2019 Ford Fusion Debut Release Date And Features 2018 Ford Fusion Sport Changes
2019 Ford Fusion Debut Release Date And Features 2018 Ford Fusion Sport Changes

2018 Ford Fusion Sport Changes Review, Price And Specification

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the new 2017
Ford Fusion Sport. The Fusion has been slightly redesigned with an updated grill, new LED headlamps and redesigned tail lights. The Fusion is certainly one of the most diverse
lineups on the road today and for 2017 Ford has added this performance minded V6 EcoboostSport kicking out 325 HP and 380 foot pounds of torque. The first thing that you notice about the
Fusion are the striking features. The grill that has been changed so that it
meets the body lines and for the Sport and Platinum models you get either a premium painted or high gloss mesh grill of the likes of our ST line up. The body lines of the Fusion are fluid and
aggressive as it cuts through the air like a streamlined bullet. The Fusion offers diversity when it comes
to engine options with 6 variations to choose from. If you are leaning towards the side of efficiency
we have you covered with the Fusion Hybrid and the Energi And of course we offer the famous Ecoboost
engines as well, with 3 options with a 1.5L and 2.0L four cylinders and a mighty 2.

V6 here in the Sport. You can also get the Fusion in front or all-wheel
drive depending on your engine choice. The sport here is all wheel drive and you
certainly feel the amazing handling when going around turns. The 2017 Fusion is loaded with amazing safety
features that help you keep the car in control even through the most adverse conditions. The newest and most impressive feature is
the Pre-Collision assist with Pedestrian Detection. This system is designed to support if the
sensors detect a potential collision with a car or pedestrian in front of you. There is a heads up display which simulates
brake lights that flashes on the windshield with audible alert sounds. It also features brake support which will
pre-charge and increase brake assist sensitivity to provide you with full responsiveness when
braking. If you do not take the corrective action when
braking and a collision is imminent, the brakes will automatically engage bringing you to
a halt. This is an excellent feature designed to keep
you and your loved ones safe. Other great available features include the
cross traffic alert and Blind Spot Information System to make sure you know what’s going
on around you. The lane keeping system is designed to keep
you safely in your lane with warnings if you veer over the lines. Active Park Assist will help you find a spot
and park your car in a parallel or even perpendicular parking spot. And the always useful Auto Start Stop technology
that will cut your engine off at a stop and start it again once you lift your foot off
the brakes allowing you to save fuel and increase your average MPG. The interior is very spacious and roomy for
a mid-size sedan. The rear seats offer plenty of leg room and
you can seat up to 5. While there is an abundance of trunk space
in the Fusion. If you need that extra little bit, the rear
seats fold down offering a long gateway to the front that seems to extend forever. The new Rotary gear selector makes for even
more spacious room in the center making the climate controls easier to reach and adjust. There is ample amounts of storage with a center
bin that extends well into the dash. There is a convenient fast charging USB plug
in and cell phone pocket that make sure you are never disconnected. The interior of the sport is wrapped in carbon
fiber trim and also features leather trimmed seats with Miko suede inserts. The Sport puts excitement and enjoyment into
any drive. With awesome features like continuously controlled
damping, standard all wheel drive and paddle shifters. The Sport makes you feel like you are ready
for the track. And do it in style with the quad tip exhaust
and 19 inch premium dark tarnish painted wheels. The new Sync three system is your gateway
to entertainment featuring HD and SirusXM Radio, easy to use navigation, climate controls,
and smart phone connectivity with Android Auto and Apple Car Play. Thanks for taking the time to look around
the 2017 Ford Fusion Sport with me. We hope we were able to inform you of some
the great innovations this mid-size car is offering. If you have any questions or want to test
drive one of these fun and amazing Fusions for yourself, come on down to Richmond Ford
West and let us put you in the car of your dreams. Because Richmond Ford is Driven by You! .

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