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– Hi there and welcome to a
Head 2 Head that we’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. The hot hatch episode. – [Voiceover] Not those hatches. – Oh. – [Voiceover] Those hatches. – Oh yeah. Ford Focus RS and a Golf R. – They’re hot. – They’ll work. – You sure we can’t just
light the Prius’s on fire? (engines zooming) – Braking to death. Yes, please. – Yeah, buddy. – Oh ho ho! – Going off the range, gimme all you got. (jaunty music) – Well we did it, we finally
got the Golf R together with the Ford focus RS. – Yeah ever since I drove
the RS I wanted to get these two cars together because
I genuinely couldn’t decide which one was going to
be better, but I love this car. – Yeah it was a big
shocker, Volkswagen boy. – What’re you talking about? (laughs) – On today, of all days? – Hold on, all right all
right I’ll take it off, (muffled) I’m rooting for the better car I’m rooting for the better car– – Oh come on! – What? – All right whatever Volkswagen boy. – So I own Volkswagens,
you own a Ford Fiesta ST. – First of all, my wife drives it– – You bought it.

– Yes, but I only bought it,
second of all, because Subaru stopped making a WRX wagon, anyways– – All that is a long way of saying– – The point is–
– Who cares what we own. – Right, but without any bias,
the Mark VII Volkswagen Golf may be one of the worlds’
best cars, full stop. – Absolutely, look we went
over this with the Audi TT, right, this is MQB based
it’s brilliant, however it’s brilliant to a bunch of
engineers; to a bunch of kids standing on the street, it kind of looks like a Volkswagen Golf. Once again a German car
company has looked a market and totally got it wrong, the
people that buy 300 horsepower all wheel drive hatchback’s
with manuals, they want fast and furious, they
want wings, they want crazy they want that Focus RS,
they don’t want grandma’s hatchback and that’s how this thing looks. – Well it drives fast and
furious– well it’s not furious, is it, it’s sort of
Novocaine. but it’s fast. – Yeah, look I got to say, if we
would have done this comparison 10 years ago, I would have been
like, ugh, this things boring but as a 41-year-old gentleman, boy, this is a pretty nice car. – You’re old, (both laughing)
and so am I so I’d say yes. – But I mean, getting back to
the Golf being the best car in the world, amazing the
composure, the ride quality, just the mechanical oily
goodness of this platform. It’s unbelievable. – This thing drives like an
AMG S class that happens to be a sub-compact hatch. – Yeah yeah. – Right? I mean the ride is
amazing, the MPH control is amazing, it sounds good, it
feels solid, there’s no rattles everything you touch
is really high quality, that’s impressive. – They’ve done a great job. – But it’s also a $38,000 hatchback. – Forty, the way it sits. – Forty yeah. Um, so you
drive, I’ll complain. Steering, really precise, dead. – Little noney. – Engine, revs high, feels
like a light fly wheel, huge turbo lag. – And yeah it’s kept a
little dead below 3,000 RPMs. – Right. – But that’s the nature of 2 liter turbos. – Well, 2 liter turbos with
turbos big enough to make 300 horsepower, but, why does
it sound like a 5 cylinder? Volkswagen does this weird
sound actor thing which is a vibrator that they put on the
firewall, and they put the 5 cylinder sound actor in
these cars (whhrlll) you get this 5 cylinder warble, why? – I think what it is, is your
in the era where everybody’s got a performance version
of a car, nobody starts off, except for Porsche with
a performance car, right? You have to have the $20,000 version and then you’re going to put
a bunch of stuff into it, but you want to have an isolated
ride, if it’s like a Cadillac for instance, you want
it to be a Cadillac, and then you put a Corvette
motor in there and like "Oh my god we need sound,"
so what’s the cheat? Come in through the speakers. – Right. Other things I don’t love: Haldex all wheel drive. – Ah, yes now explain that
to our viewers at home. – The Haldex is a brand name,
and it’s a brand name for a system that has a take off
shaft off the transmission and basically this is a front
wheel drive car that can add rear bias. – How much for your bias can it add? – Fifty percent. – That’s it? – That’s it, but you can’t
ever decouple the front tires, so Haldex and Haldex-type
