2018 Mustang Configurator And Pricing Goes Live 95 Octane 2018 Ford Mustang Configurator
2018 Mustang Configurator And Pricing Goes Live 95 Octane 2018 Ford Mustang Configurator

2018 Ford Mustang Configurator Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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(suspenseful music) (engine revving) (electronic music) – [Randy] If I was in the
market for a sports sedan, there’s only one way I would get it: rear wheel drive and lots of power, so I can do this. (laughs) This thing rocks for a Kia! (electronic music) What a great name, Stinger; it speaks to what this car is all about, and this is the highest performance Kia, the Stinger GT. In a world of SUVs and hybrids, it might seem odd that Kia’s building a rear drive sports sedan, and it is. Chevy can barely sell the SS, and they have a long history
of making cars like that. So why a rear wheel drive sports sedan? Why a Stinger? Well if you look back at 2011, at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Kia showed the GT concept. It was a big hit; people loved it, and at the same time, Kia was racing a factory-sponsored effort in Pirelli World Challenge, with the front-wheel-drive
Kia Optima Turbo, so somebody up there’s been
thinking high performance for a while. Then, in 2014, Kia introduced
the Stinger concept, and the response was fantastic. Kia said, "Hey, we’ve got something here." All they needed was a platform. Most of the bits were modified
from the K900 chassis; also shared with the Genesis brand, and this helped spread the cost around. While the Genesis brand focuses on luxury, the Stinger is something way more fun. How fun? Can you say BMW? Okay, well, maybe not, but there’s a direct connection. Turns out, in 2014, Kia sniped
the head of BMW’s N division, Albert Biermann, and he jumped right in
to make sure the Stinger would be driver’s car; I mean Kia. Remember when I said I
wanted a rear-drive sedan? Well this could be it. Normal models come with a 2L turbo four, and all-wheel-drive is optional, but this is the model for me. A 3.3L twin turbo V6, pushing 365 Kia horsepower to the rear wheels only. Rear-wheel-drive is
ideal for a driver’s car, I mean a driver’s Kia, and they worked very
hard to get this Stinger as close as possible to a
50/50 weight distribution. It’s a little heavy, though,
due to platform sharing. I’d like to see a couple
hundred pounds lighter, like a 3 series. And how about these brakes? Brembos! And look at this thing. The Stinger’s body really
emphasizes the performance of the engine and the chassis underneath. Some serious thought’s been
given to the way this car looks. It stands out; the grill is a Kia grill; it’s got that familiar face. Down low though, it’s all inner cooler
for those twin turbos. The hood seems to float
between the fenders, which wrap around the top, and these vents are cool; they look like a Camaro 1LE. But, non-functional; it’s all for show. But on the sides, those
side vents are for real.

They vent air out of the
wheel well for cooling, and for less lift, and they look like they
came off a GT3 race car. The side view is long and low. There’s a character line that
runs from this front fender, all the way to the back. This car’s big enough in the back seat for a tall guy like me to
sit in there, in comfort. Out back, the taillights
remind me of an FD-RX7, and the body is wide and meaty; there’s four big tailpipes
sticking out the back. The car’s long and sleek, partially because, guess
what, it’s a hatchback. What’s wrong with you, America? What’s wrong with something
functional and practical and beautiful with that
lovely fast-back roofline? Get with it. This is a gorgeous car. Kia’s a brand that was
always known for sensible, inexpensive, affordable economy cars. The stinger is a car that you buy because of the way it feels. Because of the way it makes you
feel when you’re driving it. (electronic music) Yeah! (tires screeching) (tires screeching) (tires screeching) Kia is so serious about
the Stinger’s performance, that they’ve debuted this
car at the Nürburgring. They launched the car at the track, so you know what that means. I should take it to the track. (electronic music) (tires screeching) Now it’s time to get this
Sting’ off the street and onto the track, where
I can drive it flat-out. (car accelerating) (electronic music) The Kia Stinger’s got a strong engine, strong brakes, soft suspension. It’s not a track car, but
it’s a nice sporty sedan. (tires screeching) The Kia has great steering
response as I enter the corner. Then it goes into a strong understeer, but gets balanced nicely
under power at the exit. (tires screeching) I’m impressed with the
twin turbo V6 in this Kia. I’m impressed I’m even
talking about a twin turbo V6 in a Kia. It’s got a lot of torque, it doesn’t rev real high, but on the track, very little lag, and enough power to spin the tires, even in third gear at low revs. The brakes have held up
really well on track; that’s a good thing, cause the Kia’s not all that light, right? And it’s really quite powerful. No fade, a good, firm pedal, that never got softer; it was consistent and
confidence-inspiring. Even in sport mode, the eight-speed automatic
is not smart enough or calibrated for track work,
so I go into the manual mode. And it’s not a full manual; it’ll upshift, but what I
get is good, quick downshifts with a nice rev match. (tires screeching) See this button? That’s for stability control. If I push it and hold it down, it turns it off. Not in between, not a sport mode, it’s off. (electronic music) (tires screeching) When’s the last time you drove
a Kia where you even wanted to turn the stability control off? When’s the last time
a Kia had enough power that it even made it worthwhile? So while the Stinger may
be more of a comfy GT, than a killer track car, it’s still a much more
focused performance offering than we ever expected to see from Kia, so if someone asks you, "That’s a Kia?", you just smile, and confidently say, "Yes". Watch this. Right over there, right over there, right over there, come on– whoop! All or nothing! (laughs) (speeding car) .

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