2018 Ford F 450 Platinum Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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hey I’m Carlos Lago and up next is an episode of Daily Fix which you’ll find exclusively on Motor Trend On Demand . com what is it well it’s a show that airs my most every weekday and it goes with that camera what is it well it’s a show that era’s most every weekday and what we do is go behind the scenes and talk more casually with the personalities and host of your favorite shows we take more intimate looks into the cars and vehicles that we drive and build here on the show it’s a lot of fun we have a lot of fun doing it and if you like it sign up for a free 30-day trial and Motor Trend On Demand calm if not hey it’s okay we’re all gonna die anyways just kill this Jeep ya how are ya how cute that baby ram Oh little 2500 you all that’s that’s really what happens when you drive a truck this big isn’t it feels like everything that’s more like all how point yeah and then the other thing is ok I fit in there no benefit in there probably make it fit you just take a mall parking lot like you make the world ends you remember the roof the roof oh that’s true yeah again you make it fit the world bends to will raise the roof welcome to this episode of quick drive with a Johnny print as always Johnny this is not just shut up this is was gonna say it’s Johnny just shut up Leland ah or Johnny wait shut up wait shut up i wonder how long that joke is a joke and ran out of steam to me wait wait shut up is never gonna never okay okay yeah it’s kind of like something i can’t say right now it’s like I want to put minutes till unfunny on the screen while all we do this we are in a 20-17 ford f-350 super duty motor trend’s truck of the year and we’re going to take it for a quick spin around the block in around the office and talk about what we like about this truck and sort of the crazy miss that is driving a super duty truck in LA alright I like a 925 pound-feet of torque which lets me just sail like this you know right blasting past every lexus and infiniti in Manhattan Beach 925 pound-feet of torque so just for them perspective crazy remember the bugatti veyron yeah only 900 pound feet of torque you know what I mean what’s the Baron couldn’t go squad is this this canto 32,000 pounds that is really why I didn’t like the Veyron its bits for its lackluster towing capabilities again math is not my thing but I think that’s like eight Veyrons told their story of Iran’s math is not my thing but 925 more than 900 yeah that’s true is greater than this thing is like the size of this is a duly this is kitted out this is huge but this is like less of a truck and more of a place it’s just so big it’s gigantic yeah it’s huge are our camera guy couldn’t fill most from the backseat because they’re too far apart yeah you know the lens would work like I have to yell to make sure you can hear me because it’s so massive but when you yeah but the drivers around a bit yesterday when you drop when you drive this you realize like man this is not it’s not a luxury vehicle it really is yeah and we’ve been you know thinking like hey whens for its gonna do a luxury vehicle and it’s definitely there top-line trucks right there the Lincoln flagship is not the Continental yeah that’s right yeah it’s got leather you got really comfy seats you’ve got two inches of wood but I think it’s more than do it but there it is yeah panoramic sunroof heated and cooled seats and massaging thing happening on that drivers you know it’s I don’t know if it’s massage for this is like a circulation taking ok so they introduced in the tourists under years ago yeah but it’s like air bladders just kind of randomly fill up and so kind of it is to keep the blood in your legs moving out figure than your limbs don’t fall asleep on long drives yeah I don’t mean maybe it’s buried here somewhere I don’t know if there is a menu button on the side of the seat or something yeah although i don’t want to turn the street anyways it’s all good this this for a 6.7 liter turbo diesel remarkably quiet oh yeah remarkably quiet it does sound real trucking you gonna get like put you to it’s so good you expect it’s not the the semi-truck yeah you expect the truck of this size and this power to have that really semi-truck sound that sort of vibration but well you barely feel the engine you hear a little bit of you know that diesel gravel but like it’s remarkably quiet and also the acceleration I mean obviously we’re not talking about confit torque it’s crazy but like a vehicle of this man oh and happy accelerating the way this thing can be sure i can I mean I mean it should be right but like it no it’s crazy again if you look at the other vehicles that competes with namely the the ram 3500 clear and numbers at the same time you know this is a second quicker to 60 miles an hour 76 286 second quicker in the quarter mile I think this is doing like look at my phone and long driving but you like 14 or 15 second quarter mile yeah which is goofy it’s considering ways 8600 like 40 pounds and integra back in the mid-nineties would be lucky to run a 14-second quarter mile yeah all i ever met everyone in the WRX came out yeah uh it ran a 14-7 back in 2002 and people were like as good as a porsche 911 and on here we are and we don’t say that as like a practical use for the truck just to illustrate how powerful it is looking at I always you know we only make things tricky area we have our six key criteria which ar-ar-ar-ar advanced in design engineering excellent huh value safety and efficiency huh and performance of intended function is the most important one yes but in ir always like to put in my own personal little X Factor your work area you would which is it okay to drive in other words you could have a truck never like seriously you don’t think that’s answered in the other six now because you could have advanced design looks good inside school engineering excellence on this thing hits that madden 25 pound feet of torque all kinds of cool Tony stuff a value is good to drive is not in their safety not their efficiency accountant their performance and attendance function you could say i would say all this thing is designed to do is tow stuff and carry stuff and it does that turns out it’s also great to drive i would say the intended function of all vehicles for them to drive