systems are a recipe for under steer. – Under power. – You go to the gas, the only moves ever going to happen is power;
the car is neutral, you can turn into a corner and it’ll get nice and loose in the
back but as soon as you go back to the gas, under steer. – Right. – Don’t love that. – Things I don’t love; the
shifter, it’s sloppy it’s got that rubbery feel that
German cars have and I’m– – Yeah it’s nice snickety,
short throw, it’s kind of a long cable shifter, and
it’s a long throw and– – Dude, what do you think
that’s from, you think that German’s never get Miata’s
or Honda’s, they just– – But German’s get
Porsche’s and Porsche’s have great shifters. I think
this is an economy car and it has economy car roots. – Right. – And everything is light and
tactile in an economy car, you know you get a long shifter
travel, long clutch travel– – And it doesn’t really
translate to an R and this car should have a big-ass spoiler
on it, it should look a little bit nuts. – Yeah, stripes right? I don’t necessarily want to fake exhaust pops and stuff like
that, but it could have a little bit more extreme personality. – Yeah, the Golf R is not a boring car– – No. – It’s just in the STI, VSS, TWRX Focus RS, Focus RT segment– – It’s sober. – It’s a sober, mature
-cherlin?- take on a segment. – But it is fast as
hell around a back road. – It is really fast on a back road. – There are very few super
cars that can keep up with hot hatches on back roads
because they have all this suspension travel and
they’re narrow, but- I have a surprise for you. – For me? – Yeah can you pull over, right over here. – Why does it have a hamburger? – Oh, ’cause it’s German. – Oh what the hell is this?
Come on, what is this? – This is important
stuff, this is science. – Your dirty old sex toy is science? – It’s not old. Okay look, she needs a heart transplant, right she’s barely clinging
to life, you got to go up the road, pick up the heart
and then come back down the road as fast as you can. If you don’t make it within
two minutes, she dies. – What if I don’t care? – You’re being paid to care. – Story of my life. All right. – All right, hold on,
you’re going to need this. – Oh come on. – And now come on your mom will
be so happy, he’s a doctor! Excuse me, I’m going to go get
the Focus, I’ll be right back. – You get the Focus? I hope you don’t make it back! – Right, launch control active
Jonny will have no chance. He he he. – I bet you he’s bragging about
how he’s going to beat me. (slow jazz music) I need to see a doctor. – I am not convinced there
is any car in the world that would be faster on this road
then this RS over these jumps. (rock music) – 14 billion years ago the
universe was a singularity and yet somehow here I am standing
in a lab coat in the middle of a redwood forest, waiting
for Jason to show up with a jello heart for his blow up doll. Life is absurd. – There is nothing in this
world that I enjoy more than tormenting Jonny Lieberman
with stupid challenges that I know he hates except
tormenting him with stupid challenges and then beating
him (evil laugh) which I’m going to do without question. – This is so stupid, you
know I actually have a degree in philosophy? But like Nietzsche said, there
is no moral phenomenon, only moral interpretation of phenomenon. – I have the win locked
down. Here we go, here we go. Come on, and ha! – Fire! Fire! Axle on fire. – What? Oh Jesus! – Brakes on actual fire. Don’t tell me I didn’t make it. I made it. – Good news and bad news. If I round down you did
do it in about a minute 58 however, you caught the
car on fire and that took about three minutes to put
out and walk over here so, she’s dead (record scratches). – Shit. – Exactly. – Ugh, but I tell you what
though, my insides are rattled apart, that thing
rides like it has sand in the shock absorbers,
it’s just bleeeehhhha. – All right all right no more
excuses, show me your heart. (laughing) Dude that’s a crime scene. (Jonny laughing, Jason
laughing and gagging) – Well, so she died twice,
congratulations, good job. – Thank you. – Let’s have a moment of
silence for our dearly departed and them I’m going to go drive the Golf. – ‘Kay. Ahh! – Okay Volkswagen Golf
R delivering a heart I’ve never launched this car
