2018 Ford F 150 Shelby Baja Raptor Youtube 2018 Ford F150 Shelby
2018 Ford F 150 Shelby Baja Raptor Youtube 2018 Ford F150 Shelby

2018 Ford F150 Shelby Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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Hi, I’m Bo Sparks here with Tuscany
Shelby America South Texas region we’re here at Tipton Ford in Brownsville to
introduce the all-new 2017 Shelby F-150 and here to talk a little bit more about
the truck is Adrian with Tipton in Brownsville. Hey Bo, thanks for that, thanks
that intro. Okay so like Bo mentioned I’m Adrian we’re Tipton Ford Brownsville
and we’re here today to introduce this the all-new 2017 Ford F-150 Shelby by
Tuscany. All right a little bit of background on Tipton and Tuscany five
years ago going on six years now we’ve had the collaboration and proud to say
that in those short six years we’ve managed to grow to actually be the
best-selling largest Tuscany dealership in the whole state of Texas so really
proud about that we’re going to start up front and what what Ford and Tuscany have done Shelby they’ve managed to carry over from Shelby the Shelby brand
over 45 proprietary high-performance features and carry over to the F-150.
Starting up front and we’ll pull back here a little bit and I just want to get
you a get a really good sense of the vehicle here we’ve got a nice proud
stance up high obviously it’s a lifted truck but there are features on this
truck and the development and the design that has gone into the man-hours
to develop it specifically for the Shelby F-150 are unmatched. Up in
the front and the appliqué we’ve got the signature cobra up in the front and
different for this for this package you get the Shelby F-150 embossed right in
there with the 750 horsepower so you know that you’re you’re in a
supercharged engine in addition to that up on the side you got the applique for
the supercharger now coming back to the 750 horsepower for you enthusiasts out
there you guys that like horsepower and and power you can have the option to go
ahead and upgrade your new Shelby F-150 to a 1,000 horsepower. Up in the front
here obviously we got the honeycomb stamped inserts and for the Shelby
you’re going to get it in the hood you’re going to get it in the front
grille and then of course down at the bottom of the bumper. And the reason for this
is we need to drive a lot of air in there it’s a ram air intake with a
cool air intake. Same applique that’s going on with the honeycomb inserts with
the ram air it’s also happening here on the side air vent.
And right in here I’ll draw your attention to this little piece
right in here is a non-scuff grommet and it will help protect the paint on the
vehicle from running off because of movement these pieces will and tend to shift
a little bit you you’ll be happy to know that that paints not going to rub off in
that situation all right underneath let’s talk a little bit what’s happening
underneath the truck of the Shelby F-150 Now like I said a lot of
products development but for Shelby and all these for the ’17 model what they’ve
gone ahead and done its underneath here they’ve gone ahead and under coated the
whole bottom part or undercarriage of the truck.
you’re going to have dirt mud water coming up underneath the vehicle you’re
going to have protection front to rear alright writing on this vehicle right
here you got a very specialized Shelby BDS suspension with Fox Shocks the Fox
Shock System is going to allow this truck to actually be tuned- finely tuned for
any driving situations so if you wanted to drive and feel like a luxury smooth
car you’re going to be able to have that option if you’re going to be running it
off-road and you want to talk driving truck and rough driving situation you’re
going to be able to tune it for that as well
coming down on the wheels powder-coated black wheels signature Shelby engraved
right in the rims and center Shelby Cobras right in the center cap really
capping off the wheel and on those rims beautiful Baja-rated BF Goodrich KO2
tires the appliques the same automotive paint
you’re going to get dirt everything on here the same automotive paint on this
racing stripes not going to fade not going to peel you’ve got the Shelby
emblem you got black powder-coated running boards with the Shelby emblem
right into the center so it’s important to know you got all that power at the
rear wheels those those those stabilizers in the
rear they’re going to help any kind of twisting or turning in the rear so key
features for this tonneau cover and that’s specific to the Shelby F-150 I
want to point out this little grommet this piece that’s underneath
here this is important or just like the same kind of applique that’s going on
here this one’s the whole length of the tonneau cover from
rear to back part of the truck and this is obviously going to help and what it
actually does it’s going to help protect all the parts of the F-150 you know we
got moving parts things happening there this is another feature that they
developed and put in there just to give you that extra protection obviously a
OneTouch rear tailgate open and that that feature you’ll actually be able to
use it from your remote control or your key as well so two touches of the button
there this will open and give you that feature you. Got a tailgate step
here, now a little bit about what’s going on back here, we won’t spend a lot of time on
this but this little carpeting system back here actually runs the full length
of the bed up and along the sides through the back and this was also a
special carpeting that was uniquely designed for this truck and it’s going
to be resistant to some some of your stains and wear and and any kind of use
that you can put in it so you know you’ll be glad to know that you can put
things in here and I have to worry about staining so that’s resistant to a lot of
that stuff so go ahead and show you how this is going to be and you can see that
just reaching up you got this nice low hanging Shelby strap right here grab
onto it bring that down and locks us down locks us out and we’re good to go
alright you can lock the tailgate here and with the Lariat package of course
once your vehicle is locked your tailgate is locked as well. Gone are
the days of having to come back here with a little key and lock that manually.
These are ceramic tip powder coated black tip exhaust so really nice that
they incorporate it that little Shelby emblem right here it gives us that nice
little touch and really really brings the whole truck together and all the
nice little features. We’re going to end back here on the vehicle of the
truck and we’re going to go ahead and go on inside and see who’s out there. Well
here we are guys we’re inside your brand new Shelby F-150 and you know
unmistakable you’re going to be wrapped in leather all inside here you’ve got
nice touches like stitching all through the leather seats front and rear
headrests are getting that appliqué as well with the stitching you got two
unmistakable Shelby Cobra stitch right into the headrest you’re going to get
that on both headrests both sides.

Topping off the center console, of
course you’ve got your Shelby f150 with 750 horsepower with the Cobra- you can’t
get this anywhere. So right on the dash you’ve got your CSM
engraved right under, that’s your CSM number, and that’s going to lend to the authenticity of this truck it’s a numbered vehicle, they’re limited
production, your only get five hundred available nationwide for the whole year
of 2017. We’ve got them available for immediate delivery.

Thanks for reading
our site guys it’s been really fun making it. Reach out to us and get some
information on the Shelby F-150. You can reach us at (956) 350-6000, see you real soon! .

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