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I’m not Carlos Lago, and this is a 2018 Ford F-150
with the 2.7-liter twin turbo, EcoBoost engine. It also has the FX4
Off-Road Package, and it has the new
10-speed automatic. So let’s see how fast it goes. [ENGINE HUM] It’s quiet. It has a lot of shove. 20 years ago, if you put a
V6 engine in a pickup truck, it was the engine
you did really not want to buy if
you could help it, but there is nothing
wrong with this engine. That was really subtle,
and really fast. OK, so we’ve made
the key-up run.

That’s the run where we
don’t change any settings. I’m going to see if I can
make it go a little faster. We’re in a modern
truck, so I actually have drive mode settings here
on the side of the shifter. And it’s got Normal, Tow
Haul, Snow and Wet, Eco– nobody wants Eco– and Sport. So we’re going to leave
it in Sport now, and see if that helps pick up
the pace a little bit. A little on the throttle. There’s a surge of boost
at about 3,000 RPM. It pulls to about five– it shifted at about
five, and it’s fast. It’s almost 100 miles an hour,
in a truck– in a giant truck. Now I’m going to try and
do a little throttle brake overlap, that usually
lets the boost build up, and hopefully I can leave the
line with a little bit more ferocity. So let’s see, we’re going to
put the left foot on the brake pedal and bring the
revs up to about 2,000. Little chirp from the
tires, little spin. It’s already in third gear,
fourth gear, fifth gear. It almost gets into sixth gear
at the end of the quarter mile. This is not your
grandfather’s truck. And it actually has
brakes to slow it at the end of the quarter mile,
which is greatly appreciated. I’d like to apply a little
bit more brake pressure, a little bit more brake
torque before I launch, so I’m going to put this
into four-wheel high, and that’s going to ensure that
the rear wheels don’t break traction when I launch it. Basically, I’m going to
push the throttle pedal even harder to the floor,
let the truck wind itself up, I’ll feel it flex, you
might be able to hear it flex a little bit, and
then I’m going to launch it. And we’ll see if that
improves the 0 to 60 time. Drive, Sport Mode,
traction control off, four-wheel high is
already selected on here. Left foot on the brake, right
foot on the throttle, mash it. Yes, that’s quite fast. Switch it into two-wheel high. That is faster. Holy cow! This is a 2.7-liter V6,
and this thing is trucking. I suppose because it’s a truck
and it’s got brakes, ooh. This motor’s hot,
this motor’s hot. If you don’t care what
your engine sounds like, boy, oh boy. That’s fast. That’s fast. What a sleeper. Oh. For more information on the
Ford F-150, visit Edmunds. For more websites like
this, hit Subscribe. [MUSIC PLAYING] .

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