well it prius I mean yeah that’s why didn’t get my boat what that nobody the intended function of a Prius is a squeeze every last mile out of again but all are should drive well again that’s why I throw that in there has to be that’s a technicality this woody and yeah this thing home run the criteria you even looks safety right well Kate thousand pounds a nice safety means but um you know radar cruise control and in and if I don’t hit the gas pedal syringes in traffic yeah smart yeah yes it should start beatin a break anyways it doesn’t have auto great e-fit make it not working with the trailer yeah if we don’t test that out on public streets don’t know like you know how many infinities do we need a fair point fair point there’s a lot of g35 in the world that’s true that’s true but anyways because it’s got like it’s you know it’s more than a normal truck and nails every single one yes right here including value of because again this is you know 73 thousand bucks that’s a lot of money super duty world exists in that but the right Jody in other words it’s not like other heavy duty trucks are are free yeah and this 173 in fact we had a ram 3500 that was 77 thousand dollars so you know it isn’t is it a bargain don’t confuse down right at the next light to confuse that’s their problem but don’t confuse a value with a bargain yeah right its its relative to the segment yeah so that’s how trucking your work that all of the year work is not a direct comparison between the contenders that’s right that is how they’ll perform relative to their segments yes and and the criteria so that’s how we can have a complete of competition where you have a honda ridgeline which did not winter in the area versus a ford f-350 we also by the way had f250 gasps and I don’t know who on earth would ever buy that this is a naturally aspirated 62 right yeah you know what I think it is it’s like government agencies whether like we need a hundred trucks we don’t spend a lot of money yeah they’re like here you go yeah I’m and we also had the had the f250 diesel which was like just beyond cool keep going straight and go straight go straight to actually get freeway for a big one huh okay yeah yeah let’s play dragon we can experience so one of the knocks on Dooley’s is when there’s nothing on the bed and there’s no trailer they ride for because they’re tuned to ride with wait yeah you know you can’t rightly put 32,000 pounds i cannot in the bed of this thing essentially ok on the trailer on the tree is only 7630 pounds in the bit but unlike say the ram and other the the super duty before this one and i would even say that the Chevy the GMCs this rides pretty good yeah you get a little bit of that because it’s just no weight at all in the back I mean something like I think it’s fifty-seven percent of weight on the front 43 the backs of carrying those heavy but also you just have those leaf springs there waiting to be waiting to be loaded up with something a lot of something they don’t have anything but for did a good job this rides you know we’re going 15 miles an hour because everyone is so slow but you know it you’re right i remember the last time i did truck of the year a couple years back and I drove a 2500 or 250 there was a super duty truck back from Arizona remember parking it was unloaded to road terribly it was so bad i remember parking like I never want to drive one of these ever again yeah because that’s that’s how you know grading it was for that six our eight-hour Drive yeah and again this isn’t great you feel a little bit of underage truck yet but i’ll give you a for instance um you know I I actually drove this to the office at some point down the 110 feet from my house beyond downtown past downtown on the 110 one of the worst stretch of freeway in the world meet arm and this was ok the 3500 remember putting my notes it was it was intolerable because yesterday down yeah and again they both weigh the same right they both make about the same torque on it’s just that for took the time look feel smooth this is yeah this is an unloaded duly it feels like a luxury car it’s because it is yeah right its kind of true yeah that’s true but you know you you might like laughs at the concept of a heavy-duty luxury vehicle even though this is not what the vehicle is being marketed as but it’s still really Pleasant i mean that’s that’s that’s why complain about that kind of thing you know it’s a nice to have the functionality and ability that this car this truck delivers in that it’s nice to drive is also a great bonus right yeah and remember you’re good laugh all you want members really laughing and that’s for accountants praised the everyone into work yeah we have series as a whole you’re talking over 750,000 units how many of that are super duties for is they reluctantly love them all together they’re reluctant to say the best guesses are one-third that means 250,000 vehicles like this are sold by Ford every year that markup on these it’s one of the destiny of the markets of just the sheer profit margin that’s one of the profit margin is is one of the best in the industry right so you know if you’re making 250,000 of anything the economies of scale dictate that it doesn’t cost that might build versus what you sell it for exactly so they’re just print cash I mean and no small wonder then that these things are as good as they are because they keep investing that kind of money into it right and they all improvements look at aluminum body but you you could you could be you could be cynical like you know some car makers are and do nothing you know you can just sit on it and like oh here’s our brand-new model with the same engine in the same transition toyota it but like four days like no we’re going to keep reinvesting in reinvesting or make this thing we better than it needs to be would not only way better than competition but better than I think truck buyers expect yeah you know and again they have remote sensing caps for the trailers tires so you can real-time monitor the tire pressure of the trailer towing which is really into it but who would have even thought of that there’s there’s no there’s a lot of cool solutions i was looking going through the Super Duty build your car builder truck thing on the Ford website there’s actually a thing you can option that gives you lemon tree remote telemetry on the truck so if you have these in your