Ford Focus St Line 1 5T Ecoboost 150 2016 Review Car Magazine 2018 Ford Focus St Automatic
Ford Focus St Line 1 5T Ecoboost 150 2016 Review Car Magazine 2018 Ford Focus St Automatic

2018 Ford Focus St Automatic Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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We’ve worked on a lot of cars over the years and done some crazy projects But one of the things that we’ve never done is work on a brand new car now I’m not just talking about modifying a brand new car. I’m talking about making one Which would mean making our way into a working operating factory and then somehow Inserting ourselves somewhere on the operating line to be part of making our own car now who, Would be crazy enough to let us do that? Now if you know anything about Mighty Car Mods, you know that we love turbos We love all wheel drives, and we love hatchbacks. Which is exactly why we’ve decided to get our hands on a Ford focus RS Now we emailed ford and said would it be possible in any way at all for us to be involved in the creation of this Car and they wrote back and amazingly said yes, so we’ve come to a little town called Saarlouis in the Southwest of Germany where our car is on the production line being made today It is literally being made right now This is the moment that we’ve been waiting for and we’re going to be involved not only in following the car But also getting our hands dirty as good as they get on brand new cars in actually creating this car ourselves Before it’s shipped back to mighty mods headquarters in Australia Martin this is gonna’ be freaking awesome. So good We’ve arrived in Germany to a beautiful town called Saarlouis. Which is just ten kilometers from the French border It’s a small city with a population of 35,000 people and the City’s largest employer is Ford Originally built on an old airfield in the 60s the Saarlouis plant started car production in 1970 and today produces the C-Max and the Ford focus, and we’re here to work on our own focus RS Which is getting built today. Our first stop is to check out the engine. The focus RS Is powered by A 2.3 liter inline 4-cylinder that sits in an east/west configuration both the head and block are alloy meaning it’s light, but durability is built-in using iron cylinder liners It’s got double overhead cams variable Cam timing piston cooling jets, as well as forged con rods and crank. With the help of a twin scroll turbo and a huge 26 pounds of Boost Pressure the engine puts out 350 horsepower this is then sent into the all-wheel-drive system via a 6-speed manual Gearbox. Our next stop is to check out the seat, and Australia does very well in this regard with recaros coming as standard, So right here is the recaro shell seat now while some areas of the world the RS gives you an option for seats in Australia They basically realized that if you’re given an option of a mad Recaro shell seat or a standard seat Everyone was just going to tick the box for a mad seat. So they just made them standard for RS in Australia. Now we spent a little bit of time in a Recaro factory And it’s awesome to see the attention to detail that goes into the seat and one of those seats is going into a brand new car. And I want one of those things for when we’re pulling seats out of cars Look at it. And there’s like a special plastic guard that they put there as well to make sure it doesn’t scratch scratch the car So cool, and then in the seat in the seat goes. And