode,
I’ll show you in a minute. And, obviously, your start option. So going back here, they’ll be actually given
a couple more options. Performance shift indicator to help you with
your shifting, launch control and gauges. So, my opinion, a huge, huge bonus for guys
getting a 2018. This is definitely an option you want to add
on because it is an option for any model, essentially, not just a performance pack. So, if you want to add this on, you can cough
up the extra money and it’s definitely worth it in my opinion. All right, so we’re out here, 2018 Ford Mustang
GT. It feels great. It feels really good actually. We have the active mode exhaust on completely
normal mode. We’ll be switching through that throughout
the driving here. But I wanted to start it off regular mode. I don’t want anything crazy going on. I’ll tell you, right off the bat, I have the
steering in normal as well and it’s still just super responsive. Listen to that, that’s normal. And it just sounds incredible. It feels incredible. I mean, the suspension here is kind of adapting
as we go. I can see little bumps and things on the road
as we’re coming along. The little pot whole I just hit there. The MagnaRide suspension option, which again,
the MagnaRide’s a $1600, $1700, $1800 option to add on to your ride. It’s absolutely ridiculous. With the performance pack, at least, you’re
getting stiffer springs. You’re getting the sway bar that MagnaRide
set up, which works hand-in-hand with your drag mode. So, when you put it in drag mode, it’s gonna
kind of adjust the weight transfer ratio to the rear. The way that this car’s technology works together
hand-in-hand, it just makes your driving unlike any other. Now, what I want to do is I’m gonna switch
up our mode here to sport. I’m gonna change the exhaust mode to sport. Wow, sport mode makes a difference. I’m kind of actually blown away at how much
of a difference that made right off the line. You can hear the exhaust. The exhaust is definitely. it opens up a
little bit. So that active exhaust is gonna have those
chambers that open up and just sounds so good. One thing we didn’t talk about is one of the
things that is new for 2018 in the transmission area, is the twin disc clutch coming standard
on these 2018 models. Mustang’s I’ve owned. I’ve done a lot of S95 stuff. I’m a big Cobra guy, so my 95 Cobra. That’s completely different as far as driving
experience. This is just so much more luxurious. You’re kinda relaxed back. You’re hugged by the seat. Your arm gets to rest here. Shifting is made effortless. Your clutch is just, like, absolute butter. So, we’re in sport mode with our active exhaust,
which of course, has the quiet, normal, sport and track. I’ve upgraded to track. We’re gonna open it up. It’s pretty much your full out, open style
exhaust. It’s gonna make a huge difference. So, on the highway I think we’re going to have a lot of fun. Hear that. It sounds great. I mean, there’s not a lot of drone. It doesn’t sound bad. It sounds pretty good. As a matter of fact, I can feel like I can
hear, like, the road noise and wind more than I can hear the exhaust. My verdict for the interior and the driving
experience, 10 out of 10, solid home run from Ford. Huge home run with the cluster. The different modes. it’s just incredible. I can’t say anything better about it. And all of that just kind of comes together
in one 460 horsepower, and I believe, 420 torque beast. So, let’s take this back into the shop and
get me out of here before I end up stealing this thing. Well, that pretty much wraps up my review
of the 2018 GT Premium performance pack we got here at AM. Overall, it’s pretty awesome. I’m gonna have to get one for myself. Maybe not race red, maybe oxford white. But who knows, we’ll see. Now, before we get going, you want to make
sure you drop a comment below and let us know what you think of the new 2018 redesign. Tell me what you want to see moded first because
there’s a lot of potential for aftermarket parts. You want to make sure you bookmark to our
YouTube channel as well to keep it up to date with all 2018 Mustang news and builds in the
future, as well as other cool content as well. And you want to keep it locked right here
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