fleet and you have you know your employees driving them us-eu how fast they’re going where they’re at how long things idling for all that stuff so for loves little like 37 singers like you know built ford tough another one they use for their for their trucks and their advances for owns work and they spend a ton of time with fleet guys what do you want yeah how fast i want to know how fast my guys are driving says I don’t want them to get tickets I don’t wanna crash and I want to keep my fuel costs down yeah if they’re going 70 miles an hour in a 65 I want to know if they’re going 80 I want to know it because I can tell the guy you know so so there’s been a lot of time doing something that so these seemingly empty slogans for homes work with it translates to as for spent a lot of time thinking about this stuff and that they just do really smart things that I don’t the competition isn’t doing it makes sense if you’re a business owner to it you’re looking at buying a fleet of these trucks what solutions does Ford have over the competition that makes it more appealing even if it even if the price is slightly different right like 10 and downstream if it saves you money because I can monitor safety liability maintenance absolutely lost all that stuff and I mean I you know we we didn’t direct comparison with with the ram 2500 into the ford f-250 and the ram 3500 to this one the 350 and I mean honestly with the exception of styling because those Rams are beautiful i love i love the way the the dually the fenders are one piece or not tacked on but again why does Ford have the tack on fenders the the extension extensions because we get in an accident you just replace that part instead of replacing the entire territories which is what business guys care about needed to you know to you if you’re making insurance claim whatever you know you pay your deductible what’s the difference but to a fleet it’s much cheaper and easier just to replace a small piece and replace the whole number then replace the entire thing especially with aluminum right yeah that’s been the knock against the aluminum is it is more expensive repair because aluminum more expensive and harder to work on absolutely you know that said you know again the court and I let you talk to the corner Ford there’s no difference i I’ve heard anecdotally that is much more expensive to get aluminum body trucks repaired but again I haven’t spent a ton of time thinking about that i always tell people like you know we’re not Consumer Reports we’re motor trend we report on new metal arm long-term reliability why I wish we had the capability and there’s anybody have the capability yeah it is yeah elastic way it is we don’t know we do our long-term test with your fairly useful yeah but even that like you know that Hellcat which I’ve been driving and driving everyone driving you know just crack 19,000 my lord which is a lot for of motor and long-term car but in the real world you know modern cars go 200,000 miles now before people dump you need Heidi report on that is we’re not set up for it that’s really tough but I mean this thing nails clearly nails the criteria for the truck of the year column I got it and again you know I the the performance of intended function right now this is a super duty this is a heavy-duty truck you can put almost four tons in the bed yeah what’s ridiculous don’t you like like what are you gonna put back there I don’t know a boulder you find more so when you’re testing the tow test whether you’re acting with your math like I would need we actually moved to the Christian proving ground and they had 30,000 but they have they can build entry yeah also these have some trailers already and it was pleased 500-pound iron blocks on yeah so we just said would give us a 30,000 pound trailer so we had this in the ram yanking the thing around and like yeah man you totally want to be driving the for testing trucks is super difficult it’s especially whether this cable unless you have a facility you got a dozen dedicated that it’s really true that’s the other thing too so like you know 30,000 pound you can’t legally just run out and do that now we are close facility to help you want yeah but um what’s called cdls commercializing says 3.5 yeah so i think over 23,000 pounds yet commercializes why don’t we get commercializes well don’t do that yes because you that so I not this is an issue but if you get caught up with some alcohol in your system in your civilian point zero eight is the legal limit yeah put 01 the legal limit of commercial license if you get caught speeding one mile an hour over like it’s a much bigger penalty than a normal civilian lieutenant I mean you should always drive safe and sober but the penalties are way more significant yeah there’s really no advantage so so arm but we go to this was proving ground we can do it really safe spot controlled environment yeah and you can see what you can put 30,000 pounds on a truck and go through a song and not worry about running over the previous scene xu that’s good that’s a very important thing which is have to worry about every day I’m had it up to here with previous event it’s like I i need to get like one of the Russian dash cams and just like chronicle the amount of priests is going 43 miles an hour on an on ramp there on an on-ramp I think that’ll wrap up this episode a quick drive Thank You Johnny washer bunch of the toyota prius nitride on another times of California issue man maybe on fridays in the garage thank you guys for reading this episode we’ll see you next time send questions to daily fix that motortrend.com her slide into joining the marines dm’s I’m gonna keep sticking out like that grows slide into his DM you yeah thanks yes here’s what you missed last week on Daily Fix exclusively onMotor Trend On Demand stays bed as classy classy classy the first one works like actually the SUV now is as good as the staff it’s a little bit about rather than 23 we do specialize in gift cards lot of supers a lot of two jerseys hanging out in the shop right and ford f350 super neat this was the truck and you want a baby ram although 2500 fucking you on Carlos Lago and if you didn’t read last week’s Daily Fix you should do that now its exclusive on 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Gallery of 2018 Ford F 450 Platinum Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price