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Ford F 150 Reviews Research New Amp Used Models Motor Trend 2018 Ford F150 Front Grill

2018 Ford F150 Front Grill Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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Everybody, I’m Justin with,
and welcome to my Best Stuff site for the bumper category available for that 2015 and
newer F-150. Now, the purpose of this site is to give
you my top three bumper options currently on the site when it comes to protection based
heavily off customer popularity but my own personal feedback as well to help you narrow
down the selection when it comes to that new bumper. As always, guys, these are just three of many
different options you’re gonna find here at AT. So if you’re not exactly digging anything
I have in this site, that’s totally cool. In fact, feel free to check out the rest of
our selection here on the site.

So why even change out that front bumper in
the first place? Well, it could be a number of reasons, and
it usually involves some level of protection, appearance, and also functionality or maybe
a combination of all three.

But just how much protection or how much functionality
do you need? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out today. I think you’ll find that all three of my picks,
including the Barricade, the Rogue, and the Steelcraft, will all offer their own level
of protection depending on what you have planned for your truck. So, without further ado, what do you say we
get into my picks? First up, we have Barricade’s Raptor-Style
Front Bumper, which will only be a minor upgrade and protection, but a big upgrade in styling. Now, it’s no secret that this particular bumper
draws its inspiration from the mighty Ford Raptor and, as you might imagine, looks right
at home on the standard F-150 as well. It’s currently one of the most popular in
the category in addition to being the most affordable at just under 600 bucks. Now, even though the Barricade isn’t gonna
be packing a ton of added protection, it is built to withstand some abuse. In fact, you’re looking at cold-formed steel
plate construction finished off in a textured charcoal powder coat, which is easily enough
to handle the stresses of being installed on your daily driver in addition to some light
off-roading as well. And on top of that, the Barricade bumper is
backed by a three-year warranty if you should ever need it. But on the topic of off-roading, you are gonna
be getting a little bit more approach angle here with the Barricade in place for those
who are interested in doing some occasional wheeling. But for the most part, guys, this bumper will
be an aesthetic upgrade first and a protection upgrade second.

Now, you will find some provisions for auxiliary
lighting here with the Barricade but nothing quite like my next bumper in the site, no
winch mounts or anything of the sort. So, in closing, if you’re spending most of
your time on the road and are looking to switch up the look of your truck for not a lot of
dough, the Barricade here is going to be a great option. But what if you want a little bit more versatility
or functionality out of your front bumper in addition to that awesome prerunner look? Well, for that, I really like the Rogue Racing
Rebel with the Dimple Side Skins. Like the Barricade we’ve just talked about,
the Rogue Racing is one of the most popular in the category and in my opinion will offer
a great balance of functionality, look, and price. Listen, guys, when you make the switch to
a bumper like this, whether it be Rogue, ADD, Fab Fours, or whatever, the price tends to
start climbing dramatically over your entry-level options like the Barricade, for instance,
but, in return, you’re gonna be getting a really well-made part that is gonna offer
a bunch of versatility for about the $1,500 price point here for the Rebel. For starters, you’re looking at a combination
of 1 and 3/4-inch tubular steel for the lateral mains in addition to this burly 3/16-inch
thick aluminum skid plate that absolutely dwarfs the factory piece you’re gonna be replacing
here, just offering loads more protection up front for the guys who take their rigs
off-road and aren’t afraid to occasionally ascend it. Now, this particular option from Rogue does
feature their dimple skins, as they call it, but Rogue does also offer a mesh panel in
this area on a separate bumper. You can find that on the site as well. But the dimple option here is gonna be more
popular. It’s also gonna be a little bit more affordable
between the two.

As far as functionality, well, we’ve already
covered the added protection of the tubular steel build and the aluminum skid plate here,
but Rogue also implements some auxiliary light mounts as well. In fact, the Rebel here will accommodate up
to 240-inch radius light bars, which is enough firepower to light up just about any situation. So, all in all, guys, the Rogue is a very
good-looking bumper that will offer a nice balance of functionality and price for the
truck owners who like to take their stuff off-road and thrash on it a little bit or
maybe at least look like you do.

So my first two options have offered some
solid improvements over the factory bumper in regards to both appearance and protection,
but there will be truck owners out there who crave more. And if that sounds like you, may I present
the Steelcraft HD Front Bumper, my choice for the most front end protection for your
2015 and newer F-150. So when all out protection is the goal, a
full coverage brush guard or bumper like the Steelcraft here is the first thing that comes
to mind. Now, this thing is gonna be bulletproof in
just about every sense of the word. It would easily be my choice for a zombie
apocalypse if and when it ever happens. But what do you say we break down the construction
a little bit more? And at its core, you have an extremely burly
steel diamond plate bumper that accommodates the factory fog lights along with those front
factory tow hooks. From there, the grille guard does consist
of a combination of 1 and 1/4-inch schedule 40 piping covering the front end and headlight
area along with the steel punch plate material, which will be a lot more durable and offer
a lot more protection compared to some other mesh materials you might see on other bumper
options. So, essentially, you have just extreme levels
of protection for the front end of that F-150 on top of just a super tough look. On top of the protection, you are getting
some added spots for auxiliary lighting if needed on top of a two-year warranty if you
should ever run into any issues with this bumper. Now, the Steelcraft HD is the most popular
in the full coverage category and, all things considered, is pretty affordable at the $1,000
price point. Just an absolutely rock-solid suit of armor
for the front end of your F-150 for those who don’t wanna compromise when it comes to
front end protection. Now, it should be pointed out that, while
all three of my bumpers in this site will essentially bolt into place, there will be
some heavy lifting involved, including the Steelcraft HD here, which does weigh in at
a whopping 140 pounds. So just have a buddy or two around to help
you get this guy into place along with some basic hand tools, including a socket set. It’s really all you’re looking at to tackle
this job in about an hour or two from start to finish. Well, guys, that’s gonna wrap us up here for
my Best Stuff site for the bumper category available for your 2015 and newer F-150. I hope this site helps you narrow down your
choices a little bit more based off of what kind of driving you plan on doing with your
F-150. As always, if you want more info on any of
my bumper choices in this site along with other armor options, feel free to check out
the respective product pages at any time. I’m Justin. Thanks for reading. And for all things F-150, keep it right here

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