that’s amazing, Yeah, just like that And then all like the tooling is already set up the bolts already there, that’s all like torqued to specs straight away straight away Yeah, so good At this station there is a steady supply of spoilers being delivered This is where our car will get its badges and then the massive RS wing Later on we’ll be meeting the guy who designed it so we can ask the age-old question of whether the spoiler engineering actually increases performance This is where the driveline gets connected to the rest of the car and ours is on its way there right now That is our actual Rs. Like one you can tell by the white bumper on the front that temporary We’ll fix that later, but that is our actual car sailing through To go and get the rest of it like under-carriage and engine and all that although we often pull engines up and out of the engine bay for Most Modern mass-produced vehicles is much quicker and more efficient to load everything in from underneath the process of joining The Freshly assembled engine and all-wheel drive systems to the chassis of the car requires Robots with lasers working with humans to accurately align all the parts the body for the focus RS Is born from the same one that’s engineered for the regular focus with a lot of similarities But then the RS is built with a host of performance modifications to transform it into An all-wheel drive hot hatch that’s capable of some serious skids which we’ll be getting into a little bit later There’s a few bits and pieces that they leave On the kind this product production line like you’ll notice the bumper is not an RS bumper the brake have covers on them, but you can pick the subtle differences like the bigger brakes, massive brake calipers And all the extra fruity bits that happens later, this part of the line is where they’re screwing in those massive bolts that hold all? A sort of subframe to the actual shell of the car after this it’ll go to the RS modification center And that’s when they put on other little details that are specific to the focus Rs. But there it is. We’re in Germany This is freaking awesome Next up the focuses get their guard liners and air intakes then some fancy computer Whiz-bang-erey automatically matches wheel and tire selection and cues them to be installed on the line and once this is done Then we’re allowed to get involved you may have noticed on the focus RS That are coming down the production line with all the other cars They’ve got this sort of dummy bumper on the front of them And that is because the bumper that comes on the RS when it leaves the factory would not actually fit on there That’s right The RS’s are so fat and wide and mad that they’re too big To fit in all the tooling that they’ve got set up to make the focuses so that is why the cars need to come Here this is the vehicle personalization modification center And this is the place where all the different optional accessories people order when they order the car Get put on the actual vehicle in our case for our RS this is where the front bumper will go on, it’s where the side skirts will go on it’s where some of the Undertray stuff underneath the engine goes on and lots of other bits and pieces so come with us check it out It’s gonna’ be magical it’s gonna be Freakin fat and awesome our car has arrived in the modification center and our first job is to get rid of the dummy bumper and Replace it with an RS. Bumper which we’ll attempt to build ourselves This Rs.