in my life so I’m going to pretend 4,000 RPMs and dump the clutch is the right way to do it. – Johnny, ready in three two one. Go! – Nope! (laughs) – He’s got no chance. – Oh oh oh! Boy you know
one thing I wish Volkswagen offered on the Golf R is more tire, if this thing had a set of
cub 2s like the Ford has – 26 seconds in, I bet
he’s already complaining, "Oh my god you had filut sport
cub 2s, I only have Conti’s "blah blah blah," slow poke. – I’m just not trusting
the rubber on this. The car feels really good,
the grip is great when you’re pulling out of corners,
but actually cornering getting tire squeal and
it’s not what you want when you’re driving as close
to as hard as you can. But boy I do like this engine quite a bit, compared to the Ford it really revs out. – Listen, he’s going to go to
that jump, he’s going to slow down to like 10 miles an
hour and just go eeeeek right over it. That’ll save him like
30 seconds right there. – Gettin’ a little airborne,
my neck hurts, okay tires squealy squealy but
you know what, for as fast as I’m going it’s fairly relaxed in here. – Oh dear, can someone
call the coroner, please? – For as dumb as delivering a
jello heart to a sex doll is, (laughs) I’m really having a good time. ‘Kay here we go, breaking zone. – Oh, wait hold on,
here he comes, and stop. – Well, despite everything
I thought that was actually a little bit of fun. – Or poor you. – And I’m thinkin’ this
thing actually rides okay, I think your hearts going to
be in good shape, and there’s quotation marks around that heart. – Doesn’t matter. – What d’ya mean? – She’s dead. 15 seconds late. – Oh my god. – I want to look at
that. Heart looks good. – I mean if that’s your
definition of good, looks okay. – Success-ish! – Yeah I’m so sorry she’s
dead, anyways enough of this nonsense, let’s go drive the Focus. – Let’s go. – Which of course will
just be more nonsense. – [Jason] Seriously!? (jazz music) – I’m going to do something different. After I point out that this
thing rides like absolute garbage, I’m not going to say
a single bad word, I’m not going to complain about anything. – Okay I’m going to come up with
three things I like about it, and then I guess I’ve have
to do all the nitpicking. – Okay. – I love the paint, totally
boyish totally silly, what is this one called– – [both] Sacré bleu? (laughing) – It should be, let’s see,
I love the fact that they actually were like, "Ya know
what, here, 350 horsepower," I mean it’s such a crazy number– – Stupid. – And also "Hey, here’s 350 pound feet "of torque as well, do it." – Lot of power. – Lot of power, I love that and
I love the fact: stick only. – Yeah I was going to say that! – ‘Cause you know what, that’s just cool. – There’s no faster way to
dilute your sporty car than to offer with an automatic. Sorry. – Well, if it was a dual
clutch, hey ya know it’s still quick and all that–
– Nah, pphhhtt. – But I love the philosophy
behind, okay stick only. – Right. – We know we’re not going to
sell as many as we could, but the people that do buy it will love it– – Love it more. – And they’ll talk it up,
like this is my special car. – But, okay, torque vectoring
and I’m not talking about torque vectoring by braking
because it has that too, but actual torque vectoring. – Yeah. – So, unlike the Haldex system,
this thing sends power to the diff at all time and
then there are two clutches, one for each side that
can decided whether or how much power to send to the rear. That diff is over driven which
means it’s spinning faster then the front wheels are
so as those clutches engage, it tries to turn the rear
wheels faster than the front, which means it can transfer
more than 50% of the power to the back and because
it gets to do it on an individual wheel by wheel
basis, it can do things like this full throttle through
this corner – wooooo! – I really don’t think there
is a car in the world, not on planet earth that
can deal with a back road like this thing, unbelievable. – I mean, it’s incredible
for a hot hat, I think it a Nisan GTR’d leave it
for dead and I think– – I think it’d rip it’s
front bumper off and– – Nah, and like a 911 turbo,
however, listen to what I’m coming up with as things
to compete with my $40,000 Ford, are Nissan GTRs
and Porsche 911 turbos, this thing is utterly amazing. – Ridiculous. – It really is and
again, is it compromise? Yeah, are all cars that we really love deep down compromise? Of course!
