2018 Ford Dry Freight Box Truck E450 E 450 Drw Cutaway In Old Bridge 2018 Ford Box Truck
2018 Ford Dry Freight Box Truck E450 E 450 Drw Cutaway In Old Bridge 2018 Ford Box Truck

2018 Ford Box Truck Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

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two blogs ago Roy Frank’s one last
blog Shawn Staley hustle man you want $100
dude let’s roll stay till the end I have a huge surprise we’re getting a utility
truck key we get the truck what kind of truck having wanted this
truck for a long time hey not for me but for my Foreman man this is gonna be the
perfect truck every time something breaks down boom you hop in the truck
and you go no looking for tools no looking for the screw you have
everything on deck on board yeah you’d represent dog but Tigran another truck
why do you need another truck man bro this truck is gnarly all the tools ready
all the parts ready all the irrigation stuff ready all the wood on top ready
PVC you done you can let me talk yeah PVC pipes ready
only one thing missing a truck let’s roll there it is man Wow
will wha it’s a 350 extended-cab power locks
power windows all that fun stuff but look it look at the best part Wow Wow
Wow look at all the drawers look at all the
drawers dawg dang look at all this stuff I can fit I
could fit a small person in here dude a ladder rack up top put PVC pipes up top
they hooked it up with a spare tire and the good thing about this concrete
alright we can pick up a pallet no problem booyah more drawers things the same
stuff more drawers like little ones for screws and stuff I’m at the irrigation
place time to bust in here and drop a few thousand on fittings to fill up the
truck let’s go burn to stop whatever fills up that box gonna get all this
stuff we go mmm it’s a lot dawg yes heavy heavy heavy
commitment you get all this stuff we got oh come on man
stocking up for next year after spending about 4 grand at the
irrigation store after spending another thousand at Home Depot we’re finished
the truck is loaded we’re not even halfway loaded that’s the whole thing
you got to check this out man this is crazy
I got drip emitters an outdoor box these are for the garden 20 valves right there
pop-up heads they’re extenders for sprinklers the boxes screws why why not
look at all those bam bam bam bam bam come on dude hey this is everything for
drip irrigation we got couplers extras sprinkler heads
those tees that got some superglue action not bad pretty good walk over
here we got more valves staples controller wire transformer a light and
some more lights walk over here got a piece of Redwood damn just a random
drawer bunch of fittings this is all sprinkler side PVC 3/4 load it man we
got our little miscellaneous drawer with a bunch of random stuff in it pencils
glue cable this one light see I’m saying we bust in here oh we got you got one of
those got that new-car smell so take you on a
tour of the 2017 maybe it’s a 2018 I think this is 2018 but 2018 Ford I don’t
know what it is hmm backup camera bluetooth so he drives
safe – got a little uh little windows that rolled down a little cute little
windows pretty dope got a lot of workstations this isn’t awesome not
gonna lie I’m gonna be straight up brill I’m gonna keep it real and keep a real
with you dawg I gave before I was pretty scared I got this little woozy feeling
in my chest I was like ooh right you get that little uncertain scared feeling I
don’t know what it was but it just came up and then I was like bro just commit
commit commit you need to grow your company you cannot stay small you cannot
stay little you need to spend money to make money
commit went all-in threw down on the way out I was asking my salesmen I was like
hey what’s going on with other companies like how many trucks do you so always
ask the salesman because I learned so much from him and he was like well
there’s a lot of people buying trucks I’m like tell me what the big companies
are doing like there’s a huge company here they do excavation they probably
have 600 employees something crazy I was like what are they doing and he’s like
dude this year I’ve sold them 87 trucks I was like what 87 trucks that’s crazy
in 1 year he’s like yeah their budget was four million dollars on vehicles so
they came in and they dropped cash on the vehicles they dropped cash on the
vehicles boom just like that I’m like expands your mind a little bit
you know expands your thinking and you’d be stopped you start thinking you’re
like whoa dude I’m doing it so small and right then in there I was like that’s it
give me the keys this was the right investment this is the right thing to do
let’s roll because I know one thing that company is
doing it right I got so inspired a guy so jacked up I was fired up man I was
jacked up man I said all right this is it
this is it this is a Christmas miracle and this is why I’m having another sale
another sale another sale represent dawg that’s right all the programs the Skype
session I’m just doing a Christmas miracle cell it’s a holy day and I’m
celebrating with everyone so come on man invest in your knowledge invest in you
every single person that’s bought the program’s loves it I’ve only given two
refunds out of like 450 500 people I’ve only given two refunds that says a lot
and by the way if you hate anything if you don’t like the program
it don’t matter man just tell me like hey I didn’t like it I want my money
back I’ll say hey that’s great man here you go take your money back
and by the way enjoy the program cuz it will change your life all right
so commit to your greatness commit to your future throwdown so one day so one
day you can walk into a dealership and just wire four million dollars to the
company directly from your bank account and say let’s roll
deliver me 87 trucks to the job site I’m waitin for them that is the end goal
this little stuff I’m doing this is baby stuff dude
baby stuff this YouTube channels baby this this company I got this baby what
you’re doing is baby and by the way the company that just bought 4 million
dollars of the trucks they are probably thinking that what they’re doing is baby
compared to the ones that have 60,000 employees see what I’m saying always
look to that next level stop stop looking here and celebrating
some of you you’re probably like me and I want to have a company like you Tigran
I really do a company like yours would be so great bro it’s nothing
get big get bang and get poppin so you walk into a dealership and say here man
here’s four million dollars delivered the trucks let’s roll link in the
description go to my website get the program’s get signed up and get banged
out let’s do this man this is gonna change your life
I promise you you bet Oh catch me outside I’d be like no catch me at the
bank how about death hey represent dog let’s go .

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