2018 Ford Fusion Review 2019 Suvs 2018 Ford Fusion Sport Specs
2018 Ford Fusion Review 2019 Suvs 2018 Ford Fusion Sport Specs

2018 Ford Fusion Sport Specs Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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Ford is giving Fusion shoppers a new performance
model intended to leave other family sedans in the dust. The Fusion V6 Sport attacks the Accord and
Camry with a twin-turbocharged 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 delivering 325 horsepower and 380 pound-feet
of torque. Making more excitable renditions of popular
family sedans is nothing new, but the market’s been fairly dormant of late as automakers
have turned their focus to MPGs. Now that modern engine technology can produce
sports car-level power and 26mpg highway, why not make ‘em and that’s exactly what
Ford’s doing here. With a starting MSRP of $34,470, the Fusion
Sport is giving regular dads a hot option in the mainstream midsize sedan segment. With standard all-wheel drive and satisfied
with 87 octane, the Fusion Sport should be a fairly easy sell to a skeptical spouse. It’s roomy, amenity-laden and conservatively
penned for a Sport model. A more aggressively styled front end, gloss
black mesh grille, 19” dark wheels, a rear spoiler and quad exhaust outlets are the Sport’s
exclusive calling cards.

And in this extra charge Burgundy Velvet paint,
the look is spot on for stealthy speed. Ford’s big power numbers are achieved with
93 octane so you’ll get a boost from super unleaded when you want maximum output, capable
of g-inducing acceleration from 0-to-60mph in about 5 seconds…nearly as quick as a
Porsche 718 Cayman. Contributing to the sensation of speed is
active noise control, allowing this direct-injected 2.7-liter motor to mimic the voice of a larger
V6. The growl is convincing. This small turbo is doing wonders in a number
of Ford products and matched with a 6-speed auto, makes for a robust yet refined powertrain
here. When the wife and kids are at home, switch
into Sport mode for the Fusion’s strongest flavor where even the dampers enter a more
aggressive profile. Speaking of which, the ride quality is superb.

This car’s real-time suspension tuning is
a chassis miracle, producing a polished ride far beyond its segment while also keeping
the body tight in the turns. There’s even a pothole detection system
which reduces the severity of an impact. No torque steer here as power is directed
to the rear wheels upon slip but the Sport’s portly curb weight of over 2 tons somewhat
stunts the car’s handling abilities and challenges the otherwise extra grippy Goodyear
Eagles. From outside, the Fusion Sport sounds like
anything else but from in here Ford has done a stellar job of manufacturing an authentic
note that’ll grab your attention. Lots of low end power means there’s instant
get up and go and the handling is enhanced by a good set of rubber and an all-wheel drive
system that doesn’t get in the way of fun. But man, this car feels heavy as does the
steering with effort that builds artificially as you continue to turn. The ride quality is spot on however, demonstrating
that you no longer have to forgo comfort for athleticism. Special suede inserts keep you firmly planted
in the high comfort front seats and the faux carbon fiber trim is a subtle reminder of
the Sport’s capabilities. This tester is loaded too, with extras like
the configurable instrument cluster, 10-way power passenger seat, adjustable ambient lighting,
dual zone climate control, a sweet sounding 12-speaker Sony audio system with HD Radio,
Navigation, SYNC3 enhanced voice recognition, 2 USB ports and Applink, the far reaching
Driver Assist package with blind spot warning, cross traffic alert, a lane keeping system,
rain sensing wipers, auto high beams and a heated steering wheel, Enhanced active park
assist for both parallel and perpendicular parking, and finally Adaptive Cruise Control
with Stop-and-Go including Collision Warning with Active Braking. This car is luxury-level stocked and even
more options are available. This brings the MSRP of my tester to $41,470. The rear seats are very spacious and slightly
elevated for better forward visibility. It’s quiet in here too and this Fusion’s
refinement makes for a great cruiser as well as a car you can have some fun with. The Fusion is already offered with a plethora
of powertrains but kudos to Ford for adding yet one more, this time for the driver in
all of us.

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