2017 Ford Focus Rs500 Could Reach 400Bhp Autocar 2018 Ford Focus Rs500
2017 Ford Focus Rs500 Could Reach 400Bhp Autocar 2018 Ford Focus Rs500

2018 Ford Focus Rs500 Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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[Soccer commentary] Well, you’re on time. Oh, you’ve begun already? I was reading soccer.
The match is actually quite boring. This car isn’t boring though. This isn’t a regular Focus RS,
but a Focus RS500. And in a couple of minutes
I had a great big smile on my face again. It is such a fun car! 500 of these RS500s will be made.and those will be the last Focus RSs made. It has gotten a couple of upgrades
over the regular RS. And that already was a beast
you could have a lot of fun with. Maximum torque has risen to 460 Nm.

This machine is just lightning fast. 0-62 in 5.6 seconds, 163 mph.

It hasn’t been limited to a 155.

It’s very strong in all situations. You can cruise at 60 mph in 6th gear.hit the throttle and it’ll go like stink.

It also sounds great.
This is such a brilliant car! I’ll show you something. I’m driving off in third gear.
Let the clutch come up, 1000 rpm. Of course it takes a little while to get going.but it really does that very well. Of course I discovered that by accident
because I forgot to change back to first.but it just shows how strong
and smooth this engine is. It really is unbelievable that
it picks up so easily. It has the trusty 5-cylinder turbo
we know from a couple of Volvo’s.and in the Focus RS and Focus ST. For this occasion
they’ve given it extra horsepower. In total it’s got 350 of them. And that from a 2.5 liter turbo,
that’s not bad. I hear you wondering if the RS has
front- or 4-wheel drive. With this many horsepower
it only has front wheel drive.

But that’s fine.
It’s dry now, that also helps. It has a limited-slip differential.and a RevoKnuckle front suspension
to stop the power pulling on the steering wheel. it’s just a brilliant chassis. You can go into corners so quickly that
you think that the rear has to slide away.because it just can’t go right. It’s way better than its competitors. Talking about competitors. This RS500, limited edition,
500 will be built.and Ford thought
let’s give it a nice prize tag. 62 grand. That’s quite a lot for a hot hatch. That’s much more expensive than all the rest. But that doesn’t seem to matter, because all 10
coming to the Netherlands, are sold. Ford thought the green was a bit boring.so they did something else with this one. They made it matte black. It’s wrapped. The car is really just black.but they wrapped it in 3M film. It again looks quite cool. It already stood out with all its air intakes,
spoilers and big rims. But in matte black it’s really a people-magnet.
Lots of people react to it. All the pieces come together in this one.this is like a hatchback-sized supercar. Is there nothing to complain about? Of course there is.
The prize is very high.its turning circle is also not very nice. There are very nice Recaros, but they’re
mounted quite high and you can’t lower them. But a car like this makes you greedy. This is a car that should be in the garage
next to your supercars.so that you can drive it once in a while. I’m done right? Is it a wrap? Right? Ok, then I can read the world cup again. Can you wash it? I also want to read. It has to be washed. But. [Soccer commentary] You have to wash it by hand by the way,
because of the wrap. Just get a bucket and some water
somewhere and wash it.

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