2018 Ford Escape Canada Inspirational New 2018 Ford Escape In 2018 Ford Escape Canada
2018 Ford Escape Canada Inspirational New 2018 Ford Escape In 2018 Ford Escape Canada

2018 Ford Escape Canada Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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Welcome my friend. I’m here to talk about
the Ford Escape. From Canada’s best-selling line of SUVs, the Escape is
beautiful both inside and out. Let me show you around. You’ll understand what I
mean. We’ll start with capability – the 2-liter
EcoBoost engine has the power of 245 horses. It also has a pretty impressive
towing capacity up to 3,500 pounds.

Just imagine the camping and other
weekend getaways you can plan with that much capacity. What’s more is the Escape
has the brains as well. With features like the available Intelligent
4WD system it’s almost as if the car has a mind of its own,
and always stays one step ahead of the conditions. This makes for one confident
ride. Fumble for your keys no more with a Hands-Free Power Liftgate.
As long as you have your key fob on you all you have to do is swipe your foot
under the bumper, and done. Hey buddy! Uh-oh, a Canadian winter, luckily nothing
gives me that warm fuzzy feeling like a heated seat on a cold day, and hey, you
can keep your hands warm too with the heated steering wheel other key winter
battling features include heated mirrors to defog and defrost your vision and a
windshield wiper de-icer to keep the ice off your blades and your view
crystal-clear. Ford recently introduced a new available Wi-Fi Hotspot feature,
which allows you to connect to up to 10 devices. This allows everyone inside to
surf the web easily and without a hitch. The Escape also has plenty of cargo
space, that means more camping gear more snowboards, more beach balls, more
anything Also 60/40 split fold rear seatbacks.

Inside, the Escape is cozy with everything you need to keep you and your
passengers feeling good. This is a smart vehicle.

It has proverbial eyes in the
back of its head with standard Rear View Camera, also available Reverse Sensing
System to help guide you when you’re backing up. Uh-oh. Parallel parking,
everyone’s favorite part of driving. Well actually, the Ford Escape comes with
available enhanced Active Park Assist to help you both parallel and perpendicular
park. It’s also great for pulling out of parking spots, especially in crowded lots
or garages thanks to the side sensing system that warns you we get too close
to objects on either side of you. Now that is a huge weight off my mind. I
mean, not that I don’t know how to do these things, it’s just I like to do
things right. Another part of Park Assist is the
Obstacle Distance Indicator. The display screen tells you when you are close to
encountering things like walls or other cars.

You can confidently pull out knowing
you aren’t gonna play a game of bumper cars. The Escape received an overall
five-star safety rating. Five stars! You can’t get any more stars than that.
Another helpful available feature on the Escape is BLISS® which stands for Blind
Spot Information System. This feature is designed to help you detect approaching
vehicles in your blind spot. It will alert you on your side mirrors when
moving vehicles enter the blind spot zone while driving. Hey who doesn’t want
one less thing to worry about. How about available Rain Sensing Wipers.
They automatically adjust the speed and tempo of the wipers depending on how
much it’s raining. This is nice for when it’s raining cats and dogs
so you can say focused on the road ahead. Speaking of dogs,
where are my keys? Typical. Well lucky I don’t even need a key to get into the Escape
with available Keypad Entry. Just type in your five digit code on the keypad
between the front and rear window and it will lock and unlock for you.

What if I
told you that one of the most helpful future thinking pieces of technology on
the Escape wasn’t actually in the car, but was in your phone. I’m of course
talking about FordPass. FordPass is Ford’s new app that is changing the way
we connect to our vehicle. You can actually find it on many of Ford’s
family of SUVs. With FordPass you can start your car from virtually anywhere.
You can also lock or unlock your doors. The amount of uses for FordPass is
really quite impressive. So in addition to these things this app
can also start your car, lock your car, find your car, this app can even wash
your car for you. okay maybe not that, but you know, someday. Oh man we need
some tunes, luckily this thing has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which lets you
connect to your iPhone or Android and play your music or run apps like Spotify
on the SYNC 3® touchscreen display. Play party playlist. Well that almost wraps it up for this
website. You’ve seen how smart and capable the Escape is let’s not forget how good it
looks. Let’s see some beauty shots! .

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