Five Hundred Vehicles For Sale Friendly Ford Roselle Il 2018 Ford Five Hundred
Five Hundred Vehicles For Sale Friendly Ford Roselle Il 2018 Ford Five Hundred

2018 Ford Five Hundred Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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Justin: I’m Justin with
and in this site we’re going for 500 wheel horsepower naturally aspirated with our 2018
Mustang. So the 2018 Mustang has been out for a little
while now and we’ve really gotten to like this car over the last few months. Now sure, not everyone is crazy about that
front end refresh. However, one thing we can all agree upon is
that newly pumped up Gen 3 Coyote under the hood and it being completely bad ass. It’s amazing what a little bit more compression
along with that dual style fuel injection will do for you, as we’ve seen a lot of set
ups out there already making big power and a couple of guys I know personally have already
eclipsed that 500 wheel mark naturally aspirated with their 2018. So that’s what we’re gonna do here today. We want to see how far we can take our 2018
six speed car using some basic bolt ons and 93 octane, and then from there we’re gonna
drain that 93 octane, throw some E85 in this thing, and see if we can eclipse that 500
wheel horsepower mark naturally aspirated.

Guys, you’re gonna want to share to our
YouTube channel if you haven’t already done so for more cool content like this, but for
now let’s get this thing on the lift and start wrenching. So again, guys, basic premise of this site
is to see just how far we can get with basic bolt ons here on our 2018 and then turn things
up a little bit.

Now I don’t know if it gets anymore basic
than installing a cold air intake on your Mustang. So under the hood now we have JLT’s 2018 specific
kit featuring their massive 120 millimeter opening here for the mass airflow sensor. Now full disclosure, guys, Ford has gotten
very good at designing their airboxes for these Coyote cars, to the point where they’re
very efficient and they work very well. Which means aftermarket guys like JLT have
to work a little bit harder to squeeze some gains out of their systems. Now a good way to go about doing this, increase
that mass airflow opening, but at that point you do require the use of a custom tune. The JLT, listen, it fits great.

They retweaked the system a little bit to
fit the new intake manifold cover here on the Gen 3 Coyote, but overall it fits like
a glove. As you can see we’ve got the massive S&B 5×7
filter under there. They do include this little guy here to really
block out all that hot engine bay air. You can use it if you like or, if you think
it looks goofy, you can just simply yank it out. They do also allow you to drill this thing
if you want to keep that sound tube. We didn’t go about that route. This is all about making power here with our
2018. So up next, guys, we’re moving underneath
the car. Really gonna uncork the exhaust here with
this Gen 3 Coyote and hopefully make some more power. All right, bolt on number two here guys. Long tube headers. Now Tone has been cranking away on our 2018.

He’s got the stock manifolds out already.

His knuckles are looking surprisingly good
for now. I have a feeling that’s gonna change once
he goes to throw these long tubes up. Now long tube header is definitely one of
those top basic bolt ons. I say basic, yes they’re a little bit more
labor intensive but it’s one of the things guys oftentimes check off the list because
you’re gonna get some more power and definitely some more sound out of your setup, no matter
what gen Mustang we’re talking about. For this particular build we’re going with
Corsa’s new 1 7/8th inch long tube header. It’s their offroad header, meaning there’s
no cats which should allow for bigger gains at the end of the day. Really, really nice product guys. I mean if you know the Corsa stuff, you know
their exhaust systems, it’s about damn time they make a long tube, am I right? Because they make some really killer stuff. So I’m gonna hand this thing off to Tone now
and I’m gonna let him bust his knuckles up a little bit more on this, and then we’ll
move onto our next product. He’s laughing. All right guys, so Tony just finished up with
the install of the Corsa 1 7/8th inch long tube headers. Bless his heart and his hands. They’re a little worse for wear now, but the
headers are in place so that means it’s time to install our exhaust system.

Corsa designs their long tube headers to work
in conjunction with their Corsa catback systems, which you have a number of options, of course,
but we’re using a very new and exciting product from Corsa, their active exhaust system. Which I’m really stoked about. Listen, active stuff is all the rage lately,
especially when you have a long tube header in place, right, because things can get very,
very loud. So if you have the ability to quiet things
down with a push of a button, all the better right? So that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna install this next. Then it’s time to get this car over to the
dino, make some noise on 93 octane, see where the car is now with full bolt ons, and then
maybe turn things up a little bit. All right guys, as you can see the car is
off the lift with its full bolt ons now in place, including that massive JLT under the
hood and full Corsa exhaust system, including their 1 7/8th inch offroad headers and their
active exhaust system, as well.

Spoiler alert, this thing is going to be extremely
loud so plug your ears. Headphone warning on this particular dino
site. We’re gonna wrap it all together, by the way,
here with a VMP tune, again, because that intake requires it and also because we’re
trying to squeeze as much power out of this thing with 93 octane in the tank. See how close we can get to that 500 horsepower
mark and then maybe change the fuel and have a little bit more fun, but for now load our
tune, hop in, and make some noise. All right guys, so we’re getting ready to
do our pull but we do have our laptop on hand. We’re gonna data log this. That’s important really with any ability. You should be data logging your setup just
to make sure the car’s happy, send that off to your tuner, because you want to make sure
the tune’s happy, you’re gonna make the most power, and you’re gonna do some safety. So we’re gonna data log this thing, we’re
gonna pull it in fourth, of course, because now with the 2018 one-to-one is fourth and
not fifth like some of the previous generation cars. And I’ve got my buddy Tony in the passenger’s
seat for moral support. Right? Tony: Yeah. Justin: There you go.

