Ratings And Review 2018 Ford Fusion Ny Daily News 2018 Ford Fusion Review
Ratings And Review 2018 Ford Fusion Ny Daily News 2018 Ford Fusion Review

2018 Ford Fusion Review Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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Hello everybody, my name is Brandon. Right now we’re in a 2018 Titanium Fusion. Just look at it. We’ll just look at it. Just look at that.

Anyway. Yes, as I was saying this is a Titanium Fusion. Guys, you have your navigation. Your climate, you can control your side. Or you can control both sides if you are the driver. If you wish to do so. You have your shifter right here. So, right now, put on the brake. Dial it. Drive. Reverse. And park. So. Now that we’re in a nice, fancy, 2018. You get a nice big ole backup camera. And you can also zoom in. So, this plus sign, if you push that, you zoom in right there. And you turn the steering wheel. And also that turns as well. I don’t know if you see that on the blog. Perfect. Oh look! Someone’s right there. but put it in park, now you’re back at the main screen. You can also connect your phone. You can connect more than one phone. You can connect your phone and the girlfriend’s phone. Boyfriend’s phone. The wife’s phone, whoever phone you want to connect. Just go for it. As well, you have a nice little sunroof here too, so. Right now it’s not the nicest weather. But, once the Sun come out, you can just pop that open. And you’ll enjoy the nice Sun right over your sholders. Here. You see on the cluster. You have. It matches with whatever you like to see. So, right now showing. The RPMs. And the fuel. And now it’s showing the tire pressure. And then the kilometers. So, if you ever go down to the States. You go to the States’ laws. Just push okay. And now it’ll show you miles per hour. So, that’s very handy for you. And on this side, on the right side. You can control your entertainment. So, right now we’re on Sirius XM. It’s saying Macklemore, Glorious. Just glorious. As right now, you have your navigation and your phone. So, if you ever get notifications. Or anything like that. It’ll pop up right there. Anyway. It’s tailored to how you like it. So you can customize it anyway you like it. There’s lots of room, so lots of space for you, the kids.

Whoever is in the vehicle. It’s very comfortable to drive. I’m driving this vehicle, they’re a very nice. And they’re very solid. Almost. It almost floats like a cloud. Anyway. Right now, this is an All-Wheel drive vehicle. So, it’s a two cylinder. I don’t know, sorry. The 2L 4 Cylinder engine with 231HP. So, she’ll get you going to where you wanna go. And she’ll get you there quick. Well that was a brief look at the 2018 Ford Fusion. Let’s take a look on the outside quickly. And we’ll wrap up the blog. So, in color, this is a Magnetic color. So, this is what the vehicle looks like on the outside. It’s just as stunning on the inside as the outside. But yes. Take it all in. Love it, live it. And that is the blog for today. Come down at Legacy Ford Fernie. Or give us a call at (250) 423-9211. YOU GUYS HAVE A GREAT DAY.

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