2018 Ford Expedition Color Options 2018 Ford Expedition Colors
2018 Ford Expedition Color Options 2018 Ford Expedition Colors

2018 Ford Expedition Colors Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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hello good day my name is Mike Steffler
from Skelnek Ford and I’m here today to present to you the long-awaited
arrival of the 2018 Ford Expedition Ford has put their best minds together and
came up with this expedition to knock your socks off so what I’m gonna do is
get started with the front you know four it has a very bold look and a gorgeous
look okay with the mesh grille the LED headlights in the fog lamps okay you
even have a washer underneath your front camera here this SUV is loaded with all
kinds of sensors as we move over to this side you’ll see some sensors down at the
bottom this is gonna make sure that you’re not gonna hit anything you know
you have a 360-degree camera in this which we’ll see later no but this is
going to make sure that your expedition is safe and sound all the way through oh
we’ve got the high-class polished aluminum 22 inch wheels the wheels match
the car this is a platinum trim level ford’s fast as you moon up up to here
you have the chrome accents around the windows and other door handles and on
your roof rack on your platinum badging and on the deployable running boards
here you crack the door the running boards come down very nice elegant touch
people will love them so as you come around to the side you see then it’s
that the max length Ford has it produced an expedition that has had this much
cubic feet ever this has 104.6 cubic feet when all third rows are laid down
completely flat okay and it is all powerful third row this expedition here
is rated to tow 93 hundred pounds okay ninety three hundred pounds
best-in-class torque as we move around to the back here you can see that you’ve
got the rear sensors that are also on the front of the vehicle your trailer
hitch is right underneath here you simply pop this off and there’s your
trailer hitch that you’re gonna tow 9300 pounds up north with your backup
camera here as well and you push the power liftgate and the power lift gates
gonna gonna come up to access the third row okay so something very cool about
the third row is it’s all power fold right here you can put the power fold
seat down for the third row for the second row and
on the right side all at once okay so very easy very convenient the seats lay
down completely flat giving you the one hundred and four point six square feet
you’re gonna see USB ports throughout the rear of the expedition here okay
those buttons up there are to recline these back third row seats recline the
back third row seats you notice they’re on both sides with the USB ports power
outlets here as well okay so we’re gonna put the seats back up to give you a look
of the rear seats folding out and then right in the back of the tailgate here
you’ll notice the power liftgate button you push that and the lift gate goes
down no gas cap of course okay so no pain when you’re getting gas in the cold
weather you just push it in like that so here we got a good look of the outside
and the second seats here okay there’s also excuse me there’s also
a button right here on the side that if you push this button
your second seats gonna pop up and you lift it forward and that’s how you
access the second row all right lots of room I’m six four two hundred pounds I’m
climbing very comfortably so I’m gonna push this button and get back out deploy bull running bored out we come
okay keyless entry here for keeping your keys locked in the car at all times roof
rack rails are back with the interior of the fantastic 2018 Ford Expedition we’re
gonna go over a few things here a few main things a few things that you’re
really going to love about this vehicle and we’re gonna start over here on the
left hand side of the steering wheel you’re gonna have your automatic
headlights there you’re gonna have your fog lamps there you’re gonna have your
dimming here for your touch screen and your your dashboard views you’re gonna
have power adjustable pedals with memory also seats with memory okay this is your
power liftgate and this here we’ll get to in a few minutes alright so as you
kind of get into the vehicle you’ll see your your dashboard here and you use
this toggle switch on the left to kind of go through your your information
alright your views of fuel economy and such again with fuel history and average
speed and navigation vehicle information towing off-road status and your general
settings okay four blind spot and pre collision warning so this panel this
toggle switch over here is going to operate your truck screen along with
your adaptive cruise control which is right down here where the normal cruise
control would be placed adaptive cruise control is the number one option when
you use it you will absolutely love it okay as you come over here you got the
intelligent push button start and you’ve got the upgraded second to none B&O
sound system stands for Bang & Olufsen it’s a new company for Ford and the
sound is at its absolute premium as we come down a little bit you’re gonna see
the hill descent control you’re gonna see traction control your four-way
hazards your Lane Keeping Assist your auto start an auto stop okay when your
vehicle comes to a stop at a red light traffic jam there’s a possibility your
truck will shut down to conserve gas this enables you to turn it on or off
and this is your front camera okay to look at the bird’s-eye view of your
truck and front in the different angles that it provides okay so we’re back to
our sync 3 system which is the best technology on the market it’s crisp it’s
clear it’s fast it’s absolutely awesome you’re going to have your audio climate
phone navigation apps and settings here in this vehicle okay everything is
touchscreen you can load the navigation easy with OneTouch going through your
menus and plug in plug in some navigation also obviously it’s
voice-activated right here by the by the voice button all the controls in this
with the phone with your with the climate with the radio systems are all
voice-activated here so you absolutely have a heated steering wheel in here the
buttons right under here on your touchscreen so will kind of move down to
your heated cooled seats the awesome design that Ford came up with for the
interior of the Ford Expedition you have your 110 outlet scratch that Park and as
we go down here you have the cordless remote charging for your phone okay you
set your cell phone right down here in this cubby and it’s gonna charge for you
with no plugins you also have USB ports here to operate apple carplay or charge
your phone you’ve got the two dials here that represent your dial shifting okay
the expedition is gonna have the normal with drive mode and then the manual mode
there with your shifting here you’re gonna have drive mode sport mode
four-wheel automatic you’re gonna have the parking assist and enhanced parking
assist ok these buttons push down so the council lifts up fantastic amount of
room in the front very comfortable as we look to the back here you’re gonna see
what the inside of the 2018 Ford Expedition looks like this is the medium
soft ceramic interior it’s very beautiful again as you’ve seen from
before all the seats do fold down at the very beginning I told you about the
button I was gonna come back to and now I’ll hit it it puts the back third row
seats down the headrests so when you’re driving and no passengers are back there
your viewing is not obstructed in any way it’s a great great convenience fact
factor you got the captains chairs here in the
second row providing easy access to get back to the third row ok so then last
but not least if you look up you’re gonna see the twin panel moonroof you
hit the button for the shade the shade does go back half way you push it again
goes back all the way so majority of the roof is glass it’s an
awesome feature you hit the button and there goes to the roof open alright so
with your sync communications able to talk to your speakers voice-activated
everything this car is got it all you need to remote charge your phone it’s
got it heated cooled seats it’s got it so thank you very much I hope you
enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing you .

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