– Seventy-five! Listen, I love that Golf
R, but I love this Focus RS and here’s why, this engine
might not have the best personality and has a lot
of fake noise, listen now, ready–(revving motor) ugh,
I don’t know why they’re making this have terrible noises. – It’s kind of in stereo, it’s weird. – It’s coming through the speakers– – It’s off, it’s off a little– – It’s awful and it’s this
weird like, 40 hertz resonant thing that blows your
eardrums out, it sounds like absolute garbage and I know
why, because this engine sounds like shit outside, too. I mean, really, judging as
a car, right, the Golf is a far better car than a Focus is. – Again, only engineers
care, I would say they got the big stuff right here:
steering wheel, excellent shifter, better that the Volkswagen– – Wait wait wait, go
back to steering wheel. Steering, unbelievable. This is an electrically
power assisted front wheel drive based car that has
no torque steer and yet all of this information’s
coming through brilliant. – They did a good job, and
it’s about as good as a front wheel drive based car
can get in terms of steering. – Oh yeah. – This is up there with
like the old Integra’s, you know what I mean? – Yeah. – It’s just like real good. – This is unbelievable. I will say that this ride is
truly, unnecessarily harsh. And I like a hard ride
but this is just absurd. And the fact that the Golf
can mostly keep up with this on a back road without losing
composure in the corners, tells me that it’s really
just not necessary, I mean it’s fun, hey let’s see if we
can get opposite lock again. (tires squeal) – Look at that! – Okay that was a drift. – See?
– That was a drift. – Drift in a hatch. – Yeah that was a drift,
I felt the rear move but these tires are just
a little too sticky for drifting, actually
speakin’ of too sticky and kind of gimmicky and unnecessary
things, we haven’t really talked about drift mode. – Drift mode is a simple
gimmick to allow you to do donuts, it’s a misnomer
it should be donut mode. And for that we need a big
parking lot and mysteriously, through the magic of
television, every time we need a parking lot, or race track,
we pull up and we’re on one. – Magic. – But, could you please
explain to me why it’s always 900 degrees at a race track. – ‘Cause they build ’em on the sun. – It’s unbelievable. – Oh, come on, spare me, please. Jesus Christ. – What? – Nothing, nothing at all. – Just another Volkswagen shirt. – I’m going to leave mine on so
they don’t see my AMG tattoo. Go, go. Jesus Christ. (both laughing) – [both] All right, drift mode. – So if I remember correctly,
you just basically put it in first gear, turn
the wheel, and floor it. (tires squealing) – [Jason] It’s doing it! – [Jonny] Okay, it’s pretty good. – [Jason] Poor thing! – [Jonny] I take it all
back, that’s pretty good. How abusive is that to
the rear end, though? – Horrible. It’s horrible
to this poor car. Even I, who was born without
the gene for mechanical sympathy feels bad for this poor car. All right, C minus for the drifting? – It was actually better
than I thought, but hey, best front wheel drift car ever. (laughing) – I love that all wheel drive
has solved the basic problem of the hot hatch, which is
that you can’t really have that much fun on track,
’cause they just under steer. Not this one, I mean, these
cup 2s have so much grip that your can’t really get
this thing sideways under power but it does go pretty
neutral and really rockets out of corners– – What the hell is that? – Prius’s! We’ve been Prius-ed. – We can’t go anywhere
in California without hittin’ a Prius. – There we go, goodbye.
(honking at Prius’s) – It’s ridiculous. – Goodbye, goodbye. – It’s unbelievable. What the–? – Well you know, these
are hot hatches, we keep saying how fast they are
in real world traffic and look at how quickly we
blew through those Prius’s. – We really should have lit
those things on fire when we had the chance. (Jason laughing) – Let’s get back in the Golf
with one caveat from me, as VW fan boy, though, it’s
got no chance in keeping up with this car because of the tires. – We’re here for fun, man,
tracks aren’t always about times. They can be fun, too. – Ya know what’s going to be
fun, air, right here, ready? – Yeah.
– Boom! (laughing) The suspension is not too
hard on track, though, is it? – It’s perfect on track. – And you know it’s interesting,
you actually feel a good bit of body roll. – What’s also cool is, a
car that’s so aggressive it can attack a race track like
this, the limits are low, you know what I mean, it’s
not like we’re going 150 miles an hour in a corner,
it feels just as fun as if we were, but it’s
a really cool package. – I’m going to disagree with
you about the low limits because this cornering
force is unbelievable, I will say it’s an easy car to drive. [Both] Yeah. – You’re not risking a lot to
have as much fun as would– – Speaking of risking, Prius
(honking at other cars). – You got it, bam bam bam.