Bumper requires over a hundred components and each one is put together by hand which an expert can do in around 20 minutes? This is Michelle who normally does this job uh just here? And I think she’s just quietly smiling about how long it’s taking us to do this you do this much faster. Yeah Yeah This it? See we haven’t had like great experience putting like badges and stickers on cars in the past, No never So it’s important that you get this right like this is not the "TRD Laser" This is an actual Ford, Now I just want to make a note of the fact that I’m going to be washing this thing Yes, a whole lot I’m going to be looking at it all the time. And if this is wrong you have no one to blame, I can’t blame the factory No, no, I can only blame myself So here we go actually really stressful, and I feel glad I’m not doing this component Do I have to line up this bit and then the bottom bit? RS badge. Oh that looks pretty good man, well done actually really good, I actually like the color too. That’s cool So the trick with this one marty you gotta line up the bottom but not actually press the bottom in yet. Yes, so Line all of that up But then actually press the top yeah, I’ll hit you up here I missed No, I didn’t miss. It worked.

We’re good.

We are All right the next up. We’re punching the hole This is a little holes for the plate where the washers go cause Australian car’s You’ve got H.D’s they have to be able to read the headlight. So this is a big punch that, punches a hole Just like that perfect, so when we’re removing the bumper now only one person is going to remove it so glad you’ve got two people There’s more chance of it getting scratched. So you just want one person And then we’re going to flip it. no pressure No pressure, and I want to help but I’m not allowed to Well done Marty. Solid. and machinery like the tooling so good. So good That’s you one too. It’s that one by one Okay, a lot of working goes into one bottle hey For some reason body even though we’ve done this kind of stuff a lot It feels really scary doing it to a brand new car that we don’t even own yet. Yes So there’s a very specific process and a specific Pattern of which one of these fasteners needs to go on at which times and make sure that the whole thing is sitting flat and In making it speed up to but you know what I’ll fuckin understand I can understand why they’re getting grumpy because we’ve got another bumper violently well Maybe we just held up their production line well there is that but also like so much of this stuff You know and you’re pulling cars apart, and you’re like. Why is it like this? Why do they make this part because this is fast now exactly what I get so I’m quickly, right? Schmucker Big Mac. I think she market is my new favorite German word. I’m pretty sure I just means smash it mate Thank you Look at that. Easy mode mission. See first thing. We’re just we’ve just really been working on cars together for 10 you revelation eyes efficiency, I Think Michelle thinks huh, no, you’re Gonna smack it smack. Oh smack at There’s my new favorite word smackers smoke it Once I stick it into I screw it, or do. I just I think you just smash it just finger vengeance Where you found them, okay? Smash as good as you can here we go Wiring looms yep? This is so satisfying Amen tick tick tick tick tick and yeah complete with little complete yep well Hey, It’s complete! Well it took us longer than 20 minutes, but our bumper is done So now we can install the subwoofer and then start working on some of the other components that are unique to the RS It’s also time to get rid of the dummy bumper which will be returned to the factory floor to be used again, okay? So now that the bump has finished the next step is that we’ve taken off the dummy bumper that was on there then the real One can go on and the one of the column rockers. They call a rocker panel via the sides good are called Rocker panel That’s that’s not going to translation though. Yeah, we’ve had times ago, and they looked at us like we were just crazy and That’s what goes on So now a bumper can go on the Rocker panels can go on Probably the other interesting thing that the word I keep hearing is smell and smell mean periyar you can’t really keep hurry up So those are things yeah, I keep hearing smell. I keep hearing smell and shizer No, that’s all I hear really I don’t know what they mean, but I don’t I mean you’re doing a good job While all focus models have suspension setups that are tried and tested on the street and the track the RS Get the number of additional components to help with rigidity and performance All of the work that we do today will be checked over and then signed off by an engineer to make sure that the car Is safe to leave the factory so this here is calling for the braking system So this is basically getting air that is coming in from the bumper and sending it over here into these Massive calibers these ducts were installing a said via large vents that fit on either side of the front bumper which feeds cool air to three hundred and fifty millimeter vented discs and for Poc Brembos which are engineered to track use our break the Guinness they call a lozenge What’s really interesting is each time? We do a little mod which I think is a good thing Then the actual technical growth check it and double check it again to make sure that everything is perfect before it leaves the factory I Guess I would do if my name was on it, right yeah I know because that’s the interesting thing the guys are signing the house inviting them to make sure that their check them for quality control Big front mount dude that’s Factory and a black epic black front now a black front mount from the Factory So these here are spring blockers now There’s a lot of things about this class that are a real anomaly and one of them is it’s too low And it’s actually two loads of transport so these here actually get locked in up here under the springs and that means the car can retain a bit of height and Actually be able to get around when it’s being transported We talked about cars being too low in Australia and these things it’s like they’ve got to raise it just to move it around Next up, we can install our bumper So awesome please really learning how to put tiles together by the guys that actually make them in the factory amazing And that’s it our car is ready to go on a ship bound for Australia But now we want to build deeper into the form and function of the car So we’re heading to cologne to meet the designer and lead engineer and while we’re there We want to find out what their attitude is towards people like us and modify cars after they have spent years designing and engineering Them from the factory The first person that we’re going to meet in cologne is ernesto.