So let’s make some noise. Ugh, loud noises. All right, there we go. Huh? You all right? You got hearing still? Well, guys, it was certainly loud enough and
forgive me for talking loud because I have no hearing, but 474/430. I mean, compare that to our baseline numbers
of 437 and 401. Full disclosure, that was our second pull
with the mods because we had some dino malfunction on our first pull. It’s Monday, you know, everybody’s a little
grumpy this morning. So this thing was pretty hot when we did that
second pull and it’s still making 474 and 430 to the tire, full bolt ons, and pump gas.

So that’s very, very impressive. As someone who has had a Cobra Jet manifold
and full bolt ons on my 2014 and barely make 420, to be making almost 475 horsepower using
your basic bolt ons and pump gas, that just says a lot about what these cars are capable
of. And of course we can’t forget to thank our
friends over at VMP. Now we have some E85 laying around the shop
here, so let’s run out the rest of this 93 and see if we can hit that 500 number. Let’s go. Five down, five to go. All right, so there you go guys. We’re done uploading our VMP E85 tune. Now, again, we made about 474ish on 93 with
these bolt ons. Eighty-five is great. I know not everybody has access to it, but
if you do you know how awesome it is. I have it on my white car. Car makes probably about 50 to 75 more wheel
just using a different tune and that fuel. It really is just pump gas race fuel. It’s a beautiful thing. Yeah, we’re all done loading up the tune. We’re gonna fire this thing up and see if
we can get that 500 number. All right, here we go guys. I think I did it. All right, that is awesome. As you can see we’ve got the crew in here. We’re really excited because the car just
did it. Five hundred and eight to the tire. I guess you could say 509, really, if we’re
rounding up. Four fifty-one torque. I mean these little small displacement 302s
typically don’t make that kind of torque. That is awesome. So there you go, guys, JLT 1 7/8th inch long
tube, exhaust, and of course VMP hooking us up with a killer tune. This is an email tune. This is his first revision and we’re making
over 500 horsepower to the tire. Damn, I’m gonna sell my 2014 and get one of
these 2018s because they are the truth. This is awesome. I’m happy. I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. I’ve got goosebumps, man. This is really exciting to me and just shows
how awesome these cars are. Man, I can’t stop smiling. That’s so cool. So 509/451. Unbelievable. You know what time it is. I have to get this thing on the street and
see what 500 plus to the tire feels like NA. All right guys, so here we are. We’re in our 500 wheel horsepower naturally
aspirated 2018. Damn that feels cool to say. That’s SAE by the way, guys. I know I didn’t say it in the dino room. We didn’t cheat using standard correction
or anything like that. That is legit SAE numbers and it’s very impressive. With the CJ on this thing, Cobra Jet manifold,
big monoblade or, you know, twin 65, 67, whatever it would probably make another 10 to 15 to
the tire. Will we do that? I don’t know. Comment below, let us know if you want to
see this thing taken a little bit further naturally aspirated. In the meantime, this Corsa is obnoxiously
loud. Now, yes, it is the active system so we can
turn it down if we wanted but, I don’t know, to me it’s like what’s the point? Wow. Damn this thing rips. I am impressed. Again, guys, listen. I’m no stranger to horsepower, right. My S197’s making in the ballpark of the mid-600s
on 93, a little bit more on E85, but this thing feels healthy. Real healthy. Good to know you can still get the old blood
pressure up. You know what I mean? You think you might get a little jaded after
driving a faster car for a few years. Not the case, man. It’s like a new experience every time, especially
in something like this. A high horsepower, naturally aspirated car
is a totally different monster from a forced induction setup. Let’s be honest. I mean, the power is just there. It comes on a little differently. Not to mention it just sounds so violent. Okay, here we go. Ready? One more time. That was really fast. God it sounds so healthy, though, at full
tilt. I mean this is not a hard setup to recreate,
guys. It really isn’t and in the past if you wanted
to make this kind of power with an ’11 to ’14 or even a ’15 to ’17 you’d have to buy
a whole lot more parts, believe me, to get it anywhere close to this. So.and I love my ’14 a lot, but these 2018s
are just barely starting to scratch the surface as to what is possible. We’ve seen turbo cars with stock motors, stock
autotrans, the 810 going deep into the 900s. We’re seeing these things make 500 horsepower
using bolt on and it’s a great time to be a Mustang fan, and, yeah, what else can I
say? It’s awesome. It feels only right to do this, I guess, right? Send it off with a burn out. Sounds about right to me. Hope you enjoyed the site, guys, and remember,
for all things Mustang and 500 horsepower 2018s keep it right here at

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