All right, later Prius’s. – God, they’re like sloths,
and they’re everywhere. – Unbelievable, even on
a race track you can’t even have fun anymore. – Oh, I’m having plenty of fun now. All right, let’s go
and drag race the cars. – Um, why are we on the drag strip? – Because we’re going to
drag race, but hold on, I have to engage launch control. – So if I went right now you
wouldn’t be able to launch so in the real world this is
the faster car, but you have like an M5S, 15 step
process to get the launch control activated? – Driver assist, hold on
launch control. I got it. Okay ready? – No, I’m not ready, you
have more power, more torque more tire, a better all wheel
drive system and a wing. This is hopeless, is there
any way to launch this Volkswagen hard? This is hopeless. – Why do you think
you’re in the Volkswagen? – All right, you know what,
I refuse to lose another one of these, cue the intern. – Seriously?! – You’re the one who insisted
on being in the Ford, so that’s what you get. – All right I’m ready
now. Three, two, one. Go. (engines roaring, tires squealing) We beat the Prius. Winner winner, chicken dinner. – [Jonny] All right all right all right, enough of this gimmick crap. – [Jason] Drag races are
never gimmicks, but yes, let’s do that. Of Christ, there’s those Prius’s again. – Oh, check this out, world’s
first Prius slowing (honking). – Don’t like you! Don’t like you! Ya know this thing handles
pretty good around Prius’s. – Hate you! Let’s be honest,
we’re not really accomplishing much on this race track,
but we are showing that the anecdote to having to
drive appliances like that are cars like these. – Ya know, I got to say
I’m surprised at how good those thing is on track. – It’s a great little track car. – You think of hot
hatches just 10 years ago they overheated immediately,
the brakes went to the floor, immediately, they
under-steered terminally and they weren’t all that
fast, they were great on a back road but terrible on a race track. And this one, even despite
the Haldex all wheel drive, is still fun and still good– – I think a lot more of
this car after driving on track then I did driving on the road. – I’ll tell you what– – Even though it’s good on
the road, it’s just a blast out here on the track, but
anyways we do need to conclude this episode, so I suggest we exit the race track and pick a winner. – So, what have we learned? – Nothing, we’re still
professional idiots. – (laughs) No, we’ve learned
that all hot hatches are amazing, especially these two. – Uhhuh. – We’ve also learned that this color, sacré bleu, is better than
wolfs burg schnoz berry. – (laughing) Yeah, that’s
true, we’ve also learned that on a back road both
these are great cars however, this one is in a league of it’s own. – And it does drifts, and
it’s faster in a drag race. – Mmhmm. And it’s faster
on a race track although, I’m going to say something a little weird, I think the Volkswagen’s more fun, you have to work harder for that speed, where it’s almost easy in
this, but let’s be honest, the Ford leaves the VW
for dead on the track. – Oh they’re in completely
different leagues. And part of that is due to the tires and part of it’s due to torque
vectoring all wheel drive, that makes a huge difference. But, while I agree with you
that that car is slightly more fun on the track,
it’s not really fun when you’re just driving. – It’s not special, like at
the gas station this morning the kids came up to look
at this one, and I’m like, "Hey guys, I’m right here,
also with a cool hot hatch," and it didn’t count. – No. And $40,000, that’s real
money, and so my question is if you’re spending real
money on what is effectively a compact economy car, do
you want a really good car, or are you spending that money for fun? – I’d be spending that money for fun. – Even with the Ford’s ride quality? – Even with the ride quality. – Even with that silly spoiler? – Even with that wing. – Yeah, me too. – And there for the winner
of this Head 2 Head is: – Not the Volkswagen. – The Ford Focus RS. – Yep. – Jason, burn that shirt. – Nope. – Seriously, burn it. – Seriously, no. – Intern, where’s my torch? – Intern, I paid you $50
to not give him the torch. – Huh, can we get another intern? – Come on, seriously, you’re
going to light stuff on fire? Think of this environment,
this whole hill would go up. – Then we just like four miles a gallon for the last three days in this thing? – Eleven! Prius like,
isn’t miles per gallon. – There’s no people here, who
cares if we burn this down? – But, the cars’ll burn. – That’s a good point, I kind
of like these cars, plus I got to drive this one back to L. – Yeah, I’ll take that home
for a month. Or a year. I’d totally go with that car– – This would be a good,
kind of daily driver. – It would. Yeah, yeah. – I still like this one better. – Yeah, me too.

2018 ford focus rs price

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