Formule Ford New 2018 Ford Focus Sedan S For Sale In Granby 2018 Ford Focus Sedan
Formule Ford New 2018 Ford Focus Sedan S For Sale In Granby 2018 Ford Focus Sedan

2018 Ford Focus Sedan Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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We are with the Ford Focus Sedan. I previously have tested the 5 doors hatchback version of the Focus. Now is the time for the 4 doors sedan version. Let’s see what kind of features the Focus Sedan, which has a new 1.5 liters diesel engine under its bonnet and powershift automatic gearbox offer? Let’s analyze it together. I do not think of telling much about the design of the Focus Sedan because it’s front has a grill that is inspired, as all Ford models, from Aston Martin and resemble the other family members very much. Whereas when you observe it from the side it has an exact sedan form. As it started to drizzle now, I am getting behind the steering wheel and start the test drive. The cockpit design of the Focus sedan is exactly the same as its hatchback sibling and I can say that it is exceedingly similar to the other family member the Grand C Max that I have tested previously There is a touch screen here that dominates the mid console.

The beauty of this screen is that you can reach your phone as well as navigation, as well as music system, as well as A/C controls and the best part is that you can see them all together, as well as individually and use. The A/C controls are right under your hand and they are easily understood and used. In this section there are plenty of places for your small items. There is smallish place in front of the gear lever but you are able to put your mobile phone and wallet here. Behind the gear lever there is a sliding lid and there is a place behind it. And as I have mentioned in the Garn C-Max test the pieces sliding and fixing your articles is a very good application.

An armrest is also offered here but it is impossible to say big for it, I can just say barely sufficient. The quality of the materials used here is good. Soft plastic has been used at the top but under the doors and in these sections, use of hard plastic is more. But in any way when you take its rivals in this class into account, you see the same application in them too.

It is hard to say that the Focus Sedan is the best in its class in the matter of living space of the interior but it definitely satisfy the expectation all the way.

Quite good knee and headroom is offered at the rear seats, in other words there is room for adults to sit without too much difficulty but not in very much comfort. The third passenger’s feet, due to the high transmission hump will not be very comfortable. If a small comparison has to be made, the Skoda Octavia offers a better living space in the rear than the Ford Focus. The boot of the Focus Sedan offers 421 liters loading capacity and this clearly satisfy the expectations of this class but when viewed as numerical information it stands a bit below the class standards. Due to high loading bay and a bit narrow loading mouth you can be hard put to load and unload your articles. That is to say, consequently if a small comparison has to be made then I can say that in the subject of living and loading space the Skoda Octavia is one step ahead of the Ford Focus. Let us consider the engine and driving features of the Focus Sedan. Under the bonnet of the Focus Sedan a new 1.5 liters turbo charged diesel engine is functioning. This engine develops 120 HP and 300 Nm of torque and can be purchased in the Focus Sedan with 6-speed Powershift double clutch automatic gearbox. The working characteristic of the engine in my opinion is very good and it has lively and eager disposition. You clearly feel the 300 Nm of torque under your foot and further when you are on wet ground just as now and press the throttle you experience the skid of the car and the steering wheel pulling you left and right. I can frankly say that I find this engine very successful, it clearly answered my expectations and wishes completely. There is no question that the engine and the gearbox being incompatible, they work very well in harmony. If you wish, you are able to use the gearbox manually by the pedals behind the steering wheel. It gladdens me that the plus-minus sign on top of the steering lever to change the gears that were on the other Ford models I have tested in which I constantly criticized is missing in this car. In my opinion, the driving features of the Focus Sedan are exceedingly successful. Let me first mention briefly to you about the matter of comfort. You are able to have comfortable drive on highway as well as in the city due to well-adjusted suspensions. I have to say that the Focus Sedan on the subject of road handling is by far in front of its rivals in this class. In other words, if you are looking for a car in the compact Sedan class with dynamic driving features, I must say that you definitely should make your choice towards the Focus Sedan.

Naturally, in this, as much as the suspensions the quick and clear answering steering system, in my opinion, has a great share too. That is to say, in these type of winding roads the Focus Sedan not only gives you confidence but also increase your driving pleasure. Finally, let us see what kind of fuel consumption the Focus Sedan with the new 1.5 liters diesel engine with Powershift automatic gearbox presents. I have been driving this car for 5 days and have covered 300 km. At the moment, the trip computer indicates to me 6.6 liters fuel consumption averages. This value if you ask me is the real value a normal driver will face in daily use, but if you want to economize, I can say that this engine has frugal potential, in other words, you can bring the value down by your driving style. Ford Sedan as living space and as loading capacity is definitely not the most assertive in its class.

This has to be accepted. But in the subject of driving dynamics I think the Focus Sedan is the best. Also, the new 1.5 liters diesel engine with performance as well as frugal potential has features to satisfy the expectations all the way. If these criteria’s satisfy your expectations, I can imply that Ford Sedan is a very good choice. See you.

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