These Guys Will Build You A Licensed Eleanor Mustang For A 2018 Ford Build And Price
These Guys Will Build You A Licensed Eleanor Mustang For A 2018 Ford Build And Price

2018 Ford Build And Price Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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I’m Justin with And on this episode of The Haul, we’re gonna
do our best to make this truck look like that one while sounding a whole lot better in the
process. There’s no denying the second gen Raptors
are one of the baddest factory produced trucks of their time. I mean, the looks, the performance, the suspension,
there is a lot to love about these things. However, there are a couple of things not
to love, first and foremost, that twin-turbo V6. I think it’s great. However, there are a lot of people out there
who disagree with me. Secondly, the price.

Listen, not everyone has 60 to 70 plus thousand
dollars to drop on a shiny new Raptor.

So that’s the point of this site. As you can see, we have a bone stock 5 liter
F-150 in the shop with us here today. The goal, transform this thing using some
parts available in the aftermarket to recreate our very own Raptor clone. So we’re gonna throw some appearance stuff
at it, try to recreate this menacing look here. Give the truck a new stance. Obviously, there are some wheels and tires
underneath this thing. And last but not least, give that 5 liter
a little bit more of a voice and give the people what they want, that 5 liter V8 powered
Raptor. Guys, this is gonna be a fun one. Be sure to share to our YouTube channel
for more sites like this and more. But in the meantime, we’ve got a lot of work
to do here today.

So let’s do it. All right guys, so if you’re wondering what
makes the Raptor so unique besides it’s killer appearance, well, it’s the suspension. I mean, that’s pretty much a no-brainer. Now, if you can find some OE takeoffs from
a second gen Raptor, well, you’re in luck. They’ll bolt right up to your standard F-150. If not, we’ve got a great compromise. We’re looking at the Roush by Fox 2.

0 coilover
kit here with the matching rear shocks. Now, Roush actually put their own spin on
the very capable Fox 2.0 setup here, some unique valving, some unique spring rates going
on with this particular kit and they are adjustable up front. Again, zero to two inches exactly here. So you have some room to play. You also have some room to throw in some bigger
wheels and tires. Now, this stuff was actually OE equipment
on the Roush special edition F-150, which comes equipped with roughly a 33 by 12 tire. So, that’s pretty much what we’re gonna go
with here for our Raptor clone. But aside from just being really nice components,
again, Fox makes the OE stuff on the second gen truck and they really know their stuff
in the off-road market. This truck is gonna ride a lot better both
on and off-road, it’s gonna be more capable, gonna be more stable as well. It’s gonna take some of the roll out of the
truck in high speed off-roading and on-roading situations. So the rears again are gonna be attuned to
match the fronts here. Everything is T6 6061 aluminum. All made in the USA and again, really, really
nice components. So we’ll get the truck lifted. We’ll get those wheels and tires on and see
how this thing is looking with its new stance. Now, this is what I’m talking about. This stance is certainly worthy of a Raptor
clone. Thanks again to that Roush by Fox 2.0 kit
upfront and, of course, our new wheels and tires. I told you guys we had a set coming on and
sure enough here we go. This is the SOTA Offroad, it’s their 17 by
eight and a half. It’s a pro series wheel in black. I think it’s very sharp. And listen, if you’re going for a Raptor style
build, you need a small wheel with a lot of sidewall at least in my opinion. So that’s what we did here. Wrapped around those wheels is the Mickey
Thompson ATZ tire. It’s their all-terrain offering, so a nice
balance of on and off-road stuff. Obviously, they’ll give us some grip off-road
but a relatively quiet ride while on the road as well. I should know, I had them on my Lariat for
a long time. It’s really an awesome tire. Now, the wheels themselves are a plus six
offsets. What’s that mean? Well, we got a little bit of poke as you guys
can see right now without any fender flares. But if you know the Raptor, you know those
things have some flares on them, so spoiler alert, they will be covered up here shortly. On top of that, guys, we went with roughly
a 33 by 12 inch tire here with this particular suspension setup. We try to set at 35 just to see if they would
fit. And honestly, the front was gonna rub all
over the place and would require some heavy trimming. So, we stuck with the 33 because we know it’s
a size that fits and fits like a glove. There’s no rubbing whatsoever lock to lock
and it really looks proper here.

So, now that we have a proper foundation when
it comes to suspension, a great off-road suspension and just a really nice-looking ride height,
now it’s time to start nailing down that Raptor look. So we got a bunch of parts from our friends
over at Barricade.

