2018 Ford Focus Sedan Owensboro 2018 Ford Focus Gas Mileage
2018 Ford Focus Sedan Owensboro 2018 Ford Focus Gas Mileage

2018 Ford Focus Gas Mileage Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel today I’m going to show you a Ford that
can get 97 miles per gallon gas mileage it’s called the Ford Fusion Energi
and it’s not some tiny micro car that you can barely fit in it’s pretty much a
full-size four-door modern car but the trick to the gas mileage hey it’s in the
trunk it’s a hybrid plug-in there’s a giant lithium-ion battery inside here
and yes you can plug it into your houses electrical system plug it into any
outlet you have outside your house then go to a charge port outside and plug it
in some little blue lights outside means it’s charging, when all four are
lit up solid that means it’s fully charged. Then when you’re driving the car
you can have it on automatic where it switches between electric and non
electric or you can have it as an electric vehicle only on EV or you can
put it on EV2 to where I’ll be recharging the battery while you drive
so when you’re driving in town it can use an Atkinson cycle gasoline engine in
conjunction with the electric motor system to get the equivalent of 97 miles
per gallon now I know some people are going to say all this electronic
technology, not dependable it breaks than what do you do well just
realize that this hybrid technologies been out for quite some time so it’s
very reliable in the case of the fusion all the electronic components have an
eight year 100,000 mile warranty so the expensive battery inside this
trunk it’s good for eight years or a hundred thousand miles trouble-free they
last a lot are that normally but you don’t have to think about it for eight
years or one thousand miles and even though it gets great gas mileage it’s not
some slug that can’t even move out of its own way and there’s a reason for that gasoline
engines have to rev up pretty fast in order to get out the maximum power but
electric motors have 100 percent of their power whenever you turn them on so
soon as you turn on an electric motor if it’s a 60 horsepower motor you got
instant 60 horsepower and electric motors are super quiet listen to this the only thing you hear when you’re
accelerating is the motor given a slight little hum and the tires rolling down
the road but unlike a fully electric car that when you run out of electricity
you’re screwed you can’t go anywhere this fusion energy will turn the gas
motor back on and look at this, it will have a range of 471 miles now I’ve
already used up a couple gallons of gas so it’s certainly not going to strand you on
the highway with no power so if you don’t mind plugging your car in to get
97 miles per gallon you might think about getting one of these fusion
energies and remember if you have any car questions, just visit the Scotty Kilmer Channel, and I’ll answer em as soon as I’m done driving this Lincoln .

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