Lifted 4X4 2018 Ford F 150 Radx Stage 2 Silver Custom Truck Rad Rides 2018 Ford F150 Lifted
Lifted 4X4 2018 Ford F 150 Radx Stage 2 Silver Custom Truck Rad Rides 2018 Ford F150 Lifted

2018 Ford F150 Lifted Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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– Hey y’all, Fuller
here with Custom Offsets Custom Offsets TV on YouTube. It’s a cold one today
but we’ve got another vehicle spotlight for you. This is a 2018 Ford F-150
Sport on some 20x10s. Let’s go. (rap music) (futuristic hip hop instrumental music) – Alright guys, like I said, 2018 F-150. First things first, to
get it up in the air we’ve got a six inch BDS on here. So this kit gives you
new knuckles, all the new components you need to
get the right angle. They ride really nice. This is another dealer
build, so this truck is already sold but we’ve
been building these trucks for Holiday and a couple
other dealerships in the area so people can go in, buy
their truck, pick it up, we’ll get it all hooked up for them, and they can put it all
right in the financing.

So for wheels and tires then, this is a 20×10 Fuel Lethal, and this is a negative 24 offset.

I’m pretty sure I’m out of money. I don’t know if we can do a wheel test. I have no money left. Thanks to the generosity of
Mason, we now have $100 bill. So we’ll go ahead and get
your lip test for you, you can see on that 10
wide, right about that four inches of lip, pretty decent in front of the spoke, little
less, maybe three and a half. So pretty sharp looking wheel here, black with the machined accents and
rivet style all the way across and then your covered
caps so this is not one to run the spike lug nuts on. For tires, these are the
Nitto Ridge Grapplers, and this is a 35 tall by 12.5 wide. So you can see you get just a little bit of bulge on the side wall there. It’s a really nice looking tire. These are really popular,
this is a hybrid tire, so you get a lot of good
mileage out of them, they’re not super noisy. We’ve been putting these
on a lot of builds. As far as trimming goes,
looks very minimal if any. Just little bit in the backside of this inner fender liner, right in here. And we also have the
Bushwacker fender flares that are paint to match with
the bolts along the outside I like that really
aggressive look on here. Rounding out the back,
obviously there’s no fitment issues here in the back, he did upgrade to the Fox Shocks, you can see those underneath there. With this package you do get the color-match bumpers all the way around. Front and rear. Walk you over to this side,
show you the interior. It’s pretty clean on the inside. You can see it’s got the big screen, don’t mind the dude, that’s just Lawson. But sharp looking truck,
obviously brand new. I’ll bring you around the front. So the last thing you
are seeing here is the paint to match grill and
face mask bumpers up front. This is new for 2018,
this styling where it kind of extends into the headlights. Looks really clean, definitely
love the look of that. That is the 2018 F-150
on the six inch BDS, 20x10s and 35s. Make sure you like us on Facebook. Subscribe on YouTube, peace! (futuristic hip hop instrumental music) .

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