2018 Ford Fusion Review And Changes 2018 2019 Cars Coming Out 2018 Ford Fusion Release Date
2018 Ford Fusion Review And Changes 2018 2019 Cars Coming Out 2018 Ford Fusion Release Date

2018 Ford Fusion Release Date Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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Hi, I’m Cody here in the Bay Area
with the Ford Fusion. This car is known for its good looks,
but is it more than just a pretty face? Let’s find out. All right, so here we go. This is awesome. So, just looking around the car,
like anything else, you got to get the sense of
what it makes you feel like. And I’m going to tell you, I’m really
surprised, pleasantly surprised. I see quilted leather here. It’s all pretty soft to the touch,
and this is so different. It’s so modern and has that feel. An E shifter. I’m excited. I’m excited about my
test drive in this car. It looks pretty awesome. So let’s go. [MUSIC] So, the Enhanced Active Park Assist. Now we’ve had parallel park assists
in the Ford Fusion for awhile, but now the Enhanced Active Parking Assist
does allow you to do perpendicular parking, which is really,
really very interesting. [MUSIC] One of the other features here
is the Lane-Keeping System, which can alert you if you start
drifting out of your lane. So Sync 3 is, for all intents and
purposes, your mobile command center. You have access to your favorite apps. It’s also highly responsive. It is very much like your smartphone. So one of the other driver’s aides is
BLIS, which is blind spot assistance, and it tells me that in my
blind spot is a vehicle. So the one other feature that I hope
I’ll never have to really experience and use is the Pre-Collision Assist
With Pedestrian Detection. When a pedestrian or
car is in front of you, if you don’t react quickly enough,
the system can apply the brakes for you. This is a great feature for city driving. Just putting it all together, this car is
not just beautiful, but it’s intelligent. And so if you look at the exterior design,
you look at the LED lights, you look at the very strong lines. And then you look at all the technologies,
you can’t help but feel confident when
you’re driving this car. And I’m excited to go to the Ford Research
and Innovation Center in Palo Alto, California to frankly,
hear more about this car.

[MUSIC] Hi, I’m Cody. >> Hi, I’m Annette. I’m a vehicle engineer here
at Ford Motor Company. Thanks for coming today. >> Thank you for having me. I just got back from an awesome
test drive in this car. There’s all this technology
that I noticed immediately. So talk to me about some
of these technologies. >> So one of the things that we’ve
actually added is our adaptive cruise control with stop and go. So this allows you to set the speed and
then also set the distance of how comfortable
you are following the car in front of you. As that car slows, your car will
automatically slow itself as well. Now, in some stop-and-go
traffic situations, that car in front of you may not
actually come to a full stop. This vehicle can fully apply the brakes. And then once that car
in front of you goes, you just need to hit resume and
it will return to your original speed. >> That really is very helpful. >> This car is loaded with
technology features that help keep you more aware of your
surrounding when driving. >> So,
today I drove the 2.0L EcoBoost Fusion. So what are other drivetrains
that are available for this car? >> So,
we actually start with a 2.5L engine. You can then option up to a 1.5L EcoBoost. It’s a turbocharged direct inject engine. >> Yes. >> We also, for a spirited driver like
yourself, offer a 2.7L EcoBoost V6. >> Now you’re talking. >> 325 horsepower available on our Sport. And we do offer the pothole detection, and that helps reduce the impact of one
of those jarring pothole encounters. >> Sure. >> Keeping the ride more comfortable for
the passengers, as well as protecting
the components on your car. >> I know where I’m going to be, right? That 325 horsepower version,
that’s the one for me. >> And then we’ve also got our 2.

Hybrid as well as 2.0L Plug-In Hybrid. >> The great news is, you’ve created,
and what we have available here, is a car with a drivetrain for everyone. And I have to tell you,
I’m impressed, impressed. [MUSIC] I love this car.

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