2018 Ford Focus Electric Magnetic 107Kw Electric Motor Donnacona Ford 2018 Ford Focus Electric
2018 Ford Focus Electric Magnetic 107Kw Electric Motor Donnacona Ford 2018 Ford Focus Electric

2018 Ford Focus Electric Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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[SOUND] Hey, what’s up? I’m Derek D.
>> I’m Sam. >> And we are at a wind farm here in
Southern California which really is the ultimate in green energy. >> I’d say so. >> Yeah, and we got these
Ford Electrics behind me right here and we’re going to talk about those today. You know, of course,
we’ve heard of the Ford Fusion Hybrid.

The C-MAX Hybrid, today,
we’re talking about plug-in hybrids. >> Specifically, the C-MAX Energi and
the Fusion Energi. >> Some people are like, hey, what’s the difference between hybrid and
plug-in hybrid? Well, it’s just that, it plugs in and
it gives you extended range, Sam. >> The plug-in hybrids have an electric
motor and a gasoline engine, just like a regular hybrid, but they have
a much larger battery that allows you to plug it in and
use it like an all electric vehicle. >> Funny you should say all-electric,
because we have this Focus Electric right here which is a 100% gas free, and
you get zero carbon emissions Sam, zero. And with five electric vehicles and
a hybrid in every category, if you’re in the market for one, I think
Ford’s got what you’re looking for. >> Well,
let’s see if they’re fun to drive. >> I’m excited about it. [SOUND] Hey, there. >> Hey, Sam, what’s up man? >> This Ford Fusion Energi
is a lot of fun to drive, basically because of being plug-in hybrid,
that’s exactly what you do, you plug it in and it gives you better
battery capacity and extended range. Now, one of the really cool things is, that is an EPA estimated total
driving range of 610 miles. Which is very far and
allows the fun to last. >> Well, because plug-in hybrids
have more battery capacity than a traditional hybrid, C-MAX Energi I’m
driving actually has an EPA estimated 570 miles of total driving range. And like all Ford EVs, it uses regenerative
braking to give you more power back to the battery when you brake. And with that gas motor,
it also extends your range. >> Yeah, smart gauge with eco-guide and brake coach provides
real-time information. Coaches you to drive and
brake more efficiently. >> And the navigation system actually
helps you find those charging stations when you need them. >> Yeah, SYNC 3 connects you to your
world through your smartphone, touch screen displays power flow, status,
usage data, and charging information. [MUSIC] The plug-in hybrids and the Ford Focus
Electric plug into a standard 120 volt wall outlet for a full charge. >> Or you get the optional
240 volt charging station which charges your Focus Electric
in five and a half hours, but your Fusion Energi or
C-MAX Energi in a short two and a half. Which I gotta say, it’s pretty fast and
efficient and it’s easy to install. >> So, here we are in the Ford Focus all-electric, hundred percent electricity. >> No gas. This thing actually has a longer
range now than before, a hundred and fifteen miles, EPA estimated,
that’s actually a pretty long way to go. It’s actually kind of fun to drive,
this is a nice windy road, we got some mountains, got plenty of power getting up
and down these hills, it’s very smooth. Nice quiet power. >> I mean,
I’m not in the driver’s seat yet. And when I am,
I’m interested to feel that instant torque you get in electric vehicles,
which is always fun right off the line. [MUSIC] >> So Sam, I’m pretty comfortable here. How about you? >> I’m doing very good. These are actually soy-based biofoam seat
cushions that we’re sitting on here. Very environmentally friendly. >> [LAUGH] That’s pretty awesome, and that’s not just in
the Ford Focus all-electric. It’s kind of across the board in
all Ford’s vehicles currently, which is pretty cool. >> Ford’s very big into that. >> Yeah,
it’s cool to say like soy-based bio foam. Yeah I keep my butt in soy-based
bio foam and it feels good. [MUSIC] So, what did you think
of the Fusion Energi? >> I love the Fusion Energi. Besides it looking great Sam,
let’s be honest, it’s sleek. >> It’s you. >> It’s me.
>> But it was really cool switching between automatic mode and EV. It seemed pretty constant which I dug. What about you and the C-MAX Energi here? >> What I really like about this is, it’s
got the plug-in hybrid fuel economy but you also get versatility of a vehicle
that you can go to the home store with. >> Hm-mm.
>> You can take it camping. I can take it out on a photo shoot
with all my gear in the back of it and still have the kind of fuel economy that
wouldn’t even expect in most economy cars. That’s very cool. And the coaching
>> The coaching on the regenerator. >> The brake coach, yeah. >> That was fun. >> Yeah.
>> But it also, it’s good. Good to learn a little bit. Now, what about this? This being all-electric,
a little bit different from these two.

>> Yeah, the Focus, all-electric. >> I was totally impressed with the power and how much fun it was to drive
up here in the mountains. That big downhill stretch. >> Yeah.
>> In the mountain, we actually got more power. >> Out of that regenerative braking and
it put it back into the battery. We had more range, that was amazing. >> If I were you or you were me, where would we go to find
out some more information? >> That would be Ford.com or you can
share to the Ford YouTube channel. [MUSIC] .

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