2018 Ford Mustang Standard Features Leaked In Dealer Brochure 2018 Ford Mustang Features
2018 Ford Mustang Standard Features Leaked In Dealer Brochure 2018 Ford Mustang Features

2018 Ford Mustang Features Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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Beautiful day, beautiful ride, taking this Mustang out in some mountain
twisties is going to be a blast. We know that this Mustang carries on
the heritage of a great sports car, we know it’s going to handle
these curves really well. But it also makes an amazing daily driver. So I want to get in and show you a couple
of the neat technology features that make this just as good driving around town as
it is driving on these beautiful roads. [MUSIC] Now, one of the first things that you’ll notice when getting into this Mustang, is that it’s got Intelligent Access and
a push button start. So keys can stay in your pocket or in your
purse, no need to fish around for them, so we’ll leave those there. Also, you’re going to notice that there’s
all sorts of controls, all the electronics you could possibly want, and lots of
different ways that you can access them. So we kind of have the steering wheel
where we can control our radio or cruise control, voice control, making a telephone
call all right from your steering wheel.

The air conditioning,
I control that traditionally or through the touch screen so
lots of different options.

But while we’re talking
about this touchscreen, it is a LCD capacitive touchscreen, which means it’s going to act pretty
much like a tablet or like your iPhone.

It’s like having Siri or
Google right in your front seat with you. Everything you’re already used to using on
your smartphone, whether Android or Apple, you’re going to be really
comfortable doing it on here. It’s nice and easy to control. We can get through our audio,
our climate, phone, navigation, everything’s all right there. And if you have the navigation option,
you can even pinch to zoom in and out on the screen,
tap it to get where you’re going.

So lots of fun things that
you can do with that. Now there are a number of options that are
available for upgrades on your Mustang. One of the ones I like most is
the heated and cooled seats. Now you might think cooled seats,
why the heck do you need that? Let me tell you if you live in
a hot climate like I do in Arizona, this can be a lifesaver. And the heated seats,
who doesn’t love heated seats? They feel absolutely
amazing on a cold day. We’ve also got adaptive cruise control,
which means you can set it up so that you can predetermine how far you want
to be behind the car in front of you. And it’ll kind of make sure that you
stay within that comfortable range. Now, really this car has all of the
features and amenities, creature comforts, technological advancements
that you could possibly want. The only thing it doesn’t really have is
the ability to completely drive itself. But you know, in a car like this, you
don’t really want it to drive itself. That’s the fun of a car like this,
you want to drive it.

In fact, I want to drive it right now. So, if you want to find out more about some
of the many features and technology items packed into this car, check out Ford.com
or bookmark to Ford’s YouTube channel. And I will see you in our next site,
for now, I’m going to go drive this. [MUSIC] .

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