We’re gonna blow apart the front end of the
truck, start installing some of those, and this thing should really start taking shape. As you can see guys, Nick is absolutely blowing
through the uninstall of these parts because we have some new headlights in place. Now, the factory headlights on the second
gen Raptor are completely badass. I love them but they’re a lot of dough from
the factory. So the next best thing is to tackle something
similar through an aftermarket part. We have the axials in place. Now, you can find these on the site, and I
like them because they’re very similar to the second gen headlights, you have the black
housing, clear lens, little LED trim ring going on but they’re a fraction of the cost
of those OE Raptor headlights. Now, these things are really sharp in addition
to being very easy to install. There’s no cutting, no splicing of any wires. Everything is completely plug and play. And I don’t know about you guys, but I think
they look pretty damn sharp here on our truck. But that’s not all. We also have some other Raptor inspired parts
from our friends over at Barricade. Yes, the grille, the dude grille as everybody
likes to call it. But let’s be honest, Ford has some very tight
trademarks on their factory Ford lettering. So, therefore, this is the next best solution. Now, I’m not telling you anything you shouldn’t
do, but I do see some screws on a couple of letters here. So if you wanted to fix that dude lettering
with some Ford lettering after you buy it, who am I to stop you? But in the meantime, it’s a really sharp grille,
obviously very reminiscent of the second gen trucks. You have the LED lighting going on in addition
to the bumper. It’s very, very sharp, again very reminiscent
of the second gen trucks. And altogether, these parts should make this
thing looks pretty done close to a second gen Raptor when installed. So speaking of which, I’m gonna stop talking. We’ll hand these things over to Nick. Let him bang out the rest of these installs,
revisit the front end once it’s done and see how it looks. Well, guys, Nick just finished up with the
install here of the grille and the bumper. And I have to admit I was a little skeptical
at first, but I think it looks awesome now with everything installed. Yes, I know the grille doesn’t say Ford, but
it looks identical to the gen-two Raptor factory grille minus the lettering in addition to
the Barricade Raptor style front bumper. It really just ties that look together and
works very well with the axial headlights. You do have the LED grille running lights
here as well, which do work with the factory running lights in the headlights. And overall, Nick said this thing practically
threw itself together. So everything fits great, no awkward gaps
anywhere with this package whatsoever. And, yes, you do lose your factory fog lights. However, you have so much room down here. You can throw a few cube lights. You can get creative. Utilize the factory wiring, which is still
in place in addition to still reusing your factory tow hook. So overall, guys, I think it looks pretty
darn good. We do have one more part from the trio of
Barricade Raptor specific parts in addition to some other parts we’re gonna install right
now. But I’m really stoked with how this thing
is turning out. Let’s talk about what Nick and I just finished
up. This is the Barricade fender flare set, the
Raptor style flare. So you have the functional LEDs built into
the front flares here, kind of this textured matte black finish and they’re really low
profile. I really like that aspect about these because
some of those flares out there are cool if you’re running a negative 20 offset. But since our wheel and tire combo isn’t terribly
aggressive, these offer just enough coverage while still not being completely over the
top. So really dig these parts. Again, it flows well with the Barricade front
setup. You also saw us install the Westin Thrasher
running boards. Those things look great. Again, I think they are a dead ringer for
the factory boards on the second gen Raptor. They look sharp. They offer a whole bunch of footing and just
really help complete the package. But we have one more part to install, part
appearance, part sound, a dual split rear exit system from our friends over at Ford
Performance and Borla, black tips because Raptor, of course, and it should sound a whole
lot better in the process. Well, guys, the final piece of the puzzle
is in place thanks to the Ford Performance by Borla touring cat-back with the twin black
tips coming out from underneath the rear bumper just like that second gen truck. That’s the big reason why I selected this
system for our build but on top of that sounds really good without being terribly over-the-top
and waking up every damn neighbor on the block. Now, Ford Performance by Borla, killer quality,
304 grade stainless and fits like a glove even with the spare in place. So that’s it, guys. The look is officially complete here. We’re gonna get this thing down off the lift,
take it for a little spin on the road and see if we can’t have a little bit of fun. Honestly, guys, I think the truck turned out
really well thanks to the stuff from Barricade, the grille, the bumper, the fender flares,
the wheels and tires, and obviously the suspension. Oh my. And then there’s that. Yeah, my Raptor definitely does not have that,
whatever just happened back there with that sound. That is foreign to me, unfortunately. Now, granted, my Raptor would leave this thing
at the line. I mean, I’m making nearly 500 foot-pounds
of torque, whereas this thing, listen, it’s a stout motor. Yeah, I don’t care. Man, that sounds good. And honestly, that’s a pretty rough portion
of the road, and this thing just soaked it right up. The ride’s really nice. I’m really impressed with the Fox setup and
the Roush tweaks to the Fox 2.0 setup. Again, this is the same suspension that Roush
puts on their special edition F-150s, ride height’s a little better obviously, we’re
a little higher up at least up front, gives you a sense of being a little higher up here
in the old captain’s chair. Listen, you can certainly go out there and
spend 100, 200 bucks on a puck style leveling kit. And there’s nothing really wrong with that. However, you’re just getting a little bit
more lift up front. You’re not necessarily getting the engineering
and the damping that goes into a nice set of coilovers and shocks like this as Fox is
known for. I mean, this is really, really top-of-the-line
stuff. Okay. It’s still a truck. It’s not a Mustang. Let’s not flip this thing over, but now we’re
going through that turn at 40. It feels pretty good. Overall, guys, let’s sum this thing up. I mean looks, listen, we’re pretty darn close. Obviously, we’re not nearly as wide as the
factory second gen truck, but we have a lot of the basic pieces in place. Suspension is great. Listen, that’s the highlight of the build
for me here in this particular instance because rides great on the road, get a little bit
more capability off-road, granted it’s still not second gen level. We’re not talking 3.0 stuff here, but it’s
certainly a lot better than the factory stuff that we took off. And the sound is a no-brainer, hands-down
winner to the 5 liter truck here with that Ford Performance by Borla setup. When something sounds this damn good, you
shouldn’t hold it back. Am I right? But either way, pretty impressed with this
build, turned out a lot better than I thought it would. What do you think? I mean, I know it’s kind of hard to compare
a modded Raptor to a Raptor clone, but overall, I think we did pretty well. Keep in mind you can find all the parts we
used here on this build at and drop us a comment below wherever you’re
reading this and let us know what you think of our Raptor conversion. Guys, thanks for reading, and for all things
F-150, keep it right here at

Gallery of 2018 Ford Build And Price Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price