Who’s the exterior lead designer for the focus RS Can you tell us a little bit about the process and how you actually design the car I’m assuming you started with a big block of clay, and then actually carved it out is that right? Well, that’s kind of the way. We do it. Yes The base is of course to focus so we have a couple of things we have to maintain All the sheet metal parts are the same as the base car however then mechanical parts gives disguise all the drives. It’s a bit different the engine requires a bit more cooling so we have a couple of engineering requirements and Therefore also big openings on the front end as you can see what are some of the design Considerations you have to make when you’re designing a car that is made to go considerably faster than a normal focus well first of all Cooling that’s the main thing but also downforce Aerodynamic features and the Rs. Is typically very functional. I mean there’s no Just design styling features everything has to work so it’s fit for purpose Can we talk about the spoiler or the rear-end there’s a lot of talk about spoilers? And I want to talk about their purpose and their working Does the spoiler actually do anything and if it does? how did you test it and design it while we test everything in the wind tunnel so we work closely with the aerodynamic engineers and Particularly on the Rs. Synthesis all the drive System, it needs downforce on the front and on the rear and since we have a big splitter on the front as you can see this like big black Thing in the front had a lot of downforce on the front them you need to counterbalance in the rear the front is so significantly different to any other focus So you differently? Definitely see the difference And in the rear I’ve put a bit of my own touch to it by having this embossed arrest logo in it something I took from my previous work as a road Rally car design designer. I did there also the Ford Fiesta Rally cars We took some design cues if you look closely from the fiesta Alaka’i and put them into the Ford focus RS Certainly the front openings, so what we did we eliminate any bars. It’s just a full functional opening for upper and lower intercooler the mesh is just very thin as a better openings for cooling and If you look closely also the we call the duck bone the black space in this growth That is pretty much what we have also on the Rally car How does it feel when you spend so much time and you put so much effort into designing a car? and then you see people modifying them that’s totally fine to me because of course we have our restrictions and Our ideas in the beginning of of course way while remember you get on the road later on we? Appreciate and look also what the customer does to the car because it gave us also in ideas? We as the designers have to look at the customer as well So you’re certainly a fan of people modifying the car once they’ve got it. Certainly well, that works well for us next up We’re meeting tyrone who is the performance engineer for the RS and the first thing? We want to find out about is the oil drive system. What we have is two clutches and the RDU the rear drive unit which basically adjusts themselves Constantly from all the way open in which case the car is a pure Front-wheel drive car – all the way closed Where the maximum amount of torque is transferred to the rear end of the car and then all kinds of intermediate? Settings where the system is controlling the dynamics of the car so you always have movement? Yeah, but if the clutches are open all you have is movement Movement is not equal to torque transfer You just have movement things are spinning So there’s no torque being transferred the torque gets transferred once the questions get close so the 2.3 liter The direct injection engine is an engine that already exists in its basic form in the mustang and the 2.3 little mustang But we knew we needed significally more power and torque so we had to make modifications to that So that’s how that position came about it fits in the into the platform in a base car Base focus the 2-liter, St Is essentially the same basic engine yeah so from a package point of view which fits and everything? So that’s how you know we started off with that decision So we have the exact same stroke and bore as in the mustang okay? But we’ve changed Sooner liners the head is different all new turbocharger the mustang is the north/south installation We have an east/west oscillation, so intake exhaust is completely different, so it’s quite heavily modified, but the basic Basic engine unit is essentially the same as an engineer You always trying to push the boundary what kind of power you will extract from one of these yeah always You’re always on the team of it get as much as we possibly can of that absolutely so the power output that you’ve got how do you how do you feel about that like from in terms as you think if You see people in the aftermarket pushing it is that something you like to see well. It’s interesting. I mean I know that We’re pretty close to the limit on this engine But everybody can decide what they what they want to do with it. I mean more power is always better But we have a lot more constraints than just more power These cars also have to serve as daily drivers for hundreds of thousand kilometers And so we have to think about that also. Now that’s enough talk. We’ve got a couple of focus RS and a closed track so it’s time for some launch control and some skids Full throttle and then let go of the clutch and just side-step the clutch.

Full Throttle Excellent the RS goes zero to 100 in just 4.7 seconds And of course now we have to try drift mode I like this a lot. So controllable Amazing. Windows down to clear the smoke. I love it. Are you gonna have a go? Yeah. Alright. Lets swap it over man. This is awesome. She’s so jelly. Tay Tay be so jelly man Yes Tires gone I need to see these You’re down to the belts. Yeah. Wow With the tire gone they brought us another Rs to play with and at this point All we can really say is that the hype is real This car is an absolute monster And it was an amazing opportunity to come to germany and work on our own car in the factory Right now our car is on a ship on its way to Australia, but until it arrives. We just have to wait .

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