2018 Ford Edge Review Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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if you want a midsize SUV but you do not
need three rows of seats for it as an answer for you it’s called the edge while the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Subaru
Outback traffic in rugged outdoorsy-ness the Ford Edge is crafted for premium
quality domestic living a focus that can be found any driving character that’s
both comfortable and quiet comfortable though it may be the Ford
Edge has a dynamic pizzazz there’s not a strong sense of connection between the
steering wheel and the front tires but the handling is agile enough to keep the
driver from getting bored and man I get bored easily the Ford Edge’s anti
boredom stance is further honed in the sport trim with its sport-tuned
suspension the Edge sport seriously hustles through corners and why not
empty-nesters like fun too. Weeee! My child is gone they went to college to clarify
adding to that fun is the Sport’s exclusive 2.7 liter EcoBoost v6 which
sends its formidable power groundward via a standard all-wheel drive system
the first time you floor the edge sport 2 things will surprise you 1 the intense
thrust and to the sweet gravelly soundtrack there’s no rule that says the
car that you use to drop your kid off at college can’t also sound awesome the 2.7 liter ecoboost is the clear star
of the edges engine lineup the base 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder provides
more than adequate power and up to 30 mpg on the freeway on higher trims
buyers can choose a naturally aspirated 3.5 liter v6 whose extra horses drag
fuel economy down a touch aside from the Sport trim front-wheel drive is standard
with all-wheel drive a roughly $1,500 option regardless of engine all edges
feature a competent paddle shiftable 6-speed automatic transmission and if
you plan to tow both the base engine and the optional v6 are rated for 3500
pounds strangely the sports uber powerful twin
turbo v6 is only rated to tow 2,000 pounds for hauling gear internally
you’ll find a healthy thirty nine point two cubic feet behind the rear seats
supplemented by modest underfloor storage the cargo space would be even
more useful if the hatch didn’t cut into this space but hey if you want to look
good sometimes you have to make sacrifices and now I’m going to do a
hundred squats 99, 100 and that’s how you make a car
blog dropping the 60/40 split rear seats
creates a large useful space for hauling discoveries from the antique mall raise
those seats and there’s abundant room for adults even with three people aboard
rear quarters aren’t uncomfortable unless you make them that way without
looking garish the edges cabin has a contemporary Flair matched by nice
materials and a generally usable layout including physical buttons where vexing
capacitive controls once resided one key interior strength is an abundance of
spots to store random stuff the glove compartment is reasonably sized but the
center console is surprisingly deep there’s also a spot behind the climate
control where you can toss, I don’t know, an iPhone or something like that and then
up top push this button there’s this covered storage area where I guess I can
put my my wallet if I’m a trusting sort and then by the driver’s left knee look
here’s a spot where I can store my handy role of medical tape which is perfectly
creepy and then in the back here a little shelf where I suppose I’ll put
the keys the lesson is clear you need more stuff a basic Sync infotainment system comes
standard but we greatly prefer the available Sync 3 system found on higher
trims featuring two USB ports a responsive eight-inch touchscreen apple
carplay and android auto and a straightforward layout Sync 3 makes
life easier not more complicated for a base price around $30,000 you’ll get a
Ford Edge filled with standards like a backup camera cloth seats Bluetooth and
push-button start though its natural partner passive entry cost extra flex
your buying power and you can add power front seats heated and ventilated front
seats parking sensors dual zone automatic climate control remote rear
seat releases and a helpful foot-activated liftgate that works
exactly as advertised safety related options include adaptive cruise control
with forward collision warning lane departure warning inflatable rear
seatbelts blind spot monitoring and a washer equipped forward-facing 180
degree camera that elevates driver confidence when pulling into traffic or
parking the drivers with zero parking confidence ford’s automatic parking
system is a welcomed add-on simply push the button follow the instructions and
onlookers will think you’ve mastered the driving skills society once deemed
critical ah drive forward yeah I can do that stop
back and let’s let the car do the work jeez is that gonna work it seems real
tight I’m sorry car you know better than I do
one more steering note standard on the edge sport and optional on the titanium
trim is a cool adaptive steering system that quickens the steering ratio at slow
speeds for easy maneuvering and slows the steering at high speeds for improved
stability build a richly appointed titanium trim and its sub $40,000 base
price can swell to nearly $47,000 meanwhile the sporting Ford Edge Sport
sports sporty styling and a sporty attitude with a base price slightly
higher than $41,000. Sport! The Jeep Grand Cherokee and Subaru Outback rank
among the four edges competitors but perhaps the closest contender is the
intensely styled and similarly priced Nissan Murano for a bargain priced
alternative take a look at the five passenger Kia Sorento it’s also worth
pointing out that the roomier Ford Explorer can seat up to seven for only
about two thousand dollars more than the Edge’s base price the Ford Edge brings
tasteful styling roomy practicality and a premium aura to the mid-sized SUV
category do you only need five seats do most of your adventures occur near
civilization if so then perhaps you too will find
satisfaction with the edge .

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